The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

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Chapter 6: Ice Goddess

Tang Zheng hearing the strange noise atop his head, his heart turned cold, not lifting up his head to look, his feet took a step forward and he suddenly moved a meter forward.


A big bucket of water splashed down from the door and onto the ground, creating the image of an ice flower.

The whole class was looking at him out of the corner of their eyes, an expectant smile on their face as like they were looking at a good show but now there eye’s revealed shock. What… what just happened, how come the test failed, Tang Zheng was supposed to be like a drenched rat?

A show of strength!

Tang Zheng’s mouth curled in a slight smile, as expected, Hell class was not going to be easy, since this was how they welcomed a new student.

He swept his eyes across the crowd who was stunned like a wooden chicken, and discovered that there was two open seats in the last row so he wordlessly made his way there to sit down.

At once, the crowd’s expression once again became complicated, several people’s eyes revealed a hint of finding joy in misfortune.

Ding ling ling!

The bell signaled the start of class, a wave of sound caused by heels hitting the floor range out, coming closer, and at once, all the boys sat straight and held their breath as if they were giraffes looking out the door.

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