volaretranslations welcomes Sword Spirit!

I’m incredibly excited to announce a new joiner to the volaretranslations coterie — Hugabugabee with Sword Spirit, written by ?? (Evil Treasure)!

I’d actually seen Sword Spirit here and there in the community, but also skipped past it because I thought it was a typical wuxia (sorry Hugabugabee! XD) until I happened to page through the first chapter one day. I finally came up for air ten chapters later and wondered where I’d been all this time! I’m a fan of Hugabugabee’s translating style. His level of dedication is clear to see and he makes it quite interesting. Without further ado, here’s the synopsis!

In the Sky Sword Continent there are thousands of sects and strong cultivators as common as trees. In order to prevent his older sister from being forcefully married off, Lu Xuan had no choice to but to unceasingly cultivate and enter a sect to ask for a favor. By chance, a sword-shaped crystal of mysterious origins entered into Lu Xuan’s body, containing countess top-class martial skills, powerful martial arts, and everything you could wish for! A martial legend starts here…

Hugabugabee is tentatively on a three guaranteed chapters a week schedule and up to four sponsored chapters a week.

Please join me in a hearty welcome, and go check out Sword Spirit!