SS Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Heaven Defying Results

Hundreds of eyes turned towards that light all at once!

The light disappeared quickly. In the blink of an eye, the figure of the person became apparent.

“Lu Xuan! It’s Lu Xuan!” Lin Xin Yi was the first to shout out, her face full of joy!

Once Lu Xuan’s figure was made clear, the entire field of martial artists immediately went into an uproar.

It was actually Lu Xuan. This was definitely contrary to everyone’s expectations!

“Oh my god! He actually killed his way into the sixth floor with his body refining fourth level strength! It’s simply unbelievable!”

“Genius! An absolute genius! Today I really submit!”

The warriors were all amazed, especially those martial artists that hadn’t looked favorably on Lu Xuan, now they were all completely shocked. With just body refining fourth level strength, he killed his way through five body refining fifth level enemies up to the sixth floor. For them, this was simply unbelievable. That kind of combat strength could be called terrifying!

“I knew it was you.” Xia Ye smiled and said to himself. Seeing Lu Xuan’s figure, he discovered that his proud self actually wasn’t jealous but was instead happy.

“Lu Xuan. It’s Lu Xuan. It’s really Lu Xuan.” Xia Chen Xi didn’t know what to say and only constantly repeated Lu Xuan’s name. Her mood was simply agitated to an unprecedented level.

Then, thinking of something, she urgently turned her head towards Ninth Uncle and said excitedly: “Ninth Uncle, it’s Lu Xuan. He really charged up to the sixth floor!”

Ninth Uncle nodded his head: “I know. Lu Xuan, the surprises he gives me are really too much!”

“Haha, I said this kid wasn’t ordinary right! A body refining fourth level strength slaughtering up to the sixth floor, is unprecedented in at least the last decade in all of the Heavenly Martial Empire!” Elder Xu laughed unrestrainedly. He had been strongly behind Lu Xuan before, and now seeing that Lu Xuan’s results were amazing, he was naturally incomparably happy.

The smile on Elder Sun’s face had gone stiff. He had been prepared to welcome Long Tai, but reality had played a huge joke on jim. The person who had reached the sixth floor was actually Lu Xuan!

“What’s there to be happy about. It’s just charging up to the sixth floor. He had just reached the sixth floor before being kicked out. Naturally he was killed in a second. Long Tai doesn’t necessarily not have a chance to beat him!” Elder Sun said as he turned angry from embarrassment.

Ninth Uncle laughed aloud: “No matter how it is, the sixth floor is the sixth floor. Who cares if he was killed in a second, he still entered the sixth floor!”

And just at this time, the deacon that had gone to collect Lu Xuan’s jade medallion reported Lu Xuan’s result in a trembling voice, his voice full of disbelief: “Lu Xuan, sixth floor. Killed three people!”

After hearing what was said, the clamor in the field came to a stop, leaving only the sound of people sucking in cold air.

Sixth floor and killed three people. That would mean that Lu Xuan not only killed his way into the sixth floor, he had also, in that short period of time, killed three body refining sixth level martial artists?!

This kind of strength was already couldn’t be just described as terrifying, it was demonic! The word popped up in everyone’s mind. This word had been used to describe Lu Xuan’s perception, but now it was also suitable for his true combat strength.

“Killed three people?! That’s impossible! He entered the sixth floor for less than two rests. Killing three body refining sixth level enemies in two rests time is an absolute impossibility!” Elder Sun’s voice sounded a little crazy. Lu Xuan’s heaven defying results had slapped his face again and again.

“Elder Sun! As the head examiner, you cannot arbitrarily deny the results of the examinee. Could it be that the jade medallion has been faked!” Ninth Uncle coldly looked at him and said. During the third round, Elder Sun had forcefully put Lu Xuan’s result as the same as Long Tai’s, but he hadn’t said anything. Now he was trying to do this, did he think Yan Jiu was so easy to bully?

At this time, the martial artists in the field only held deep worship towards Lu Xuan. Him being able to enter the sixth floor was already more than enough for them to be speechless. They hadn’t thought that not only had he entered, he had actually killed three body refining sixth level enemies within the short period of less than two rests.

Lu Xuan was treating the eyes of shock or awe as nothing special. After turning over the jade medallion to the deacon, he went strength back and arrived at Yao Lei and Xia Ye’s side.

As he had just entered the sixth floor, he knew that he definitely wasn’t the opponent for six body refining sixth level martial artists, much less when his soul force was less than 30%. Thus he didn’t even try to prepare to break through the sixth floor.

Thus, when he arrived on the sixth floor, Lu Xuan didn’t even think and directly struck pre-emptively, pushing his speed to its limit, charging towards the sixth martial artists. His entire body’s soul force exploded out as he immediately used the Blinking Sword Skill.

In that moment, all of Lu Xuan’s understanding towards the sword path were all integrated into the sword skill, and he burst out with his most powerful strength. The long sword in his hand swiped leaving a sword image, and in a moment he erupted with multiple sword strokes. Not only did it break the six martial artists combine attacks, it had even succinctly killed three of them in seconds.

However by this method, his entire body’s soul force had been consumed cleanly and he didn’t have any more chances to continue fighting. After the sword strokes ended, he proactively broke the jade medallion and was directly sent out. But even so, with his body refining fourth level strength, being able to kill three body refining sixth levels while completely surrounded was enough to make him proud.

“Older brother Xuan, you’re too awesome! No, you’ve always been awesome, it’s just that this time you’re even awesomer!” Yao Lei praised.

“I just knew it was you.” Xia Ye looked at Lu Xuan while smiled, repeating what he had said earlier.

Hearing their words, Lu Xuan smiled, “I was just lucky.”

“Tch, being too modest is just hypocrisy!” Yao Lei criticized.

In the judging area, Xia Chen Xi and Ninth Uncle were both looking at Elder Sun. Ninth Uncle had calmed down a bit and said: “Elder Sun, may I ask if the storage ring and the Heaving Mixing dan have already been prepared?”

“Hmph, it’s still too early. Long Tai still hasn’t come out yet. The outcome has not yet been decided. How do you know that he won’t charge up to the sixth floor?” Elder Sun said with a dark face. Right now the only variable was that Long Tai hadn’t come out yet. He placed all of his hopes onto Long Tai.

But at this time, the fifth floors light suddenly flashed, attracting the eyes of everyone over. The flash of light meant that either he had gone up to the sixth floor or was coming out. Had Long Tai made it to the sixth floor?

Following that, there was a pop, and the fifth floor’s light was extinguished, but the sixth floor’s light did not light up. Elder Sun’s heart sank.

A light appeared on an empty space in front of the Sword tower. It was obvious that Long Tai had stopped on the fifth floor!

Long Tai who came out of the Sword Tower saw that everyone’s eyes were all staring at him. At first he was a bit stunned. He turned back and looked and saw that the Sword Tower’s lights had all been extinguished. He once again turned his head and saw Lu Xuan and Xia Ye in the crowd.

As if suddenly aware of something, Long Tai suddenly burst out in arrogant laughter: “Haha, I’m first! Lu Xuan, even you dared to fight for first place with me? Maybe next life!”

The surroundings of the emptied Sword Tower echoed Long Tai’s wild laughter. It was very grating on the ears.   

After laughing for a while, Long Tai discovered that something was wrong. He was the only person laughing. Um, the eyes of those martial artists that were looking at him weren’t eyes of worship? It looked like… they were mocking? Or pitying?

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