SS Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Only One Sword Stroke Required

Giving Lu Xuan a deep look, Elder Jin asked: “You’re sure that you want to accept the challenge in this state?”

“Right!” Lu Xuan’s response was without hesitation.

“Alright then. Then I will respect your decision. I want to see what surprises you can bring.” Elder Jin’s eyes flashed an expectant expression. He believed Lu Xuan wasn’t the type of person who didn’t think. Since he was acting this way, there was definitely a reason.

“Vice sect master, disciple boldly proposes, if Lu Xuan loses to me, then it proves that his result in the Sword Forest is fake and that only I am this time’s first place. Also, please cancel his result!” Zheng Gang grabbed the opportunity to speak.

As soon as Zheng Gang spoke, the disciples of the other faction divisions felt a sudden burst of contempt. They knew that this guy was up to no good. Indeed it was all for his own profit.

Before Elder Jin had even spoken, Lu Xuan smiled: “You’ve calculated it really well. Nothing to lose right? If I lose, I lose everything, if I win, there’s no benefits. But if you win, the glory and rewards are yours, if you lose, you don’t lose anything.”

Zheng Gang coldly smiled, “Then what do you suggest?”

Lu Xuan turned his head and glanced at the ranking monument. Shaking his head he said: “Forget it. Looking at your appearance, it doesn’t look like you have anything good. If you lose, the rewards you’ll get in a while will belong to me. If I lose, my rewards will all be given to you. How about that?”

Zheng Gang rejoiced on hearing this, “Do you really mean it? Don’t take it back later!”

Lu Xuan’s current rewards included the 2000 contribution points for being the new budding disciple’s first place, the 2000 contribution points for charging into the overall standings top five hundred, and also the 5000 contribution points for entering the overall standings top three hundred. In total that was 9000 points, and Zheng Gang only received 1000 contribution points for being the new budding disciples top three. The betting stakes from both sides were not on the same level at all. It seemed like Lu Xuan was taking a big loss.

“Of course I mean it. The elders and other disciples can be witnesses. Are you still scared that I’ll take it back?” Lu Xuan shrugged.

“Good! Since you are determined on giving these rewards to me, then I won’t be polite!” Zheng Gang’s eyebrows jumped up as he spoke.   

Hearing Lu Xuan and Zheng Gang’s come to an agreement, on the sword faction’s side, Xing Feng said with a bit up uncertainty: “What’s Lu Xuan thinking. Isn’t he eating too much of a loss in this bet?”

Hearing this, Xia Ye laughed and said: “The betting stakes may be large, but Zheng Gang will have to be able to take it away for it to matter.”

Then he turned his head and looked towards Lin Xin Yi and said: “It’s as if I’m seeing a second Long Tai. A deep impression!”

Hearing Xia Ye’s words, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but smile and nod: “Indeed so. This guy is too bad. This is already the third time I’ve seen him taking advantage of others.”

The first time Lin Xin Yi had seen Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan was in the martial arena, extorting Long Yang’s two hundred taels of gold. The second time was in front of the sword tower during the fight with Lon Tai. The third time was now.

“Who said he wasn’t? It’s just that the other parties have all been willingly taken advantage of.” Seeing Zheng Gang’s look of confidence, Xia Ye couldn’t help but shake his head. 1000 contribution points would be lose just like this. This wasn’t just a small sum.

The two of them naturally were full of confidence in Lu Xuan. Although Xing Feng didn’t know what cards Lu Xuan had, but since he went out to fight, they would definitely win it, otherwise, this duel was a hundred times harmful without any benefits.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, Lu Xuan and Zheng Gang slowly walked towards each other, walking until there was a bit less than fifty steps between them before stopping.

A single-handed blade appeared in Zheng Gang’s hand without warning. Sliding his hand across the blade, Zheng Gang revealed a joyful expression. Looking towards Lu Xuan he said: “This blade is called Skybreaker and is an upper grade iron grade weapon! Hehe, did you think my true combat strength was just only being able to kill body refining sixth levels? If it wasn’t for that damnable sword intent suppression in the Sword Forest, I’d even butcher common body refining seventh level martial artists like dogs! You’re just a body refining fifth level martial artist and still make a clamor in front of me. You really don’t know how high the heavens and how deep the earth are. Today, I will let you know what exactly a real genius is. The brilliance on you all belongs to me!”

Facing the full of self-confidence Zheng Gang, Lu Xuan only smiled indifferently, “Do you know why I only recovered a mere 10% of my soul force and dared to accept your challenge?”

Right now it was very quiet in front of the Sword Forest. Lu Xuan and Zhen Gang’s words could be clearly heard by everyone. Lu Xuan’s question immediately hooked the crowd of martial artists’ curiosity. They were also curious why despite Lu Xuan being able to fully recover to his best condition, he had instead refused Elder Jin’s proposal and accepted the challenge with just 10% of his soul force. Could it be that it was just for show off? They felt that was impossible.

At Lu Xuan’s words, Zheng Gang immediately couldn’t help but ask the question everyone was thinking: “Why?”

“Because… I am only prepared to use one sword stroke! 10% of my soul force is enough!” Lu Xuan’s reply wasn’t loud, but in a moment it reached everyone’s ears.

The martial artists all took in a collective gasp. This Lu Xuan was indeed crazy!

Listening to his reason, he wanted to finish off Zheng Gang within a single move?

In a same level fight between martial artists, they had seen it end in ten moves, end in three moves, but those that dared to boast of finishing off their opponent in just one move was almost never seen, not to mention, right now Lu Xuan’s realm was lower than Zheng Gang’s.

Was the world too crazy or was Lu Xuan too crazy? The disciples were a bit speechless.

Receiving Lu Xuan’s reply, Zheng Gang stared blankly for a bit, then began to laugh wildly, “I’ve met crazy, but I’ve never met anyone as crazy as you. Craziness also has its limit. After that limit, then you’re just an idiot! Your realm is lower than mine and you still want to finish me off in one move? I see what you were thinking. Did you think that I’m like the rubbish that materialized in the Sword Forest? I’m a genius! A real genius!”

The martial artists that materialized in the Sword Forest had high realms, but they could only attack single-mindedly, and they also didn’t know martial skills. As for Zheng Gang, as the eldest son of a Wind Sword Sect inner sect elder, the number of martial skills he knew wasn’t a few and wasn’t anything those martial artists could compare to, thus he spoke like this.

Towards Zheng Gang’s words, Lu Xuan actually recognized them and nodded, saying: “En, you aren’t that kind of rubbish. You ought to be a bit better than that rubbish.”

“Hmph, you only know how to speak tongue in cheek. Unsheathe your sword. I want to see how you will finish me off in one sword stroke!” Zheng Gang was unwilling to waste any more words with Lu Xuan. He was already impatient wanting to beat the crap out of Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan also stopped wasting words. There was a flash of light in his hands. The Lovesick sword already was in his hands. Its quality may not have been as good as Zheng Gang’s Skybreaker blade, but Lu Xuan wasn’t relying on his weapon.

Seeing that Lu Xuan was still using the Lovesick sword she gave him for combat, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but smile inside.

Long sword in hand, Lu Xuan’s entire qi power immediately wasn’t the same. The crowd looked on. A false impression was actually produced, as if the person standing there wasn’t Lu Xuan but was a sharp long sword, with sword qi piercing towards the sky!

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