SS Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Xuan Iron Sword Tactic

The number of ancient books and records on the last bookshelf was the least on the whole floor. The value of these experts’ notes were in no way inferior to martial skills or cultivation techniques, after all, these were all past experiences of experts. If a person could comprehend them, then that person could take fewer detours along their cultivation path.

After continuously flipping through a few of the ancient books and records, a book caught Lu Xuan’s attention.

“Xuan Iron Sword Tactic? Wasn’t this the experts’ notes section? Why would there still be a martial skill here?” A hint of doubt flashed through Lu Xuan’s eyes.

However, his goal was originally to try and find a sword skill. Now seeing this sword tactic, of course he wouldn’t skip over it. Reaching out and picking it up, flipping to the first page, this sword tactic’s level immediately leapt into his field of view.

“Xuan Iron Grade Tactic, upper Huang grade martial skill!”

It was actually upper Huang grade! Lu Xuan instantly was shocked still. He flipped through all of the previous two bookshelves of martial skills and cultivation techniques and didn’t bump into a single upper Huang grade skill. He hadn’t thought that on the last bookshelf there would actually appear an upper Huang grade martial skill!

An upper Huang grade martial skill’s merit didn’t need to be said. Aside from the unknown level of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, currently Lu Xuan’s killer move, Blinking Sword Skill, was also only upper Huang grade.

However, Lu Xuan couldn’t stay excited for too long before he discovered that he had missed words. After the words upper Huang grade, there were two small words: incomplete product.

Lu Xuan sighed, a bit disappointed. So it was an incomplete product. No wonder it was placed here.

However, even if it was a incomplete product, it was still an upper Huang grade item. Still curious, Lu Xuan opened the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, wanting to see if there were any places worth considering.

Flipping the page, he saw eight fiercely written words popping out of the paper.

“Heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn’t work!”
(TN: If anyone has a better way to translate this:  ????????? or suggestions, that’d be great. And please don’t comment on how it’s nine because it’s a contracted word. It’s debatable. Kind of. And original says eight characters. I tried my best.)

Upon seeing these eight words, Lu Xuan felt as if he had been suddenly hit. He felt a rumbling sound in his head, as if suddenly enlightened, he was as still as a statue for a period of time.

“Heavy sword without edge, great skill doesn’t work…” Holding onto the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic booklet, Lu Xuan subconsciously muttered these eight words. The more he thought about it, the more he felt these eight words were truly profound.

Without needing to look at the rest of it, just the realm these few words elaborated on was already better than most subtle sword moves. The more normal sword moves, those without mysteries, were harder for the enemy to block because the more subtle a sword skill was, the more flaws there would naturally be. If you just normally stabbed with your sword, there would be very few flaws.

The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic’s essentials and the Blinking Sword Skill’s general principles were similar. The Blinking Sword Skill’s general principle was only one word, and that was fast. The martial arts under heaven, nothing does not break, only speed doesn’t break.

And the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic’s was heavy. Any strange changes your move still has, my sword will hit past it. As long as my force is vigorous enough, one force defeats ten meetings.

After being stationary for a while, carefully experiencing the subtlety of these eight words, Lu Xuan continued to flip the pages.

For the next few pages, it elaborated concerning those eight words, including the essentials of the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, as well as the founder of the sword tactic’s experiences.

The entire sword tactic was but a few pages. Most of the pages were speaking of experiences. Only on the last page did there appear a sword move, however, calling it a sword move was elevating it a bit because there was only a straight stab, horizontal swipe, chopping down and some other basic moves. Going further, there was nothing else.  

Only after he was finished looking at it, did Lu Xuan fully understand. No wonder this martial skill was listed as an incomplete book and also placed on the cultivation experiences bookshelf.    

Just at that moment, a cold voice suddenly came from behind Lu Xuan’s ear.

“Put it down.”

The person speaking had a commanding tone, and was obviously indifferent, as it was a foregone conclusion that once he spoke, Lu Xuan would obediently listen to him.

However, it was a pity. Lu Xuan wasn’t a person who only ate soft foods and nothing hard. Hearing these words, he frowned, but didn’t place the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic back, instead Lu Xuan held on to it more tightly.

He turned his head to look at who had spoke. It was Lin Tian. At some point in time he had actually also come to this bookshelf and was looking at Lu Xuan or at the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic in Lu Xuan’s hands with a face full of indifference, as if even looking at Lu Xuan was being greatly generous.

Looking at the senior brother from the same group and who was currently the sword faction’s number one person, Lu Xuan slowly said: “Could it be that there is also a priority for selecting martial skills in the Martial Skill Pavilion?”

“He told you to put it down, so put it down. What’s with the questions?”

“Don’t you know who is standing in front of you right now? To put the thing in your hands into his eyes is your honor!”

That Lin Tian didn’t even open his mouth before those little brothers that came with him began to speak first, their eyes looking down on Lu Xuan.
(TN: ?? translates to little brother, but they are most likely unrelated, just fellow disciples)

Lin Tian raised his hand to stop the others from talking, his eyes moved to Lu Xuan’s face. Dully gazing at Lu Xuan, his mouth slightly hooked upward, revealing a slight smile: “The Martial Skill Pavilion doesn’t have this rule, however, I have this rule.”

As Lin Tian spoke these words, those little brothers immediately echoed: “That’s right! The things that young master Lin puts in his eyes, who dares to take them away?”

Since he knew that the Martial Skill Pavilion didn’t have this rule, Lu Xuan’s face immediately revealed a smile, raising the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic in his hand and said: “You want it? Naturally there’s no problem. Just wait until I’m finished with it.”

As soon as Lu Xuan spoke, immediately all of the Martial Skill Pavilion’s third floor quieted down. Not only was Lin Tian’s group staring blankly, the other two disciples also stopped their movements, walking out from behind the bookshelves, greatly interested in seeing the escalating conflict.

“Interesting, although Lin Tian is only ranked on the overall standings top ten, no matter how you say it, he’s still the sword faction’s number one person. Other than the people who are placed ahead of him, there aren’t many of those that dare to arrogantly provoke him. Indeed the newborn calf doesn’t fear the tiger. This new person probably still doesn’t know Lin Tian’s identity and strength right?” One of the disciples revealed a smiled and whispered to the person next to him.

“Hey! New person! Do you know who you’re provoking!?” A different disciple shouted towards Lu Xuan while smiling.

Those two weren’t people of the sword faction, although they weren’t Lin Tian’s opponents, they also didn’t fear him. Currently seeing that Lin Tian had been provoked, they clearly were watching the commotion with joy, trying to fan the flames.

Lu Xuan looked at those two, then his eyes went back to Lin Tian and said: “Lin Tian, the sword faction’s number one person, inner sect disciple overall standings top ten. Of course I know, however, since the Martial Skill Pavilion’s ancient books and records are casually selected, I think that even if the overall standings number one was standing right here, I still wouldn’t have to give it to him right?”

Once he said this, Lu Xuan didn’t linger anymore and walked directly towards the third floor’s quiet room. Right now he had the movement martial skill and sword skill that he needed in hand, and there was nothing left to choose.

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