Update: Adorable Creature Attack!

Hejsan allesammans, Petie here~~~!? <3 (Where have I been)

I’ve been gone without a word for the past two months, so this is an update post for everyone that’s still in waiting for an update to ACA. My plan is to start posting new releases from next midweek, the updates might be inconsistent, but it’ll be weekly, and since I’m not stock piling nor taking anything extra (I’m very much happy and content with getting such a lovely and free platform to do my own thing; Thank you, 老Boss) the updates will get released as soon as the translating and touch-ups are finished.

As for the chapters already released, I am still kind of not fully satisfied as I plan to make some major changes as soon as we reaches CH50 (Names, titles, sentencing). Furthermore, the reasons why I’ve been gone, are just chain-events happening around me, one after another, and I don’t plan to go into details, keke. I am still fine and happy as of today!

Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying the bright autumn sky, radiating over us. It’s my favorite season so I am taking my time to absorb some of the energy of the forest, it’s so pretty here in the outskirts of the city in Stockholm.

Thanks for bearing with me!
Best regards, Petie~~

P.S. Come by our house if you’re in the area, it’s filled with candy! Happy Halloween~~!