A thought for language in comments

Hello all,

First and foremost, thank you so much for enthusiastically loving the series that I work on! It means a lot to me that you guys like reading them.

As we start delving into the meatier parts of the stories, since both main novels are well on their way to chapter 200, more intense and dark material will come up. I’m looking at you, tomorrow’s chapter of GDK! With that in mind, may I please ask for restraint in comments? Put * in vital parts of swear words or think about how you’d feel if your 14 year old younger sibling saw what you wrote. I’ve let stuff like “RAPE HER, I WANT HIM TO RAPE HERRRRR” go, but have been and will continue to edit straight up cussing.

Just some common sense restraint would be nice, thank you! 😀

  • NatsuDragneel

    Honestly tho be it GDK or SOTR both aren’t for children so if they were to come to read these it’s their own fault and i doubt swear words is anything compared to the description of how he raped the Archmage so why bother anyways both the story has extremes so does the comment and as for the ad sponsors just dont put any ads on NSFW chapters and there problem solved. Plus etvore we cant imagine our 14 year old daughter or sister seeing what we wrote cause 1st most of us have no children and 2nd why in the bloody hell would i allow my 14 year old (younger or a bit older) daughter or sister to read a story like this what the hell!!! this is an extreme story with sex, murder, cunning and trickery, probably betrayal too , hopefully no ntr, and a lot of other stuff i mean before he used fanny butt to fap and now he raped an archmage and you’re letting them read this wtf!! so you’re ideas seriously doesn’t make a shred of sense iam not trying to be rude or a dick or anything iam simply stating the facts here.

    • etvolare

      Well — how well were your parents able to control your internet usage? XD And ad sponsors trawl the whole site sometimes in determining what ads are most appropriate to run.

      • NatsuDragneel

        pretty well actually too well that i got no complain

  • InfernalJayed

    I prefer the use of subtlety (even if it isn’t much) and innuendos anyways. More fun that way than blatant cussing/profanity. Just my opinion.

    Also for those that read IRAS on gravity. MC got the right idea cussing without cussing. It’s an art =P.

  • Neko

    I think Etvolare is right.
    I am not a Saint but when i saw somme comments of people who said “RAPE HERE! RAPE HER!”, i felt like we, readers of this blog, are like “lustfull maniacs”… XD

    Did we need to react like some despicable characters of SOTR (Lu Wuji for example who lust for the women of Jiang Chen party… ^^’) ?

  • Maugrim

    That seems to be completely….pointless? Alright though, if you want it that way, I just don´t understand why wishing for someones harm would in any way be better than using some swear words, this novel isn´t meant for children anyway.

    • etvolare

      Indeed, but younger folks may still stumble upon the story? Their eyes may glaze over with the amount of text in the chapter, but screaming “rape her” in all caps and the swear words in the comments section are likely to draw attention, methinks. Plus, ad sponsors hate this sort of business. 🙁

  • onewiththebrick

    honestly i never understood why in novels with murder and rape the translators don’t want us to curse in the comments but…. it’s your call in the end and i censor my curse words by habit anyway because the comments usually get deleted if i don’t

  • Read DxD

    Wait hold up, you’re letting comments about wishing pain upon people go, but anyone that uses vulgar speech that doesnt hurt anyone is getting their comments deleted? If so, don’t you think thats a bit backwards?

    • drahu

      Truthfully speaking I-I also think its weird… but hey, respect her wishes and intentions. It wont hurt anything, will it?

    • etvolare

      I’m censoring out the words, putting in asterisks and stuff, I don’t delete any comments. Haven’t actually ever deleted any actually. I’m of the mindset that everyone is free to express their opinions, whether it’s wishing harm on one of the characters, but let’s do without all the swear words hey? 😀

      • This means that people need to be mindful with the use of language. Comments are good but cursing in all caps may be too much. We just need to know that this is the internet and we need to show even a little bit of courtesy.