SS Chapter 58, 59

I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday. For whatever reason, it seems like the chapter page itself just never made it and just disappeared into thin air. I’ve reposted it and it should be accessible now. Once again I’m really sorry. To try and make up for it, I’ve posted two chapters today for the regularly scheduled release.

Here are Chapter 58 and Chapter 59.

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  • Thanks for the release 🙂

  • There is no chapter 58…
    Thank you for the chapter

  • 58 don’t work 🙁

  • Most people would be annoyed that it happened twice in a row, but i’m kinda finding it hilarious. XD

    Chapter 58 doesn’t exist~

    Thanks for trying though! If you keep doing this, does it mean we will get 2 chapters a day? XD

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    It’s saying 404 error

  • Hello. Thanks for the releases bro .. no need to apologize 😀 but chapter 58 link doesn’t work .. cheers!