volaretranslations welcomes Fleeting Midsummer!

It’s one day to the weekend here (and almost the weekend for half of you), and what better to celebrate the advent of the weekend than a new novel announcement?? Please join me in welcoming tranzgeek, who comes to us with “Fleeting Midsummer”!

Otherwise known as “Peking University’s Weakest Student”, this is a slice of life story having to do with school. I laughed so hard when I read the mom’s words in the first paragraph. Sounds like something straight out of a drama! In the novel’s own words:

Zhou Lin Lin has a sudden extraordinary intelligence burst during the university entrance exam. Thus unexpectedly she manages to enter the nationwide well-known education establishment, Peking University! When she is enrolling, she gets to know a guy who also comes from the same town as her, called Fang Yu Ke. After arriving at the university, she also gets to know a handsome and smart senior called Xiao Xi.

Lin Lin falls in love at first sight with Xiao Xi. After university commenced, on one hand, she tries hard to secure her place and not get kicked out of university. On the other hand, it is the beginning of her long and hard journey to captivate and capture her crush.

Elective courses, swimming lessons, summer vacation mock papers, how to learn well and skillfully in university, exploring university life in advance, experiencing the easy going university life, this novel is an ultra-practical admission manual!

I was greatly taken with tranzgeek’s translating style and that there aren’t too many of these kinds of novels floating around at the moment, this is definitely a novel to check out! Come for some lighthearted break from your day!

Tranzgeek will be releasing around 3 releases a week and will not be taking sponsored releases — chapters tend to be longer for Fleeting Midsummer so they’re broken up a bit. Please enjoy and welcome her!