SS Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Bet and Counter-bet

Xia Ye, similarly to Long Tai, was also immensely shocked.

He had originally only looked at Lu Xuan because he had seen Long Tai’s odd actions. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would suddenly hit such a terrifying result.

3000 jin. That was a full 400 jin more powerful than his result. Long Tai could defeat him and he wouldn’t have anything to say since the two of them were approximately equal, but now another person had appeared and had actually hit a 3000 jin result. How could the self-proclaimed number two genius in Lin City accept this fact.

Long Tai barely suppressed the shock in his heart, his face sunken, he said: “Long Yang, you said that Old Second and Old Third were killed by someone while chasing Lu Xuan and didn’t find the killer?”

Originally, Long Tai didn’t put Lu Xuan in his eyes at all, but now the strength that Lu Xuan had revealed far exceeded his expectations. In terms of strength, he had even been defeated. He immediately began to suspect that the killer was Lu Xuan. With the strength that Lu Xuan had displayed just now, it was more than enough to kill of Old Second and Old Third.

“I did not. When I went, I only saw their corpses. Third brother, you suspect Lu Xuan?” Long Yang replied honestly.

“That’s right. How could there be such a coincidence. Old Second and Old third went to kill him and he wound up without any problems while Old Second and Old Third had been killed instead.”

“That shouldn’t be possible.” Long Yang, in a rare instance, argued back with Long Tai, “I’ve seen Old Second’s corpse. It was injured by sword qi. Lu Xuan definitely couldn’t emit that kind of sword qi.”

Long Tai sneered: “If I said he killed them, then it was him killed them! Those that dare to touch my Long family’s people, I will let them die a pathetic death!”

As Long Tai said this, Long Yang immediately understood. Clearly, Long Tai was preparing to frame him and use this as an excuse to give Lu Xuan difficulties.

In a moment he began laughing, saying: “Third brother is correct. Old Second and Old Third were indeed killed by Lu Xuan. Blood must be repaid in blood!”

While all the participants in the square were shocked by Lu Xuan’s results, in the judging area, Xia Chen Xi was also talking with Ninth Uncle.

“Ninth Uncle, if I haven’t seen wrong, Lu Xuan should be body refining fourth level right? How could he hit with 3000 jin of power?”

Ninth Uncle slightly smiled and said: “For normal people, it is indeed impossible, however, there are people in this world with innate divine strength, innate special constitutions, and their bodies will naturally have great power. I’m guessing that Lu Xuan is that type.”

What he said wasn’t wrong. There were indeed people with innate divine strength, whose power far surpassed the common man, however, Lu Xuan wasn’t that type of person. The reason why he could hit with 3000 jin of power while being body refining fourth level was because of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic.

The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s circulation path went through twenty six meridians. Lu Xuan used it to cultivate his body, which helped his body to improve faster than normal people, and thus his explosive power was naturally better than normal people.

As Ninth Uncle and Xia Chen Xi were conversing, that Elder Sun suddenly turned his head and said: “Yan Jiu, it seems like you recognize this kid?”
(TN: Yan Jiu=?? and Ninth Uncle=??, so perhaps it would be more accurate to call him Uncle Jiu instead, but unfortunately, I’ve grown attached to the name Ninth Uncle so I’m not a big fan of changing it.)

Yan Jiu is Ninth Uncle’s original name. Hearing that, he nodded his head and said: “We’ve met a few times.”

Elder Sun chuckled: “This time, your Lin City has a few pretty good seedlings. It just so happens I also recognize a person. Just dryly watching this is pretty boring. Do you want to make things more interesting and make a bet?”

“Make a bet? Bet what?” Ninth Uncle asked with great interest.

“Of course it’s betting one who will take this assessment’s first place.” Elder Sun said as if it was natural, “Don’t you recognize this kid? I also know Long Tai a little. Why not have the two of us bet and see which one gets first place, whether it will be Lu Xuan or Long Tai. How about it?”

Ninth Uncle thoughtfully looked at Elder Sun, then faintly smiled: “Long Tai is body refining fifth level while Lu Xuan is only body refining fourth level. Don’t you think I would be at a disadvantage?”

“Haha, how about this way? Since your strength is at a disadvantage, I’ll be at a disadvantage for the bet. My bet will be double whatever yours is. How about it?” Elder Sun seemed to be caught up on the idea of betting with Ninth Uncle.

However, before Ninth Uncle could say anything, a gentle voice sounded out: “Elder Sun, how about betting with this junior?”

Eyes turned at the same time to look at the person who spoke. It turned out it was the person who was sitting next to Ninth Uncle, Xia Chen Xi!

“Oh? Is Niece Chen Xi also interested?” Facing Xia Chen Xi, Elder Sun didn’t dare to use his elder status. A body refining sixth level who was still less than sixteen years old. This kind of talent wasn’t seen very often even in the Wind Sword Sect, and also, Xia Chen Xi was already going to be a core disciple by default. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, her position in the future would be much higher than Elder Sun’s.

Xia Chen Xi slightly smiled and said: “Junior has also met Lu Xuan a few times and has some confidence in him. I don’t know what Elder Sun is planning to bet, and although junior’s collective wealth doesn’t amount to much, but it should be enough to make a bet.”

The words she said directly targeted Elder Sun’s bet, asking for what the bet was.

“Haha, originally this old man had taken a fancy to Old Jiu’s lower grade treasure grade Shadow Claw and thus brought up the bet. If Niece Chen Xi can bring out a lower grade treasure grade claw-type weapon, this old man wouldn’t mind betting with you.”

Elder Sun finally said aloud what his intentions were. He had only wanted to bet with Ninth Uncle because he wanted one of Ninth Uncle’s weapons.

When he said this, Xia Chen Xi frowned a little. Lower grade treasure grade was expensive, but she was Lin City’s City Lord’s daughter. It wasn’t that she couldn’t get one, but Elder Sun was determined to have a claw-type weapon, which would make things a bit harder.

Ninth Uncle who had been silent up till now finally spoke, “If I haven’t seen incorrectly, that Long Tai’s cultivating a hand-type skill right? The weapon you are asking for is for him correct? It seems the relationship between Elder Sun and Long Tai isn’t a shallow one…”

Ninth Uncle’s eyes were quite sinister, seeing the key point in just one glance.

Elder Sun only laughed a little and didn’t explain, only looking at Ninth Uncle and Xia Chen Xi, waiting for them to speak.

Xia Chen Xi was just preparing to say something when Ninth Uncle motioned to her to stop, and slightly smiled as he said: “Since Elder Sun is interested, then I, Old Jiu, will accompany you for a while. Chen Xi, you can use this Shadow Claw to bet a match with Elder Sun! Either way I’m prepared to grow old in Lin City and shouldn’t have many opportunities to need to use it again.”

Seeing Ninth Uncle willing to take out his own personal weapon out, Xia Chen Xi was immediately overjoyed, “Relax Ninth Uncle, Lu Xuan can definitely win!”

She then turned her head back to Elder Sun and said: “Elder Sun, the Shadow Claw has been brought out. What are you planning on betting?”

Seeing that Ninth Uncle had actually been willing to bring out the Shadow Claw for a betting match, a hint of happiness flashed across Elder Sun’s face. He said: “Niece Chen Xi, whatever you want, just directly say it. This old man has been in the Wind Sword Sect for so many years and can be considered to have a bit of wealth.”

Since Elder Sun allowed her to speak herself, Xia Chen Xi was not hypocritical and thought about it for a little before saying: “The Shadow Claw has accompanied Ninth Uncle for half his life. Although it’s a lower grade treasure grade item, its value has grown over time, its price much higher than a typical lower grade treasure grade item. Since Elder Sun has promised to double the bet, then junior will not be polite. Junior would like a storage ring  and a Heaven Mixing dan. How about it?”

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