SS Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: The Hardest Thing to Accept is a Beauty’s Favor

After killing Long Tai in one attack, the killing intent in Lu Xuan’s eyes disappeared, and his red eyes returned to normal. Seeing Long Tai lying on the ground, never able to wake up again, there was a flash of pleasure in his heart. If anyone wanted to deal with his family, he would repay it ten times over.

Now hearing Elder Sun’s reprimand, Lu Xuan slowly turned his head, his face calm. In the third round of the assessment, his result had been forcefully denied by Elder Sun. Lu Xuan didn’t have any positive feelings towards Elder Sun, even more now that he had actually tried to stop the death match.

A sneer flashed across his face as Lu Xuan faintly said: “Long Tai and I had agreed that this fight would have our lives on the line. The few hundred people in the field can act as witnesses. Since I won, then his life was naturally mine to claim. Could it be that I did something wrong?”

Elder Sun angrily chucked, “Very good. Very good. I haven’t seen such a crazy person like you in a long time, actually daring to ignore my warning!”

“Then today you’ve met one.” Lu Xuan’s eyes directly looked into Elder Sun’s without any flinching.

Facing Lu Xuan diametrically opposing him, an aggressive qi power suddenly came out of Elder Sun’s body. It was absolutely wasn’t a qi power that a body refining practitioner could produce.

Lu Xuan felt a strong pressure, covering him, as if the soul force in the surroundings were all controlled by Elder Sun. Endless amounts of soul force came and pressed down on him, making even breathing difficult, making a person subconsciously want to kneel to the ground.

But Lu Xuan didn’t have any intention of yielding. He gritted his teeth and crazily circulated the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, continuously helping him relieve some pressure. But even so, the bones throughout Lu Xuan’s body made “ka ka” sounds, and could be broken at any time.

And it was at this time, Lu Xuan suddenly felt the pressure in his surroundings suddenly get reduce. He let out a large breath. Ninth Uncle’s voice then sounded out.

“Mr. Sun, if you want, I can accompany you to spar for a match.”

Ninth Uncle’s voice wasn’t loud and was very calm, and his tone didn’t seem domineering at all, but with just this sentence, Elder Sun’s eyes exposed a deep fear. He knew that the Yan Jiu right now was the most dangerous. If he said anything improper, he would struck like lightning.

Slowly walking before Lu Xuan, Ninth Uncle’s body was similarly emitting a large amount of qi power, but his qi power was opposing Elder Sun’s. Not only did it block Elder Sun’s oppression, it also suppressed Elder Sun.

“Yan Jiu, it seems like you have chosen to take this Lu Xuan under your wing?” Elder Sun said in a deep voice, his expression was incredibly ugly to look at.

“Not only is Yan Jiu taking him under his wing, this old man will also take him under his wing!” There was another voice. Lu Xuan turned his head and saw that it was Elder Xu.

Looking at Lu Xuan, Elder Xu gently nodded once towards Lu Xuan and conveyed a smile of good will. After that, he took large steps and walked over to Ninth Uncle’s side.

Since the beginning of the second round, the mental strength assessment, Elder Xu had looked favorably upon Lu Xuan, and after that, Lu Xuan’s performance had far exceeded his expectations. Surprising wasn’t enough to describe it, it was simply amazing!

Lu Xuan’s performance in perception and combat could both be described as demonic. As a swordsman, Elder Xu could almost imagine Lu Xuan’s future would definitely be as an amazing Sword Dao genius!

He had this time and previous times with the mindset of discovering talents, and now that he had met Lu Xuan who was such an excellent seedling, how could he let it go. If Elder Sun wanted to make things difficult for Lu Xuan, he would be the first to disagree!

“Elder Sun, currently as the primary examiner of the assessment, you can not favor one side too much, nor stretch your hands out too much. Once we return to the Wind Sword Sect, this old man will definitely report your actions to the sect master!” Elder Xu intently watched Elder Sun as he spoke.

Seeing that Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu were both standing on the same side, Elder Sun felt a surge of uncontrollable emotions. He took a deep look towards Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu and slowly exhaled a breath, saying: “Well done you guys, well done!”

Then he coldly snorted, with a brush of his long sleeves, he prepared to take away Long Tai’s corpse.

“Wait!” Lu Xuan suddenly spoke.

“What do you want?” Elder Sun forcefully restrained his anger and spoke. Under so many watchful eyes and having been constrained by Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu to leave the stage, he had already almost reached his exploding point.

Lu Xuan didn’t mind Elder Sun’s tone and walked directly in front of Long Tai’s corpse, and picked up the Cloud Piercing Claws, “Naturally I have to take my loot.”

“The nerve! Put it down!” Elder Sun couldn’t help but angrily yell.

“Lu Xuan, take your loot. I want to see who has nerve!” Ninth Uncle’s hands suddenly flashed and a pair of claw-type equipment appeared on his hands. Although it was also a claw-type weapon, the one in Ninth Uncle’s hands, exuded a stream of light, and looking upon it, it was very beautiful. It didn’t even look like a weapon and looked like a word of art. Compared to that, the Cloud Piercing Claw in Lu Xuan’s hand was simply unsightly.

The weapon in Ninth Uncle’s hand was naturally his treasured weapon, the Shadow Claw!

“Haha, good! Yan Jiu, Xu Da, today, I, Sun Mou, recognize that I am being forced. Blue mountains never grow old and green waters flow forever, I hope that there will be a day… that you guys won’t be forced under my hand!” Elder Sun’s eyes bore hatred as he picked up Long Tai’s corpse and prepared to leave.
(TN: I don’t have a good explanation for the mountain and waters)

“Slow down.” Ninth Uncle faintly said.

Elder Sun’s paused. Without turning his head, he asked: “What?”

“Leave my bet behind.”

Hearing this, Elder Sun’s mind reeled. This time, he could be said to have given his enemy a wife as well as lose his soldiers. Although he was very reluctant, but the situation required it. With a cold snort, two bright objects were thrown over.
(TN: Suffered a double loss)

Ninth Uncle reached out his hand and grabbed onto the two bright objects. Opening his hand, he was that it was indeed the storage ring and jade box. Opening the jade box, there was a spherical dan medicine that was emitting a rich medicinal smell. Naturally this was the Heaven Mixing Dan.

Having left the two things behind, Elder Sun didn’t remain any longer. Carrying Long Tai’s corpse, he used strength to leap up, and his body immediately rose up and away, as if he was flying through the air.

Towards this, Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu were naturally unfazed, but the martial artists were all amazed. For a real body of flesh to be able to fly, what realm was that?

Thinking of this, they couldn’t help but look towards Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu on the field. To be able to force Elder Sun to leave, evidently Ninth Uncle and Elder Sun’s strengths weren’t weaker than Elder Sun’s.

Lu Xuan’s eye flashed a mysterious light. Flying through the air? Sooner or later, I’ll be able to do it too!

After Elder Sun left, this time’s assessment had completely come to its close.

Ninth Uncle turned his body and handed over the storage ring and the Heaven Mixing Dan and said: “Lu Xuan, the bet against Elder Sun was made by Chen Xi. These betting stakes were also asked by her for you. Your talent is great, and your future will certainly be extraordinary. Do not disappoint her good intentions.”

Hearing Ninth Uncle’s words, Lu Xuan was shocked. The bet was actually made by Xia Chen Xi? The betting stakes were also meant for him? But before, Xia Chen Xi had told him that it was from Ninth Uncle. There was no reason for Ninth Uncle to trick him, then it must have been Xia Chen Xi had deliberately concealed the matter.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but turn his head towards Xia Chen Xi, and unexpectedly, Xia Chen Xi had also just been looking at him. Their four eyes met. Xia Chen Xi felt a little confused, her face red. She hurriedly turned her head away.
(TN: Chinese actually says her, but context ought to mean him)

Lu Xuan also felt a bit mixed. Lin Xin Yi had sent him the middle grade iron grade weapon, which had helped him win, and now Xia Chen Xi had deliberately asked for the storage ring and the dan medicine for his sake…

The most difficult thing to accept is a beauty’s favor!

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