Adorable Creature Attack! Chapter 45
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DWGMSFF Chapter 157 part 2
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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 151
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DTPB Book 2, Chapter 95
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DCF Chapter 229
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HSSB Chapter 609
Killer Nights Thanksgiving Hiatus
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King of Hell Chapter 229
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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 205 part2
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PGC Chapter 357
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Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 131 Part 2
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Red Packet Server Chapter 353
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Reign of the Hunters Live Reading
Star Rank Hunter Chapter 204 [Part 2]
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SWFM Chapter 163
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Supernatural Girlfriend Chapter 65
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The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 478
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The Sketch Artist Chapter 21
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TMK Chapter 98
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TMK Chapter 96

Hey everyone, our great marketing staff, Yuuko-sama, has delivered on the promised pic for Kuu’s live reading! It’s really cute, have a look 😀 Remember, Kuu’s live reading is gonna be this coming Saturday, November 25th at 8pm GMT+8! Here’s today’s chapter, enjoy~ TLer: Ying TLC: Sigil Editor: Purpledragon Chapter 96 Also, TMK has a paypal now. If you Read More …

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 114
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UPX Chapter 114
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If PGC characters had WeChat...

If PGC characters had WeChat…

The following takes place after the events in PGC Chapter 287. Just as how English-speaking fans enjoy writing fanfiction of their favorite novels (*cough, I’m looking at you, DCF, cough*), Chinese fans have their share of creative pursuits too. Last time, I translated a bunch of parody screenshots of Poison Genius Consort characters chatting during Valentine’s Day. Today, Read More …