SS Chapter 40

Hey guys, I have previously been told that the amount of donation per chapter that I ask for is a bit too much for its word count (and probably for its popularity too). I’m wondering what sort of donation chapter price you think would be more suitable? Please remember that I am trying to make money and that translating is work that takes time, so I can’t really accept too low a rate.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 40!

If you enjoy the story and the translation and have some money to spare, please remember to donate!

  • If you judge by the donation rate why don’t you set it by the donation rate. Use a number around the average of the amount per day so far, that way you will at least always meet the minimum. If you want things to slow down change it to double or triple that number, if want to speed up halve or third it…

  • Emry

    What about 40-50 I was gonna say 30 but when u look at the bottom of ur note changed into 30