TNC Chapter 17

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Book 1 Chapter 17: Dripping with Blood

At that time, it was already eight or nine o’clock at night.

The deserted Moon Lake was surrounded by darkness, with only a distant street light emitting a slight glow.

In the midst of the dark night, the bald brawny man, ‘Shiva,’ had a strong desire to fight.

“Haha…..” Shiva guffawed as his legs moved like two big machetes and recklessly slashed towards Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan let out a humph as he exerted strength and crossed his arms right before his chest.

“Poof!” Shiva’s right leg shot towards him at lightning speed. Teng Qingshan’s arms bore such a great force of impact that they were pressed onto his chest. He immediately stood on the tip of his feet and hurriedly leaped backwards and withdrew his strength.

“Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives, you are strong. Your abilities show that you have clearly stepped into the door of the ‘Unity between Heaven and Man’ Realm, which is called the ‘Grandmaster Realm’ by you Chinese. However, looking at your age, you must have just reached the Grandmaster Realm. What a pity, haha….”

This bald brawny man named ‘Shiva’ said in English.

Teng Qingshan already knew that the ‘Unity between Heaven and Man’ was the highest realm of the Ancient Indian Yoga, which was the same as the ‘Grandmaster Realm’ of Internal Martial Arts.

If Teng Qingshan did not have the Godly Tiger Form Technique, and if his physical quality had not doubled, Teng Qingshan might really die today.

After all, these two enemies are veterans of the SS-Rank experts.

At this time, the strength that Teng Qingshan had exposed was only the strength he had after he had just entered the Grandmaster Realm. He hadn’t shown his true strength

“Quick, finish him off. Don’t waste time.”

The man in white, ‘Vishnu,’ who was standing at the side watching the fight, spoke.

“I know, brother.”

After replying, Shiva harrumphed deeply. His entire body’s muscles immediately twisted and bulged, even his spine was twisting and writhing. He actually began to grow taller. Regardless whether it was his hands, legs, stomach, waist or neck, everything expanded and doubled in size. At this moment, Shiva was like a devil who had descended.

“For being able to make me show all my strength, you should be proud of yourself, even if you die.” The instant Shiva finished his words, he immediately tiptoed and shot towards Teng Qingshan like an arrow. Teng Qingshan’s facial expression changed drastically as he began speedily fleeing.

“You won’t be able to escape.” At this time, Shiva’s speed accelerated so dramatically that he actually shortened the distance between him and Teng Qingshan in an instant.

Feeling bitter and unreconciled, Teng Qingshan roared furiously and sent out a backhanded leap fist.

“Haha……” Shiva casually kicked Teng Qingshan’s right hand with one foot, while simultaneous sending out another kick that sent Teng Qingshan flying into the air, crashing into a huge tree in the distance. The instant Teng Qingshan hit the tree, his back could be seen bulging.

After the crash, Teng Qingshan tumbled as he fell to the ground. “Poof.” A drip of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

“Ha ha…” Shiva felt increasingly pleased with himself and once again dashed towards Teng Qingshan at lightning speed.

“It’s about time.” Teng Qingshan said in his heart. The small trickle of blood just now was intentionally made by him biting the tip of his tongue. From the beginning to now, everything he had done was to deceive Shiva as well as Vishnu, who was watching the fight at the side. Until now, the strength that Teng Qingshan revealed was only the strength of one who had just entered the Grandmaster Realm.

That also coincided with Shiva and Vishnu‘s prediction about Teng Qingshan’s ability, so they were not doubtful at all.

“Go die.” Shiva spoke as if he was deciding the life or death of his opponent, one of his legs immediately cutting down from the air, slashing towards Teng Qingshan as the deep-sounding howls of the leg piercing through the air rang. Before the leg even touched Teng Qingshan, he could already feel the pressuring force coming from the top of his head.

At this moment.

As Teng Qingshan’s body floated and wavered, his left hand moved like a legendary dragon emerging out of the water and caught the leg with a peculiar spiraling force while his right fist had already begun accumulating strength.

“Puff.” Teng Qingshan’s left arm diagonally touched Shiva’s right leg and instantly removed half of Shiva’s strength. Even so, Teng Qingshan still went along with the force and swung rightward, simultaneously sending out his prepared right fist like a cannon, giving a forceful strike.

Like flying sparks of fire and meteors, Teng Qingshan assaulted his opponent’s chest with the speed of a lightning bolt.

“Haha…..” Shiva was still guffawing crazily, with absolutely no concern for Teng Qingshan’s punch. He immediately kicked again with his left leg, slashing through air towards Teng Qingshan.

At this moment, Teng Qingshan was attacking Shiva with his right hand and so he could naturally not defend against the left leg which was flying towards him.


Teng Qingshan’s right arm bulged and the instant the fierce punch approached Shiva’s chest, the force of that punch actually increased sharply. Normally, when the powerful practitioners of Internal Martial Arts participate in a fierce battle, the strongest force would only burst out the instant his fist approached the opponent. The best of such fist martial arts would be the one-inch punch of Wing Chun. The one-inch punch looked mysterious but the main principle of this art was not complicated.

The main principle was letting the strength pass through the bones and muscles – transmitting from one part to another – and the instant the strength reached the end of the ‘fist,’ the strongest force would burst out.

This strength could also be transmitted through the muscles, but this could only be considered as the ways of ordinary Internal masters.

As the Grandmaster, the fist that Teng Qingshan performed concealed everything at the beginning which caused Shiva to pay no attention to his punch. However, the last second explosion was “Peng!”

Teng Qingshan’s punch directly hit the middle of Shiva’s chest!

“Kacha!” The deep cracking sound of bones resounded, and a powerful and forceful inner strength went directly through Shiva’s skin and into his organs.

Teng Qingshan’s strength was revealed at this instant.

He had just performed Cannon Fist, the strongest of the Five Element Boxing!

“Whew.” Shiva, who was as strong as the devil, flew up helplessly as blood spurted out of his mouth.

“Bahadur!” The man in white named ‘Vishnu’, who was observing quietly on the other side of the battle, had a drastic change in his facial expression as he worriedly shouted out loud.

Teng Qingshan could guess that ‘Bahadur’ might be the real name of Shiva. Actually, Shiva’s true ability should be the same as Teng Qingshan’s. Shiva had reached the ‘Unity between Heaven and Man’ realm more than ten years ago, while Teng Qingshan practiced the ‘Godly Tiger Form Technique’.

However, the opponents had assumed that Teng Qingshan was weak since the beginning, They didn’t even plan to attack Teng Qingshan together.

Such carelessness finally caused ‘Shiva’ to learn a bitter lesson at a crucial moment.

Teng Qingshan was the ultimate practitioner with strength equal to Shiva, and the art he performed was the forceful and powerful ‘Cannon Fist.’ Also, because Shiva was too confident, he used his body to defend – therefore the result of the punch was predictable. Amongst the fresh blood that Shiva spat out, there were some pieces of organs.

“Big Brother.” The moment Shiva fell on the ground, he knew the situation was bad and so he wanted to get up and flee. Shiva was a ‘Mahasiddha’ of the Ancient Yoga, therefore, regardless of his skin, bones or organs, they had been practiced to an unbelievable level. Even though his organs were injured, he would not die this easily. Shiva’s vitality was stronger than that of a cockroach.

“Escape?” Teng Qingshan said as he lowered his body, and propped his two hands and legs on the ground abruptly. He looked like a ferocious tiger about to pounce. As a trembling sound of the ground was heard, Teng Qingshan leaped up and went ten meters away. His sharp eyes glared at ‘Shiva’, like a ferocious tiger coming down the mountain, vowing to tear the opponent into pieces.

‘’Swoosh.” The instant the man in white named ‘Vishnu’ saw his brother heavily injured, he immediately dashed towards Teng Qingshan.

At this moment.

The members of the Special Operations Organization which had departed from the headquarters in the ancient city region and drove all the way with the rapid speed of more than a hundred kilometers an hour, finally arrived at Moon Lake at this time. With the sensory abilities of Teng Qingshan and the two giants of the God Kingdom, the sounds of the emergency brakes and the footsteps coming from a crowd of people were obviously heard.

“Haha, members of my sect came.” Teng Qingshan’s laughter rang, “Today, none of you will escape.”

“Sect?” This sentence startled Vishnu and Shiva.

They were most afraid of the Internal Martial Arts sect in China. The big sects, such as Yi Sect, Wudang, Bagua Sect, etc… How can each sect not have a few Grandmasters? In their mission to kill ‘Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives’ this time, two people came together so that they could safely retreat when the situation became too dangerous.

In the bottom of their heart, they absolutely did not care about Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives in the beginning. After all, that ‘Wolf’ was originally a S-Rank Hitman, even if he became a Grandmaster, he would only be a beginner in the Grandmaster Realm, which was not worth mentioning.

However, the reality was too far from what they had expected.

The word ‘Sect’ caused Vishnu and Shiva‘s mood to experience a slight change.

Whenever powerful ones fought, their mood as well as their imposing manner was extremely vital. If the mood was unstable, then their strength or ability would weaken by ten or twenty percent.

“Whew.” Shiva was running away desperately. Even though he knew his big brother ‘Vishnu’ was behind him, he did not dare to avert his head or turn around. Because if he hesitated slightly, Teng Qingshan, who was coming closer to him, would have taken the chance to kill him instantly.

Shiva jumped over rocks, ran across the road and kept dashing forward with lightning speed.

“Stop.” The speed of the man in white ‘Vishnu’ was abnormally quick. His speed was actually as quick as Teng Qingshan’s speed.

“You want to kill me?” The bald brawny man named ‘Shiva’ yelled, and angrily roared as he turned away and kicked. The distance and the movement might have caused him to aggravate his internal injury, as blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

Regarding ‘Shiva’ being ferocious in appearance but feeble in essence, Teng Qingshan really didn’t give a damn. He felt confident that the punch just now had wounded Shiva severely. The Shiva at this time just appeared to be strong, but was actually weak. Teng Qingshan was like a whirlwind, his hands became like the discharging arrow of a drawn bow, crazily attacking Shiva.

The leap fist was like an arrow and several leap fists were successively falling onto Shiva’s head now, hitting Shiva until his head cracked like a burst watermelon.

Just because of this instant delay, the man in white, Visnu, caught up.

“Puchi.” Angrily, Vishnu ferociously sent out his fists from the top. His fists were like Pan Gu creating the world, with endless power behind them as they smashed downward forcefully.

“Chi chi…” Teng Qingshan’s back suddenly sunk strangely, not allowing the fist of his opponent to touch himself.

Suddenly, the man in white ‘Vishnu’ stretched his right fist and imitated the form of a claw, and like a lion tearing up it’s prey, the sharp claw furiously scratched Teng Qingshan’s back, directly taking away a big part of it’s blood and flesh. At this moment, Teng Qingshan had just killed Shiva and his whole body immediately flew out.

A big part of Teng Qingshan’s back was taken away, the severe pain he felt was palpable. Everything was dripping with blood.

If such a big part of flesh was torn away from the back of an ordinary person, he would not be able to swing his fist.

However, almost in an instant, Teng Qingshan’s back muscles started moving and the blood stopped flowing. Teng Qingshan relied on his ability in the control of his muscle and temporarily controlled his wound.

“Damn! The fleshy part of my back was turned away which greatly affected the strength of my back, and the strength of my left and right fists will weaken by twenty percent.” Teng Qingshan did not care about the acute pain, but the weakening of his strength was a headache for him, as the power of the fist had an inseparable connections with his back muscles.

“However, it’s alright. With this little sacrifice, I have finally killed Shiva. Otherwise, if he did not die, I would be constantly worrying about him attacking sneakily when I fight Vishnu.” Teng Qingshan cast a glance at Shiva’s corpse which was lying on the muddy ground. Such Mahasiddha of the Ancient Yoga like Shiva – if a little time was given to them, they could control their internal wounds, and at least use seventy to eighty percent of their strength. By that time, it would surely threaten Teng Qingshan. Therefore, Teng Qingshan stopped at nothing to kill Shiva.

The man in white, ‘Vishnu’, took a deep breath and his loose white outfit suddenly swelled.

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