SS Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Ninth Uncle’s Identity

“Chen Xi, look, Lu Xuan came.” Lin Xin Yi had sharp eyes and spotted Lu Xuan in a moment, which was in part thanks to Lu Xuan coming early and standing in a spot near the front; otherwise, with such a crowd of martial artists, finding a person wasn’t an easy task.

Following Lin Xin Yi’s line of sight, Xia Chen Xi also found Lu XUan. At this time Lu Xuan was also looking at her. Four eyes met. Lu Xuan gave a slight nod and a smile towards Xia Chen Xi.

Xia Chen Xi’s face immediately became red and she hurriedly turned her eyes away, returning towards Lin Xin Yi and said: “He wants to participate in the assessment. Of course he would come.”

“Let’s go over and say our greetings.” Lin Xin Yi excitedly said, and without waiting for Xia Chen Xi to agree, she pulled her hand and started walking towards Lu Xuan.

Ninth Uncle was originally going to ask them where they were going, but seeing that they were going to look for Lu Xuan, he shook his head and faintly smiled, no longer wondering and let them go.

“Young miss Chen Xi and young miss Xin Yi have come over!”

“It really is. Could it be that my aura attracted the two goddesses over?”

“Get out. With your height and weight, you still dare to talk about aura?”

When the two moved, the martial artists by Lu Xuan’s side suddenly began being rowdy. Each one of their eyes lit up, hoping that the two were coming for them. Each one of them tried to look their best.

“A group of fools really know how to rile themselves up.” Yao Lei’s curled his lips. He naturally knew who Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi had come to see.

In front of countless martial artists, the two girls indeed stopped in front of Lu Xuan. When they stopped, the breath that the crowd of martial artists were holding in was let out all at once.

“F*, they’re looking for that kid? What identity does that kid have that, ah? No matter how I look at him, he doesn’t compare to me, ah!”

“That’s right. You can tell in a glance that he’s not a good person.

A bunch of whispered complaints came out. The crowd of people that had despised Yao Lei were now completely stunned, their mouths wide open. Could the words that this guy said actually be true?

Previously Yao Lei was yelling sister-in-law and they had contempt for him. Now Lin Xin Yi and Xia Chen Xi had proactively come here to look for them. There had to be some sort of relationship between them.

“Lu Xuan, you arrived pretty early!” Lin Xin Yi said while smiling.

“Yeah. After cultivating for a whole two days, I couldn’t wait anymore and came out earlier to take a look.”

“You brought the sword that I gave you right?” Lin Xin Yi eyes swept around, and not seeing the Lovesick sword, she immediately asked.

“Of course I brought it. How could I dare to not bring the gift that young miss Xin Yi sent me.” Lu Xuan smiled and patted the wrapped black cloth on his back, “However, one shouldn’t reveal their wealth. I don’t dare to move around the city with it.”

Seeing that Lu Xuan did indeed bring it with him, Lin Xin Yi immediately smiled in satisfaction.

“Oh yeah, could it be that you guys have also come to take part in the assessment?” Lu Xuan asked in curiosity.

“Of course there’s no need. We’ve already been confirmed earlier. This time we’ve come with Ninth Uncle to watch the show, however, I’m only an inner sect disciple, and Xia Chen Xi is a core disciple. In the future, we’ll have to separate.” Saying this, Lin Xin Yi was somewhat sad.

Xia Chen Xi, who had reached body refining sixth level before she had turned sixteen, was naturally a core disciple candidate. Lin Xin Yi was also not bad, but with only a body refining fourth level, there was no chance of becoming a core disciple and could only rely her real strength. She was best friends with Xia Chen Xi, naturally she would be sad that they were going to separate in the future.

Xia Chen Xi patted the back of her hand, faintly smiling: “What’s their to be so reluctant about. It’s not like we can’t be together anymore. I can still see you in the future.” After a moment she continued to say: “And also, Lu Xuan should be able to become an inner sect disciple, so it’s not like there won’t be anyone to accompany you to play.”

Lin Xin Yi immediately looked at Lu Xuan with excitement: “Lu Xuan, are you also going to enter the inner sect this time?”

Lu Xuan bitterly smiled: “I do want to join the inner sect, however, I still need to see assessment’s result.”

“I believe that you won’t have a problem.” Xia Chen Xi looked at Lu Xuan as she said: “Although there are plenty of strong people this time, with your swordstroke, it should be enough to enter the inner sect.”

Xia Chen Xi still remembered the swordstroke from that day, and also, she knew that that behind Lu Xuan was an unfathomable “master”. If he could be selected by such a powerful person, he naturally wouldn’t have any problems.

Lu Xuan laughed, and didn’t say anything further. Although he also had the same self-confidence, if he said it himself, it would seem a little too arrogant. Then he turned a question back and asked: “Oh yeah, just what is Ninth Uncle’s identity? How could he actually be a judge?”

Lin Xin Yi giggled: “You didn’t actually think that Ninth Uncle was a shopkeeper for the Treasure Pavilion right?”

Xia Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile: “Ninth Uncle was originally an elder from the Wind Sword Sect, however, he was seriously injured once and almost died. My father and Lin Xin Yi’s father paid a great price to save him. Afterwards, in order to repay saving his life, Ninth Uncle remained in Lin City.”

Xia Chen Xi’s words made Lu Xuan’s mouth drop and his eyes wide. What cultivation did a Wind Sword Sect have? At the very least they would have broken through body refining tenth level and entered the next realm right? No wonder why Ninth Uncle gave off the impression of being unfathomable, his strength was unexpectedly high.

And it was just at this time, suddenly there was a sound of a large drum. The hour had come for the assessment to start!

The two girls didn’t delay any longer and returned back, but before that, Lin Xin Yi didn’t forget to tell Lu Xuan, “Lu Xuan, you have to successfully become an inner sect disciple, ah. Otherwise I’ll be bored to death.”

Seeing Lu Xuan on such intimate terms with the two great young misses made the surrounding crowd of martial artists jealous to death. Each one speculated what Lu Xuan’s identity was.

Yao Lei was extremely cocky, as if he was the target of their jealousy. Hey, big bro said sister-in-law before, and you guys actually didn’t believe? You guys deserve to be envious and jealous!

With the continuous drumbeat, the many martial artists also calmed down, their eyes all turned towards the judging area.

In the judging area, there were a total of four old men. One of them was Ninth Uncle of course, and Lu Xuan didn’t recognize the other three. He guessed that they were probably elders of the Wind Sword Sect.

Seeing that the martial artists’ eyes were all focused over, one of the old men by Ninth Uncle’s side stood up, put out his hands and the drums became silent.

“Everyone, I am this time’s Lin City assessment’s head examiner and also an inner sect elder of the Wind Sword Sect. You may call me Elder Sun!” This Elder Sun didn’t speak too loudly, but his voice transmitted very clearly into the ears of the martial artists. His strength was evident.

When he spoke, the crowd of martial artists immediately began to excitedly whisper to each other. To them, becoming an inner sect disciple was already pretty good. This was an inner sect elder. Obviously his position was high.

“Silence!” Elder Sun said in a dignified shout, “Next up will be the first trial of this time’s assessment. Right now I will declare the rules!”

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