PGC Chapter 541 with Drama Premiere Date + HYX Flower Graphic + Bday Wishes!

*throws chapter 541 out to the wild* The heck, this is faster than I expected! First off, Legend of Yun Xi now has an official premiere date of June 25th, 2018—-ahhhhhhh! >o< Again, it’ll be streamed online via iQiyi, and VIP members get access to all episodes at once (unfortunately, I’m not one of them). Regular viewers get 2 episodes a Read More …

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload! Chapter 30
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volare welcomes our first wuxia Song of Exile!

volare welcomes first original and published novel The Godking’s Legacy!

Bring out the fireworks and confetti! This idea has been long in the making, and I’m absolutely thrilled today to welcome our first ever original and published novel, The Godking’s Legacy, written by Virlyce! This series gripped me from the prologue and wrecked my schedule for a couple of nights as I just had to keep reading. Read More …

BPC c.220
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BPC c.219

Hey, Good news! I’m going to have a new translator to help me with BPC soon. Look forward to it. 🙂 I made a few corrections in 218. In chapter 218, the author used a word that could be either use as mark or footprint, then used another word in 219 which meant pretty much Read More …

DWGMSFF Chapter 194
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DTPB - No Chapters Tonight
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HSSB Chapter 948
Killer Nights Chapter 115
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PGC Chapter 545 - Three Days Left to the Premiere!
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PGC Chapter 544 with Clips + a Recap Poll!

4 days to the drama series premiere! From left to right: Wang Youshuo as Tang Li and SNH48’s Lin Siyi as Ouyang Ning Jing. First things first, here’s chapter 544! And today’s additions to the Legend of Yun Xi playlist include profiles for Tang Li and Ning Jing in honor of the new countdown graphic, plus a mini-interview of the actors. I’ve also found Read More …

Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 259 Part 2
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Red Packet Server Chapter 664
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Reign of the Hunters Chapter 212 (Part 1)
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ROS Chapter 113
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Song of Exile Chapter 55
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SWFM Chapter 315
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Sundering Nature Book 3 Chapter 47
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The Sketch Artist Chapter 53
TS2 Book 2 Chapter 143
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TMK Chapter 265
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TOMAS Chapter 69
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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 345
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UPX Chapter 213
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Voltaire Dynasty - Chapter 16