SWFM Chapter 92

Here’s a chapter!

Chapter 92: Lu Zhixin’s secret

So I just want to say some stuff about this character here, with this off-tangent thing.

In this novel, she actually falls into this kind of special category (with not just her) where she can definitely be considered an antagonist type, while also definitely considerable as an ally. This particular character-type distinction may come out as really cool later on.

She’s definitely not a non-dimensional character at all.

Disliking her is greatly possible, yeah, backstory and motivations and all. Some point may come where you more than just really hate her.

Still, parts with her can turn out to be really cool later on(especially in things that have totally nothing to do with romance).

And let me just add that I feel Lu Zhixin doesn’t actually care about what other people think about her at all.

Hah, haha.