Words from the RPS Author!

Hey everyone, Selutu here! Today, I’m here to share words from the author of Red Packet Server with you all!


Here’s a translation for you guys:

Hi everyone, I’m Zhi Xin, the author of Red Packet Server. First of all, thank you for liking this book, and also thank you for the translator’s help in bringing the English version of Red Packet Server to everyone. Here, you can turn into a superhero, punish the evil and reward the good, as well as suppress crime; you can also own unlimited fortune as the richest person in the world and gain an incomparable purchasing power. More interesting stories and more interesting content will be found in the English version of Red Packet Server. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Here, I would like to give a huge thanks to the author for his kind words.

So now, is there anything you guys would want to say to the author? Or is there maybe something you would like to ask? If there is, then please leave a comment below! I’ll be translating some of the comments and sending it to the author!

And, on the side note, since we managed to reach the goal on Patreon last month, I would like to announce the arrival of Double Chapter Sundays~ It is as the name says, every Sunday from now on, you guys will be getting 2 chapters!