Still, Wait For Me

Written by: Xiang Tingshen

Translated by: Mehxistence, Nym


Raws: 17K

小说作品翻译自ChineseAll中文在线 17K小说网


Author’s Synopsis:

This is a story regarding youth and rebirth. Merely that.


Reborn in the year 2003, Xu Tingsheng is 19, Xiang Ning 14…

Here exists silent guarding, and waiting/

Dearest one, I will prepare everything, and, await your growth.

Here exist unforgettable memories/

You are my old times, like a wall I as a child could never flip over.

Here exist lofty ambitions that soar to the heavens.

If one day, I preside over the heavens like gazing down over the world from Mount Tai, may it be that you will be at my side.


Loved ones still alive, best friends still in the prime of their youth…



Meh’s synopsis:

Inexplicably reborn in the year 2003, having failed terribly in his previous life, the prevailing concern with Xu Tingsheng, that stands above all else, is none other than her. But alas, he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high… Regarding this, all he can do is wait silently…for now.

In the meantime, other matters remain. There were quite a few things that went…rather badly, back then. Given the chance to change things, how would it not be the best decision to give that roulette wheel another spin with the odds stacked a better way, to attempt to change those dismal fates? And in some matters, does the alternative even truly exist? Hence flaps the butterfly’s wings…

In Xu Tingsheng’s new ‘second chance’ life, the power of foreknowledge coupled with intelligence pre-empts excellence, and that, coupled with personal charisma and character, begets women. Here he strives for success, while always keeping foremost in his mind that for which he exists, that which his achievements are ultimately meant to protect and cherish. And amidst all this, the season of youth does bloom for the young, deep, complicated romance and spontaneous, hot-blooded fighting never failing to inspire.

Philosophical and deep amidst the great, original tale of modernity it tells, this is a thought-provoking story of life, on life, on living.


Chapter List:

Volume 1: Chapters 1-50
Chapter 1: A Meeting Long Overdue
Chapter 2: The First Meeting, Once More
Chapter 3: Youth and ‘First’ Meetings
Chapter 4: Past Matters and Arrogant Words
Chapter 5: Stuff like Fighting For a Girl
Chapter 6: Be Good, Lower Your Head, and Walk Away
Chapter 7: Ascending the Stage- the Inaugural Experience
Chapter 8: Within the Sea of Memories
Chapter 9: SARS Arrives
Chapter 10: A Parent is Summoned
Chapter 11: Some Things are Irreversible
Chapter 12: The Circumstances Regarding Indigowoad Root
Chapter 13: Answering Questions As If Performing a Surgery
Chapter 14: A Major Incident of A Previous Life
Chapter 15: My All In Exchange for Your Warm, Peaceful Longevity
Chapter 16: When big words become a joke
Chapter 17: A man to this extent
Chapter 18: A newcomer on the Red Chart
Chapter 19: Fu Cheng’s Secret
Chapter 20: Let’s interact
Chapter 21: Student or teacher?
Chapter 22: We are all good kids
Chapter 23: Shall we drink a little wine in secret?
Chapter 24: An uncle’s willpower
Chapter 25: The feelings with that brick
Chapter 26: 14 days and nights
Chapter 27: Events in life have always come in bits and pieces
Chapter 28: University entrance examinations once more
Chapter 29: The Graduation Yearbook & the Farewell Dinner
Chapter 30: Beginnings and ends
Chapter 31: We are here to raise the price
Chapter 32: Experiencing the world once more
Chapter 33: Seeing Xiang Ning once more
Chapter 34: Fighting in different places
Chapter 35: Understanding
Chapter 36: The examination results are released
Chapter 37: Top Scholar for Humanities (1)
Chapter 38: Top Scholar for Humanities (2)
Chapter 39: Top Scholar for Humanities (3)
Chapter 40: He is a legend
Chapter 41: After the wine
Chapter 42: Cruel
Chapter 43: Top Scholar’s Sister
Chapter 44: The ever crossing paths of life
Chapter 45: Some beginnings, some ends
Chapter 46: The final match
Chapter 47: He likes you
Chapter 48: Carry me someplace bright
Chapter 49: Letter of acceptance
Chapter 50: The opening of the mall


Volume 2: Chapters 51-110
Chapter 51: That final parting
Chapter 52: Did we know each other before?
Chapter 53: Big Xiang Ning and Little Xiang Ning
Chapter 54: A Ferris Wheel of Tenderness
Chapter 55: Apple’s demonic charm
Chapter 56: To be a little closer
Chapter 57: He came with his family
Chapter 58: Tales of military training
Chapter 59: They’ve all come
Chapter 60: Borrow this joint for a confession
Chapter 61: Fu Cheng’s afflicted with a sickness
Chapter 62: The mysterious Rebirth
Chapter 63: Everything related to money is major
Chapter 64: Immune to beauties, also immune to ridicule
Chapter 65: This idiot is my younger brother
Chapter 66: Dreams of youth on a green train
Chapter 67: Dowry
Chapter 68: The youthful fluttering of a heart
Chapter 69: The Xu Family’s great boat is soon to sail
Chapter 70: They must be very ugly
Chapter 71: Connections
Chapter 72: Old Wai’s distress call
Chapter 73: She’s okay
Chapter 74: Fang Yuqing’s path
Chapter 75: Hucheng Education Service Platform
Chapter 76: The first step to an empire
Chapter 77: Eating Fried Chicken. Knitting Woolen Sweater
Chapter 78: Unknowingly is a way to pick up chicks
Chapter 79: Your dorm’s blown up
Chapter 80: Testing the platform
Chapter 81: Let’s hand out flyers
Chapter 82: Snowman
Chapter 83: A reunion, a parting
Chapter 84: You deserve it
Chapter 85: Luckily, I won’t be playing
Chapter 86: That pandemonic confession (1)
Chapter 87: That pandemonic confession (2)
Chapter 88: That pandemonic confession (3)
Chapter 89: That pandemonic confession (4)
Chapter 90: That pandemonic confession (5)
Chapter 91: I just came to see you, incidentally
Chapter 92: Lu Zhixin’s secret
Chapter 93: 5-Star Home Tutor
Chapter 94: As if seeing the old me
Chapter 95: Bashing with a rod or grappling with bare hands
Chapter 96: A chance to get Xu Tingsheng indebted
Chapter 97: Let’s eat first
Chapter 98: Old employees
Chapter 99: It’s time to pay them a visit
Chapter 100: The Huang Family’s face
Chapter 101: Predicament
Chapter 102: The way out
Chapter 103: Returning home to usher in the new year
Chapter 104: The Xu Family’s Fireworks (1)
Chapter 105: The Xu Family’s Fireworks (2)
Chapter 106: An accidental matchmaking session (1)
Chapter 107: An accidental matchmaking session (2)
Chapter 108: From the 1st to the 15th
Chapter 109: Competition
Chapter 110: First visit to the Xiang Family


Volume 3: Chapters 111-?