I nuked volareTL’s theme while Kidyeon was asleep! *cackles* [edited please read]

Hello all, if you’re reading anything on volareTL right now, please bear with the sudden random iterations the site goes through. I’ve read and hear the difficulties that people have been having with the site on mobile, so I’m hunting for a theme that works well on mobile.

In the meanwhile. Kidyeon’s going to have my hide for doing this while he was asleep. *countdown until etvo breaks the site in 5.. 4… 3…*

[edits to say] After a few wild convulsions and help from my friend GGP over at Gravity, I managed to fix the two most heinous problems. Better on mobile now? Worse? Like this better? Ignore the non pretty/awkward aspects of it for now, those’ll get prettified. For now, please let me know if this is more readable than before.


Kidyeon – I’ve added on some color, and the header.  How does everyone like the new color?