SS Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Going Home

Lu Xuan once again returned amongst the martial artists. Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu also returned to the judging area.

At this time, the eyes of the martial artists viewing Lu Xuan were already completely different. No one dared to doubt Lu Xuan’s strength. They had seen the sword stroke used to kill Long Tai at the end very clearly. They guessed to themselves that even if there ten of themselves in front of Lu Xuan, none of them would be able to block that sword.

Moreover, two of the elders had stuck their heads out for Lu Xuan and the primary examiner was forced to leave. It could be imagined how much attention that Lu Xuan was receiving.

Looking at Lu Xuan by his side, Xia Ye also had a slight feeling of it being unreal. He had guessed that Lu Xuan was very powerful, but he hadn’t thought that he would be this powerful. They were both swordsmen, so he even more understood how powerful that last sword stroke was.

However, the eyes that had stopped on Lu Xuan’s body did not remain there for long. After that, the crowd of martial artists turned their eyes towards Ninth Uncle and the others. The assessment was over, but the what should be done afterwards still needed to be said by these few elders.

Elder Xu coughed once, clearing his throat. He then stood up in the front.

This time, the primary examiner was Elder Sun. He and the other elder were assistant examiners, and as for Ninth Uncle, due to staying in Lin City, he had coincidentally stopped by.

“This time’s Wind Sword Sect’s sect entrance assessment has completely finished! Everyone in the field have all entered my Wind Sword Sect!” Elder Xu’s loud voice resounded throughout the entire field.

Hearing these words, the martial artists all let out a breath, their faces flashing with traces of excitement. Finally hearing these words, it was confirmed that now they could all brag to their friends that they were people of the Wind Sword Sect!

Compared to the result of the duel between Lu Xuan and Long Tai, they undoubtedly cared more about themselves.

Waiting until the martial artists had calmed down again, Elder Xu continued to say: “Right now, I will announce this assessment’s top twenty!”

Other than the rewards for the top twenty, the rest of the martial artists would all receive a Bone Cleansing Dan. Naturally there was no need to announce them.

During the duel between Lu Xuan and Long Tai, the Wind Sword Sect deacons had already arranged the rankings. Elder Xu only needed to announce it.

“First place, Lu Xuan!”

“Second place, Xia Ye!”

“Third place, Zhao Fei!”

Elder Xu listed off the names one by one. As for Long Tai, since he was dead, he was naturally excluded by Elder Xu, and the next person had filled in for him.

After the twenty names were announced, some of the crowd burst into cheers. Evidently it was the martial artists who had entered the top twenty.

Entering the top twenty meant that not only would they receive two Muscle Altering Pills, they would also be qualified to enter the inner sect. Inner sect disciples were over ten times more honored than outer sect disciples.

And the top twenty places could also receive one Muscle Altering Pill, which was good for raising strength. As long as they kept cultivating, there could be a chance to become qualified to enter the inner sect later.

After finishing the top twenty, Elder Xu once again raised his head and said: “Right now, I will give you all three days to take care of your matters. The noon after three days, meet at the Sword Testing Hall, and from there we will head to the Wind Sword Sect. Those that arrive late will be disqualified! Do you understand?”

“Understood!” The crowd of martial artists loudly replied.

“En, since that’s the case, then you may disperse.”

After these words from Elder Xu, the martial artists immediately left in groups of twos and threes. They were already unable to wait to bring home the good news to their families. There were only three days, which couldn’t be considered as too much.

As the crowd dispersed, Lu Xuan, Yao Lei, and Xia Ye stayed behind.

Lu Xuan intended to go up to bid farewell to Ninth Uncle and Xia Chen Xi, and Yao Lei was just a bundle with Lu Xuan.

“You also have a matter?” Lu Xuan asked Xia Ye, puzzled.

Xia Ye helplessly looked at Lu Xuan and said: “Don’t you know I’m from the Xia family?”

Done speaking, he pointed towards Xia Chen Xi on the stage, “She’s my cousin. Of course, I can’t compare with her.”

Lu Xuan suddenly realized that the Xia character from Xia Ye’s name and the Xia character from Xia Chen Xi were both the same Xia.
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Without saying anything further, the three went up to the judging area together.

“Ninth Uncle, Elder Xu, thank you very much for sticking your heads out for me this time. Otherwise, I don’t even know if I would be standing here.” Lu Xuan deeply bowed towards the two, speaking from his heart.

This bow, wasn’t unjustified. If it hadn’t been for Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu, then if he had still killed Long Tai today, Elder Sun wouldn’t have let him go.

Ninth Uncle slightly smiled and said: “You and I are acquainted, and have some destiny. Don’t mention that surnamed Sun was staring at you. Part of the reason was because of the betting stakes.”

Elder Xu then gave a hearty laugh and said: “All men must have passion in their hearts. You match my tastes. In the future, your accomplishments will definitely be extraordinary!”

Having been favored by these two, Lu Xuan was moved, “In the future, if Lu Xuan’s martial path has success, I will definitely not forget your two’s kindness! From now on, I am bound to you. I am also preparing to take a trip home to manage the house’s matters.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words, Xia Chen Xi suddenly said: “Lu Xuan, according to my knowledge, you clan seems to be situated in the same location as Long Tai’s clan right? You killed Long Tai this time, the Long family will definitely not let it go. Right now the two elders are still in Lin City. Acting with the Wind Sword Sect’s power and influence, they won’t dare to act rashly, but once they leave, they may risk everything and make a move against your Lu family.”

Hearing Xia Chen Xi’s words, Lu Xuan’s face also changed. That’s right, Long Tai was the Long family’s most favored son. This time he had killed Long Tai. The hatred between the two sides had already reached the point of fire and water, unable to coexist in the same place. In order to help Long Tai get revenge, the Long family may make a reckless move.

Seeing Lu Xuan frown, Xia Chen Xi softly comforted: “You don’t have to be too worried. How about this, I will go together with you to Qing Mountain Village and bring your father and older sister back to Lin City, and place them under the care of my father. I’d imagine that the Long family wouldn’t have any ways of causing trouble in Lin City.”

“That’s right! Older brother Xuan, this is a good method. Is there anyone stronger than the City Lord’s mansion in all of Lin City? With young miss Chen Xi’s father’s protection, Uncle Lu and older sister Qiong will definitely be safe.” Yao Lei tried to persuade. He worried that Lu Xuan, in order to not owe favors, would make the wrong decision.

Lu Xuan thought for a second then nodded his head. He wasn’t stupid. Compared to his father and older sister’s safety, what was it to owe another huge favor?

“That being the case, then I will have to bother you Chen Xi.” Lu Xuan deeply looked at Xia Chen Xi. He still hadn’t returned the previous favor and now he had to owe another great favor. He felt some frustration.

Xia Chen Xi slightly smiled, she shook her head and said: “Don’t mind it, it’s as simple as lifting a finger.”

Seeing the Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi had finished discussing, Ninth Uncle also said: “That being the case, Lu Xuan, I will also go with you. We’ll see if that Long family nuisance has the guts to act recklessly. Old Xu, you’re also staying in Lin City for three days. How about you also go with me? I haven’t been in the sect for a long time. You can explain the matters inside the sect to Lu Xuan.”

Ninth Uncle worried that Elder Sun had intimate relations with the Long family. If Elder Sun secretly made a move, Lu Xuan and Xia Chen Xi would have a problem. It would be safer if he also went, and by calling Elder Xu, there would be even more insurance.

Elder Xu laughed and didn’t even think before answering: “Okay. If we’re going then we’re going. It’s just right that I also happened to have some thing I wanted to talk to Lu Xuan about.”

The two Wind Sword Sect elders were actually both accompanying him home. Lu Xuan immediately felt something rise up in his heart. Other than gratitude, there was nothing else he could say.

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