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Chapter 110: Impulse

(TN: Pre-emptive TN. I’m not great at translating romantic scenes. Also, NSFW)

“Do you like me?” Lin Xin Yi’s sad voice rang beside Lu Xuan’s ear.

Hugging a beautiful person, suddenly hearing this question, Lu Xuan didn’t know how he should respond for a time. Although it can be said that Lin Xin Yi had never hidden her feelings towards Lu Xuan, there had still always been a layer of window paper separating it, Even when Xia Ye occasionally pointed it out, the two still had a tacit understanding of not bringing it up.

But the accident just now had broken Lin Xin Yi’s mental defenses. By twists and turns of fate, she actually directly asked, however, she didn’t regret it. She had long since wanted to ask this question. Under the impulse now, she had asked it. There was a considerable feeling of relief, however, then her heart once again began to tighten. She was afraid of receiving a disappointing answer.

Currently in Lu Xuan’s mind, scenes of the two of them since the time they met came up. Lin Xin Yi had taken various care of him. From the amazement at the start at the martial arena to the Lovesick sword at the Treasure Pavilion, and again taking care of him here… bit by bit, like floating light passing through shadows these scenes emerged in his head.

After a long silence, Lu Xuan slowly spoke: “Xin Yi, I am very clear about your sentiments towards me. I, Lu Xuan, am originally just the son of a small clan. To be able to earn your favor is an opportunity by the blessings from generations of ancestors… It’s just, right now I am chasing the martial path, walk out of the Heavenly Martial Empire, walk out of the Wind Sword Sect, and see how large the Sky Sword Continent is. What it actually looks like…”

Lin Xin Yi was slightly disappointed. In the end, she didn’t receive the answer she wanted, but then, her eyes brightened up again. That’s right, this is the man that I like. What she liked most was Lu Xuan’s inner confidence and pride. If he just stopped in a Wind Sword Sect, satisfied with his current achievements, how could she be so dead set on this affection?

Thinking of this, Lin Xin Yi lifted her head out of Lu Xuan’s chest. After sobbing, her weeping beauty appearance made people subconsciously feel pity for her. Her wide, glistening eyes stared at Lu Xuan as she continued by asking: “Then do you hate me?”

Lu Xuan decisively shook his head.

Lin Xin Yi’s face brightened, unable to resist twisting a bit in Lu Xuan’s chest, changing to a more comfortable position, then continued to ask: “Then do you have a good impression of me?”

While surmounting the heat that was coming from Lin Xin Yi rubbing against his chest, Lu Xuan fiercely nodded his head.

“Then that’s enough.” Lin Xin Yi said with a satisfied smile. She then acted in a way that Lu Xuan would never dream of. She actually closed her eyes, moved in close, and her warm delicate lips tightly stuck on to Lu Xuan’s mouth.

Lu Xuan’s eyes suddenly widened, but his mouth subconsciously opened, softly kissing Lin Xin Yi’s lower lip.

Feeling Lu Xuan’s reaction, Lin Xin Yi’s face became even more red. Her eyes closed even tighter, not daring to look at Lu Xuan, but she didn’t stop her actions. A small tongue went into Lu Xuan’s mouth, proactively getting a taste.

How could Lu Xuan still hold back. He quickly grabbed onto that spirited “little snake”, softly sucking on it, and felt the world’s as if it was the world’s most delectable thing. He simply couldn’t let it go for a time.

The fervor within became stronger and stronger, even ice cold water could no longer suppress Lu Xuan’s fire. Putting Lin Xin Yi down, Lu Xuan’s hands directly held on to her plentiful chest, unable to resist softly rubbing them, changing them into various shapes, its size happened to be perfect for Lu Xuan’s palms.

Receiving Lu Xuan’s sudden attack, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help tremble over her entire body. Letting out a delicate noise, she seemed to be unable to stand stably. If Lu Xuan hadn’t held onto her, she probably would’ve been immediately swept away by the water flow.

Lu Xuan was already no longer satisfied with being separated by clothing. Just as he was preparing to take a step further underneath the clothes, Lin Xin Yi finally mustered the courage to let go of the kiss and stopped Lu Xuan’s mischievous hands.

She was a bit out of breath, her chest rising up and down as she said: “We can’t. I… I’m still not ready…”

Saying this, her face was incomparably red. Lowering her head, she didn’t dare to look towards Lu Xuan. Thinking back to the scene just now, after protecting her virginity for so many years, and now having her chest unscrupulously kneaded by Lu Xuan, she felt like it was too embarrassing.

Lu Xuan also recognized that he had been a bit abrupt, however, desire had entered his head and he had forgotten everything else. Seeing Lin Xin Yi with her head down, then thinking that the dignified Lin family’s great young miss had been so profaned by him without any blame, Lu Xuan discovered that it seemed he really did love her a bit, not just like.

Once again, he reached out his hands and embraced Lin Xin Yi into his chest. Lu Xuan tightly hugging her, he said: “Sorry. I was impulsive.”

Suddenly being proactively hugged by this man, Lin Xin Yi was a bit shocked, then a sweet feeling suddenly appeared in her heart. She could clearly feel Lu Xuan’s change in attitude, moreover, she simply didn’t have any intents on blaming Lu Xuan.

“No need to explain. I know. Umm, umm, if you really want… in the future if there’s an opportunity…” Speaking up to here, Lin Xin Yi’s voice was already as voice was already as small as a mosquito, and she couldn’t say anymore. She felt her ears were burning hot.

Seeing Lin Xin Yi was so cute, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but reveal a smile. Reaching out he flicked her nose and said: “Where have your thoughts wandered to. Am I really that sort of person?”

Lin Xin Yi pretended to be angry, her small mouth puckered and said: “How should I know. At least looking at just now…”

Lu Xuan’s face immediately was covered in black lines, however, did he seem a bit anxious just now?

Seeing Lu Xuan’s awkward appearance, Lin Xin Yi immediately tittered: “Just kidding. Of course I’m clear on what sort of person you are.” As she spoke, she reached out her hands around Lu Xuan’s waist and continued to talk: “I know that your future will definitely not be stopped at just a Wind Sword Sect, and I won’t be able to keep up with your footsteps. Maybe Xia Chen Xi could barely make it.”

Hearing Lin Xin Yi suddenly bring up Xia Chen Xi, Lu Xuan immediately felt his heart tremble. Women were all sensitive. Even if Xia Chen Xi’s feelings towards Lu Xuan were deeply hidden, Lin Xin Yi pretended to not know on the surface, but in reality, how could she have not noticed it?

Lu Xuan was just preparing to say something when Lin Xin Yi stopped him from opening his mouth and continued to talk: “I’m very silly. I clearly know that I can’t keep up with you, but I still burned my bridges and loved you. Although I really want you to stop and accompany me, I know that if you stop here, then you won’t be the Lu Xuan I like so much.”

“I only hope, that whatever step you reach, you can still remember that in a small place called Lin City there is a very very silly woman who is waiting for you.”

Once again lifting her head, Lin Xin Yi looked into Lu Xuan’s eyes as she said: “Lu Xuan, can you promise me this request?”

“Yes.” Lu Xuan nodded without the slightest hesitation.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had actually agreed, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but beautifully smile, “You promised so simply. Aren’t you afraid I’ll make things difficult for you? For example, make you accompany me and stay in the Wind Sword Sect or something?”

“Will you?” Lu Xuan replied.

Lin Xin Yi was a little exasperated, “It seems that you indeed saw through me. My request is, no matter what sort of good weapon you obtain in the future, you must always carry the Lovesick sword by your side okay? Lovesick, lovesick. Every time you see this sword, you will always remember that there is a person who is lovesick for you.

Lovesick sword. Indeed since the moment Lin Xin Yi had presented it to Lu Xuan, it had determined the fate of the two. Could they only be lovesick?

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