SS Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Last Place

Time slowly flowed on. Lu Xuan’s score firmly remained at 1 point without any signs of moving.

The other martial artists at this time were already beginning to hit 100. That Li Hu’s strength was indeed impressive, his score continually rose, stably running at the front of this round’s disciples, his rank continually going up. At this time, his score had already reached 300 points. Obviously he had begun killing body refining fifth level martial artists.

However, what surpassed everyone’s expectations was that Xia Ye’s performance was very eye-catching, almost neck and neck with Li Hu, and he entirely had the strength to fight for first place.

It should be known, Xia Ye’s strength was also body refining fifth level and his family background was also impressive, normally using quite a few resources every day. If Lu Xuan and Long Tai hadn’t appeared in Lin City, Xia Ye would properly have been Lin City’s number one person.  

At the start there were quite a few people paying attention to Lu Xuan, but seeing Lu Xuan’s score wasn’t moving at all, everyone lost interest and turned their interest towards Xia Ye and Li Hu. It seemed like this round’s first place would be decided between these two.

“This session, my sword faction has gotten quite a few disciples with pretty good strength. This Xia Ye’s strength is also not bad.” Elder Cheng stroked his beard and smiled slightly.

Just at this time, the Sword Forest flashed a white light. A disciple from this round had already been eliminated out. Seeing this disciple’s appearance, Elder Cheng let out a breath of relief. Thank goodness that this time’s first person to be eliminated wasn’t a sword faction disciple again.

After that, one disciple after another began to leave the exam. Their results were approximately the same as the first round, after all, most of the inner sect disciples’ strengths were all about the equal.

But Lu Xuan’s score still remained at 1 point without moving. Currently, almost everyone was disappointed in Lu Xuan, and many disdained him. After he had said those heroic utterances, they hadn’t thought that in the match, it would actually become like this. Indeed it seemed like he was a person who could only speak tongue in cheek.

Currently, Lu Xuan was still standing in his original position, not having taken a single step. Inside this Sword Forest, there were unending enemies that appeared as you went forward. As long as you didn’t walk forward, then no new martial artists would appear.

Endless sword intent constantly was coming to suppress Lu Xuan. After perceiving it for a long time, Lu Xuan discovered, this sword intent seemed to be sharp, but in reality it was very scattered.

Because this sword intent was emitted by the sword bamboo, each stalk of sword bamboo was emitting a bit of it, and once thousands of sword bamboos combined together, only then did it form a large and enveloping sword intent.

But because it was this way, the sword intent seemed incomparably large and enveloping, but was in fact completely scattered. If this sword intent could completely combine, then it could completely kill off Lu Xuan and the others in an instant.

However, even though it was a scattered sword intent, it was still a real sword intent. Especially towards martial artists like Lu Xuan who had just touched the threshold of sword intent, this kind of scattered sword intent was the best for perceiving. He could entirely concentrate and figure it out without any sort of danger.

Immersed within perceiving the sword intent, Lu Xuan actually forgot about the matter of the exam for a time, entering the state of forgetting everything.

The number of eliminated disciples became more and more. Very soon, the number of disciples still in the Sword Forest was already less than ten people.

Lin Xin Yi was also currently eliminated out. In the end her score was 200 points, killing four body refining fourth level martial artists in total. When facing the attacks of a body refining fifth level martial artist, she finally couldn’t hold on and chose to retreat.

Her strength was body refining fourth level. To be able to obtain this kind of result was already not bad.

After exiting, Lin Xin Yi’s eyes flew to the ranking monument. The first thing she was looking for wasn’t her own name, and was sweeping through the first ten places. From her perspective, with Lu Xuan’s strength, in this much time, it was more than enough to kill enough people to get tenth.

After she scanned through it, he was very surprised to find that among the top ten, Lu Xuan’s name actually wasn’t there. As for Xia Ye, he was currently in sixth place, and still hadn’t come out, still within the Sword Forest.

“You’re looking for Lu Xuan’s name right? He’s in last place.” A deep voice sounded by Lin Xin Yi’s ear. She looked up to see that it was Xing Feng.

Xing Feng knew that Lin Xin Yi was with Lu Xuan. Seeing her surprised face, it was naturally because she was trying to find Lu Xuan’s name.

“Only 1 point? How could this be?” Lin Xin Yi’s good-looking eyebrows pressed together.

“I also feel that’s it’s a little strange, however, the nameplate definitely won’t have any errors. It’s a pity that we can’t see within the Sword Forest, otherwise we could see his situation.” Xing Feng said.

It wasn’t only Lin Xin Yi who was surprised. Even he felt that it was a bit strange. He couldn’t think of a reason why Lu Xuan would only earn 1 point. Could it be that he had been suppressed by the sword intent to the point of being unable to move? That was an impossibility.

Thinking about it, Xing Feng then said: “Does Lu Xuan’s body have some sort of serious illness? Could it be that after killing the first martial artist he fainted? Only this way could explain why Lu Xuan only earned 1 point and hasn’t been sent out yet.”

This explanation had the highest probability.

Lin Xin Yi frowned, then slowly shook her head, “I’m also not too clear about this.”

Although she had a positive impression of Lu Xuan, they hadn’t known each other for that long. If Lu Xuan had some sort of serious illness, she had no way of knowing.

Suddenly, Lin Xin Yi seemed to have thought of something. Her face flashed an expression of delight: “Ah! I got it! Lu Xuan is definitely in the Sword Forest perceiving sword intent! After killing the first martial artist, he definitely just began perceiving sword intent in his original position and didn’t move forward again. He’s a cultivation madman. If he starts cultivating in the Sword Forest, he definitely won’t remember what’s going on outside. Perhaps he’s already long since forgotten about the matter of the exam.”

“Sword intent? Haha, you aren’t joking right? I recognize that Lu Xuan is very powerful, sixteen years old, body refining fifth level. In the future, it won’t be a problem for him to definitely become a core disciple, but if you’re saying that he’s currently perceiving sword intent, then I absolutely won’t believe it. In the entire Wind Sword Sect, the number of people that have comprehended sword intent can be counted on just one hand.”

Xing Feng’s face was filled with unbelief. Sword intent was very important for swordsmen. For example Elder Xu, currently he had achieved the spirit refining realm and still hadn’t comprehended sword intent. Now Lin Xin Yi was saying that Lu Xuan in body refining fifth level could comprehend sword intent, how could Xing Feng believe it.

“Hmph, if you don’t believe then forget. Just watch. In a while, Lu Xuan will definitely amaze. That whatever Zheng Gang is only a stepping stone for Lu Xuan.”

Currently, in the entire Sword Forest, there were already only three people remaining. Other than Lu Xuan, there was Li Hu and Xia Ye.
(TN: Haha, author actually says ?? which is the title of the series. I’m assuming typo)

Lu Xuan was naturally by the viewers. Everyone was paying attention to Xia Ye and Li Hu, who would be first.

Just at this moment, both of their scores rose by 100 points. Obviously they had both just killed a body refining fifth level martial artist, but closely following that, a white light flashed in front of the Sword Forest.

The crowd’s eyes were all sucked towards that direction. Who had come out? Xia Ye? Li Hu? Or was it that last place Lu Xuan?

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