volare Facebook celebration & follow Grace, Ruyi, etvo~

In celebration of volare’s Facebook hitting 1K likes (well, we’re kinda over that threshold now, but hey!), we are hawking out etvo, er, celebrating! 😀 If you feel like getting a beautiful postcard in the mail (etvo went out and bought them earlier today!) with some chicken scratches that are hopefully legible, please enter our contest on Facebook here!

Psst. Yes, celebratory five chapter release of DCF when we choose the winner! Sometime next week… so get those likes in early!

In addition, we’ve a volare Twitter that we’ve cleaned up, sharing interesting tidbits and postings. If you like to follow translators personally, there’s Grace on Instagram, Ruyi on Twitter, as well as etvo on Instagram (and now on Twitter) as well! Whether it’s behind-the-scenes translating, random food pics, or more from Grace’s articles, come check us out if you’re interested!

Any translator you’d like to see on social media? Should we turn the volare Twitter into an etvolare Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!


PS. Reader submission from Gwynnie on what the postcard ought to say:

_Dear {{readername}}, it is I, the glorious etvo.

I felt it would be a very rewarding experience if I (the great etvo) were to reach out and contact you (one of the many little people).

You should feel honoured that I have taken time out of my busy day hugging pikachus, to write this letter to you

Please continue your very noble work of supporting me, queen etvo, on my crusade to translate books

If you can’t read this letter, please send to Deyna for an edited translation

Sincerely, Empress Etvo

I suppose I can actually write that if you guys want me to…