SS Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Practicing Heavy Sword

Facing Lu Xuan’s dismissive attitude, a hint of anger flashed through Lin Tian’s eyes. A mere new person actually dared to have this kind of attitude towards him? Speaking of which, the book that Lu Xuan had in his hand wasn’t something he really needed but just had a tiny bit of interest in, but now Lu Xuan’s attitude had completely infuriated him.

“Go out and check what kind of backing this guy has.” Lin Tian whispered in a deep voice. No fighting was allowed in the Martial Skill Pavilion, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Lu Xuan just walk away without finding himself in serious trouble.

Hearing the anger in Lin Tian’s voice, those little brothers hurriedly agreed. Trying to find Lu Xuan’s bottom line wouldn’t be a difficult matter. They only had to find someone that matched two conditions, one was that he was a new person, and the other was that he was able to go up to the Martial Skill Pavilion’s third floor.

After Lu Xuan had left, he didn’t even turn his head around, instead, he directly found a quiet room without anyone in it. The quiet room’s door similarly had a card slot. Swiping his identity plate across it, the quiet room’s door opened. As long as Lu Xuan was still in it, after each day passed, 500 contribution points would automatically be deducted from his balance.

Regarding the matter that had just happened, Lu Xuan didn’t take it to heart. He wouldn’t take the initiative to offend others, but he also wasn’t afraid of facing someone else’s provocation. Lin Tian’s high and mighty attitude and  tone that made looking down on others seem natural made him feel unhappy. He would naturally return.  

Originally, Lu Xuan even prepared to befriend Lin Tian, after all, they were both the sword faction’s people. At the time of the great sect competition, perhaps they would even need to fight together. Looking at the situation now, even if he wanted to befriend Lin Tian, he would have to prove that at least his strength was enough, similar to what happened with Xing Feng.

What was most important now was for him to increase his strength. After closing the door to the quiet room, the surroundings were completely quiet. Lu Xuan took a deep breath, expelling all of the random thoughts inside his head. Then he took out the movement martial skill book, Rushing Thunder Flash.

Rushing Thunder Flash’s emphasis was on an explosion of force, as fast as rushing thunder, as quick as lightning. Other than being familiar with circulating soul force, it also needed quite a lot of long-term practice, however, right now, the first thing Lu Xuan did was he memorized the soul force circulation and understood the foundations of the Rushing Thunder Flash. Perception and perseverance were indispensable to this process.

Fortunately, Lu Xuan’s perception was not bad, and after encountering the sword crystal’s transformation, his intelligence also increased to the extreme. When he was cultivating, it was twice the result for half the effort.  

Time flew by quickly. In the blink of an eye, Lu Xuan already stayed in the quiet room for a whole day. During the whole day, he didn’t step out even once. When he was hungry, he ate some dried rations that he carried inside his storage ring. The yield that he got from bitterly cultivating like this was extremely great.

Rushing Thunder Flash’s martial skill book had already been fully consumed by Lu Xuan. A variety of soul force circulation paths and the skills and the footwork needed during battle were all completely memorized in his head. He had enough theoretical knowledge, now he only lacked long-term bitter cultivation.

However, he still wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Putting the Rushing Thunder Flash manual to the side, the other book appeared in his hands. It was the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic!

The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic’s specialty was that it could be said to be the exact opposite of the two martial skills Lu Xuan currently used. The Thunder Light Sword Skill was magnificent and every move was gorgeous, even using thunder light and the sound of thunder to interfere with enemies. Although the Blinking Sword Skill was clean and not extravagant, but it walked along the light and swift path, pushing speed to its extremes.

The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic was different. In order to use the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, its first requirement was using a heavy sword. Only extremely heavy weapons could fully utilize the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. Those essential eight words already said it, heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn’t work.

There were many kinds of swords, but heavy swords were undoubtedly the least popular out of the many types. Many swordsmen that used swords relied on the sword’s lightness. Their moves were quick, using the long sword’s sharp edge to invisibly kill enemies.

Previously, Lu Xuan had only roughly scanned through the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. Only now did he have a chance to carefully look over it. Flipping the book open, Lu Xuan was carefully experiencing each sentence in the book.

The more he looked, the more Lu Xuan felt like the expert that created the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic was very impressive. Without speaking of anything else, just his explanations on these sword truths were enough to let Lu Xuan have a feeling of suddenly being enlightened, especially since Lu Xuan had already comprehended sword intent. The two verified each other, helping him reap no small benefit.

“The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic is a heavy sword tactic, but during cultivation, it definitely isn’t just just for cultivating the heavy sword. For body refining, as well as fast swords, they similarly complement one another. Because of the heavy sword’s heavy weight, when cultivating, when going through body refining, it also invisibly helps to lay a solid foundation; if one can get accustomed to the heavy swords strength, one can use the strength needed for the arms and hands and let it all out, and their speed when using the quick sword will go up one or two levels!”

Originally Lu Xuan was still hesitant whether or not he wanted to try the heavy sword path. After he finished reading these words, he immediately made up his mind. No matter what, he would give it a try.

Right now he had already practiced the Blinking Sword Skill to his present peak. If he wanted to make any further progress, he would have to try a different approach. Cultivating the heavy sword was undoubtedly a way for him to break through.

After spending about half a day’s time, Lu Xuan had finished digesting all of the Xuan Iron Sword Skill manual. He also didn’t skip the last few straight stabs, horizontal swipes, downward chops and other basic movements, firmly memorizing everything into his head.

When he finished reading, a feeling of doubt flashed through Lu Xuan’s mind. Was this really an incomplete book?

The reason he felt why it was classified as an incomplete book was because in the Xuan Iron Sword Skill Tactic there weren’t any set martial skill moves. It wasn’t magnificent like the Thunder Light Sword Skill with its eight connected moves, each move stronger than the last, and it also wasn’t as stunning as the Blinking Sword Skill, killing the enemy in one shot.

Previously, Lu Xuan also thought this way, but after he had fully digested the Xuan Iron Sword Skill, Lu Xuan’s concepts had completely changed. Although he didn’t know why, Lu Xuan’s mind always had this feeling, and that was, the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic originally didn’t have any moves and it didn’t need any moves!

Because of the eight words “heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn’t work,” was already the most subtle move of the Xuan Iron Sword Skill. If one could release the essence of those eight words, no matter how sharp a long sword was, how clever a move was, it was all useless in the face of the Xuan Iron Sword Skill. No matter how strong you are, I will break you with force. The Xuan Iron Sword Skill’s last few basic sword techniques were the key to releasing the Xuan Iron Sword Skill. Great humbleness was a great skill!

Upon figuring this out, Lu Xuan immediately felt enlightened. Suddenly he couldn’t stay still anymore, directly standing up, unable to wait to try it out, and see what would happen if he really cultivated the Xuan Iron Sword Skill.

Swiping his identity plate on the card slot inside the quiet room, the quiet room’s door immediately opened. Lu Xuan’s mind dived into the identity plate. There were only 10000 contribution points left. Staying on the third floor for two days, already consumed a full 1000 contribution points. Normal martial artists really couldn’t sustain that kind of consumption.

Currently on the third floor there were four or five other martial artists, however, they were all unfamiliar faces. Lin Tian’s few people were long gone.

Ignoring those people’s looks of surprise, Lu Xuan put the Rushing Thunder Flash and the Xuan Iron Sword Skill manuals back, then exited the Martial Skill Pavilion. He had previously told Xia Ye and the others to not wait for him. They probably weren’t here anymore.

Next up, Lu Xuan’s intended destination was the Equipment Pavilion. Since he had determined to practice the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, the the first thing he needed to do was get a heavy sword. The Lovesick sword couldn’t fulfill Lu Xuan’s requirements.

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