volare translators in our environments!

As part of the general festivities and joy for the anniversary, someone proposed that we share pictures of us in our natural habitat! Ever wondered how your favorite translators work? Do we make use of stuffed animals, awesome music, or mood lighting? Show and tell begins below! (and uber silly etvo commentary along with it. ;P )


Kicking it off with two screens, Premonition does his translating with… izzat Korean drama?? That and how does your desk not buckle beneath all that? The computers look heavy. @[email protected] But… omg. IT’S JJ LIN ON THE OTHER MONITOR!! *squeals*

Looks like Prem translates with the raws right above the English, right in the document!


Grenn also translates with dual screens, and she has uber cute figurines hanging off her desk. What catches my eye are her travel books. Let’s go traveling!! 😀


Ruyi actually made hers into a comic, and guys, you have to go read it. I went O_O and love it, love it, love it.

It’s a comic guys, with a cute anime character that I really think I should know the name of.

Comic. Go read.


Selutu cleaned all his weeb stuff away. Sadness, no soul! No character nao! Just one screen for Selulu, it’s raws next to the English!


Look at SnowTime slave away behind her computer with a bowl of noodles. *sob* the life of a translator~


Presenting… Khuja’s epic editing setup. These screens. Are so intense girl!! But I love the cuteness around it! 😀


Meanwhile, Craxuan puts everyone to shame with his super neat setup. Except, are those tiles on your walls? That’s a unique set up! So many people have mechanical keyboards…


And mine, truly boring one. I actually switch between the couch, desk, and bed, so I have no defined location. I usually have a Taiwanese TV show running in the background for some white noise, and translate in document, deleting raws as I go. That’s my notebook with the list of sponsors, and headphones to represent the music I play when I’m sick of TV. And THAT in the middle is timebun’s Christmas present to me!! <3 <3 <3 I’ll take it out of wrapping when I move back to Taiwan, don’t want it to get dirty!


That concludes our peek behind the scenes, and I leave you with timebun’s drawing of Prem reminding me to take a picture this morning. 😀