SS Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Exiting the Sword Tower

Now in front of Lu Xuan there was only one person and one ferocious beast, and their bodies were riddled with injuries.

During the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s last move’s explosion, the brunt of the attack had been the already dead blood devouring tiger, but they also were affected.

The match had been in a deadlock for a while until Lu Xuan had suddenly exploded out with a powerful attack, momentarily killing three enemies. The surviving martial artist and the blood devouring tiger had been shocked and didn’t dare to go forward.

Lu Xuan also took this opportunity to quickly rest a little. Using the entire set of the Thunder Light Sword Skill had consumed quite a bit, especially the very last attack. The Thunder Light Sword Skill’s eight moves along with the two Blinking Sword Skill meant that the consumption was even larger.

However, the fight only stopped for about two rests and then broke out again.

The blood devouring tiger was the first to move, directly launching its body over. Very large tiger claws fiercely swiped towards Lu Xuan, the strength was large. It was definitely at least 3000 jin!

Combined with the blood devouring tiger’s attack, the martial artist similarly brandished his long sword and was swinging it as he attacked.

This time, Lu Xuan didn’t try to take them on and chose to retreat. His remaining soul force was already less than 30%. There was still the sixth floor waiting for him.

Pushing his soul force, Lu Xuan abruptly moved his body to the side by three feet, barely dodging the two attacks. A sword rapidly slashed down, fiercely swiping through the abdomen and creating a long gash. Immediately a stream of blood flowed out.  

The blood devouring tiger loudly howled in pain. Its body leapt up and swept its ironlike-tail over, bringing the whistling of the wind, carrying outrageous power.

Lu Xuan retreated again, dodging this attack and use his sword to stab it, creating a bloody on blood devouring tiger’s body. He was actually prepared to bleed the blood devouring tiger to death!  

At this time, the sword-wielding martial artist had entirely been blocked off by the blood devouring tiger’s body due to Lu Xuan’s outstanding maneuvering. This way, Lu Xuan only needed to face the stupid blood devouring tiger.

After continuously dodging a few times, the blood devouring tiger’s body was already full of many wounds. Fresh blood flowed out like water. Every movement was less and less energetic, evidently a bit difficult, and didn’t have the power that it did at the start.

Aiming at an opportunity, Lu Xuan pierced its neck and fiercely slashed. The blood devouring tiger immediately had its throat cut and it collapsed onto the ground.

The swordsman finally found an opportunity to attack Lu Xuan, but it was a pity that an ordinary fifth level martial artist wasn’t an opponent for Lu Xuan. Without delay, he once again used the Blinking Sword Skill and killed him in a second.

“The sixth floor! The sixth floor lit up!” Outside of the Sword Tower, the crowd of martial artists suddenly exclaimed.

After the sixth floor lit up, the entire field was seething with excitement. The sixth floor lighting up meant that the fifth floor had been broken through by someone. For the martial artists in the field, the third floor had blocked them. Breaking through the fifth floor was something they couldn’t imagine!

There was an even more important question. At this time in the Sword Tower, there only remained two people, Long Tai and Lu Xuan. Which one of them had actually broken through to the sixth floor?

“I feel like it’s definitely Long Tai! He had body refining fifth level strength. Breaking through the fifth floor isn’t something impossible.

“En, I think so too. Although Lu Xuan is powerful, his strength is only body refining fourth level. I reckon the fifth floor should be five body refining fifth level enemies right. With body refining fourth level strength, being able to hold off against them wouldn’t be easy, much less killing them.”

“But we’re talking about Lu Xuan. Previously when he demonstrated the Thunder Light Sword Skill, its power was very amazing.”

“Stop arguing. Doesn’t using martial skills require soul force? How many times could a body refining fourth level’s amount of soul force support the use of the skill?”

The martial artists were discussing and most of them favored Long Tai. Since Long Tai was body refining fifth level, the way they saw it, whether it was strength or sustainability, Long Tai should be better than Lu Xuan.

With so much activity, Xia Ye couldn’t sit still and stopped recovering. He stood up and stared without blinking at the Sword Tower’s sixth floor. Who exactly was in there?

Thinking of this, his mind couldn’t help but remember the indifferent smile that had hung on Lu Xuan’s face. That was a very self-confident smile. Intuition told him that it was definitely Lu Xuan!

At this time, Ninth Uncle and the others faces were a little ugly, frowning as they stared at the sixth floor. In order to break through to the sixth floor, first you had to take out all five of the enemies on the fifth floor. Lu Xuan indeed had the strength to fight beyond his level, but with his body refining fourth level strength, was it really possible?

Xia Chen Xi who had been filled with confidence for Lu Xuan now also felt some worry. She had previously thought that the final result would be decided on the fifth floor and would compare who had killed more enemies, but now someone had actually broken through to the sixth floor. The change was a large one. The chances that Long Tai who was body refining fifth level had reached the sixth floor was much larger than Lu Xuan’s.

“Niece Chen Xi, when you entered the Sword Tower, you also reached the sixth floor, right?” Elder Sun asked while smiling. Right now he was in a good mood. He had already determined that the one who had entered the sixth floor was Long Tai.

“En, disciple is not very good at fighting. I’ve let Elder Sun see something funny.” Xia Chen Xi forcefully laughed a little. She was defaulted as a Wind Sword Sect core disciple. The Sword Tower had been opened up as an exception for her. That time, she had body refining sixth level strength and at in the end taken out two body refining sixth level martial artists, stopping at the sixth floor.

Elder Sun laughed aloud: “The higher you go the more enemies there will be. For Niece Chen Xi to be able to kill two enemies while being surrounded by six is already not bad. Normally, whatever strength level the martial artist is will be the floor that they will stop on. For Lu Xuan to be able to reach the fifth floor is already beyond my expectations. This results is very impressive. It’s possible that over time, he could also become a core disciple.”

Although his words were praising Lu Xuan, everyone knew what Elder Sun meant. He said that Lu Xuan reaching the fifth floor was already not bad, and that Xia Chen Xi with body refining sixth level strength could only reach the sixth floor. Obviously he was saying that Lu Xuan couldn’t possibly reach the sixth floor.

“The results still haven’t come out yet. Don’t get too happy too early.” Ninth Uncle relaxed his eyebrows as he faintly said.

Elder Sun forced a smile as he looked at Ninth Uncle and said: “Is that so. Have you seen a body refining fourth level ever charge up to the Sword Tower’s sixth floor?”

Ninth Uncle didn’t speak anymore. Indeed, there had never been any body refining fourth level person who had charged up to the sixth floor of the Sword Tower in all of the Heavenly Martial Empire after so many years. It was rare to even see a body refining fifth level rush up to the sixth floor.

The field gradually calmed down. The crowd was all holding their breath, quietly waiting for the moment of the reveal. And just at this time, the sixth floor’s light suddenly flashed and was extinguished. A light appeared at an empty space in front of the Sword Tower!

The person who had charged up to the sixth floor had come out!

The four elders and Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi who were in the judging area immediately stood up. Their eyes burningly watching that light. In the end, who was it?!

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