volare Signs Licensing Agreement with iReader!

Today, we are absolutely delighted to announce that volare has concluded months of negotiations to sign an exclusive translation licensing, ebook/digital publishing, and future cooperation agreement with iReader! For those who might be unfamiliar with iReader, they are a technology market leader specializing in wireless entertainment, with focus on ebooks, manhua, magazines, and other content.

This means that volare’s works are taking a step from our site and into the greater part of the world through apps and others, reaching out to readers who are yet unaware of us! (What! Craziness! I know right? XD I kid, I kid.) iReader products currently reach 500 million users worldwide, so here’s to even more readers discovering the joy that stems from Chinese novels! (And more competition for the F5 sect?)

In coordination with our partnership, volare will be launching three novels from iReader alone this month. The first is being launched today, called “Light” and translated by Selutu! In keeping to our quirky and alternative roots, this is a sci-fi short that was a winner in one of iReader’s writing competitions. It’s incredibly poignant, and I leave you with screenshots from Deyna, who edited the work.

*evil cackle*

We’re going to go in a completely different bent on Sunday, with the launch of “Red Packet Server“, also translated by Selutu. Online personas meet the Heavenly Court meet fighting for… red packets?! I’ll have to let Selutu do full justice to story on Sunday, stay tuned!

And finally, next week we meet a volare group novel! Many of the ladies banded together to do “Doomed to be Cannon Fodder”, with master TLCer/translator etvo, fluff minions translators Ruyi, timebun, Grenn, Grace, and adoptive girl Mehh. XD Plus whoever we’ll continue to rope into the project as time goes on. More on that next week!


Happy weekend! (Psst, we have an ever expanding library of pre-authorized works at volare, so come let me know if you want to translate!)

<3 etvo