The Sketch Artist

A battle of skill between police and criminal suspects, the only weapon a pencil! See how these young Chinese investigators use intelligence and conviction to restore truth to the world.

One Portrait. Twenty-four sketches. Over ten thousand drafts. More than thirty brutal murders. A single trace of evidence, dozens of tests, over a thousand inferences, six cunning suspects and unique situations…In The Sketch Artist, police sketch artist Zhang Chi and trace specialist Gu Shi walk hand in hand down a dangerous road, confronting a diabolical, hidden villain. Close comrades-in-arms or intimate lovers, when facing life or death it’s all instantly insignificant.

But can these ardent young officers win the respect they deserve? When deadly peril strikes will they have the courage to respond? Can these closely-joined lovers rely on their remarkable special skills to defeat the hidden murderer? Wait and see…

Written by: Teresa Ge
Translated and edited by: Guan Zhong
Release rate: 5x a week

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: First Encounter
Chapter 2: Survivor
Chapter 3: Ice Queen
Chapter 4: Silent Night
Chapter 5: Confrontation
Chapter 6: Lingering Doubt
Chapter 7: Deliberation
Chapter 8: Erroneous Judgment
Chapter 9: To the Capital
Chapter 10: Leaked Secrets
Chapter 11: “Weak Evidence”
Chapter 12: Pointers
Chapter 13: Frank and Honest
Chapter 14: Furious
Chapter 15: Granted Wish
Chapter 16: Leap
Chapter 17: Ripples
Chapter 18: Enlightened
Chapter 19: Collision
Chapter 20: Heavy Rain
Chapter 21: Speed
Chapter 22: First Investigation
Chapter 23: Interrogation
Chapter 24: Dog Days
Chapter 25: Taboo
Chapter 26: “Certain”
Chapter 27: Dazed
Chapter 28: Denunciation
Chapter 29: Old Friend
Chapter 30: Set Straight
Chapter 31: Suicide
Chapter 32: “Hunter”
Chapter 33: Tacit Agreement
Chapter 34: Unmentionable Disease
Chapter 35: Call to Account
Chapter 36: Idler
Chapter 37: Trust
Chapter 38: Hostility
Chapter 39: Black Out
Chapter 40: Difficulty
Chapter 41: Recognition
Chapter 42: Mortgage Slave
Chapter 43: Sympathy
Chapter 44: Craftsman
Chapter 45: Roll Call
Chapter 46: Dizzy