Split Zone 13

Title: Split Zone 13 (禁裂区13号)
Author: Yu Wei (虞薇)
Synopsis: When Li Shen’s second personality acts out, her consciousness is sent to a strange place called Split Zone No.13. She is then informed that only if she can unravel the truth, will she be able to return home.

Raws: 17K
小说作品翻译自ChineseAll中文在线 17K小说网

Translator: mayy
Schedule: 3x / week

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– Chapter titles may contain spoilers.

Volume 1 (64 chapters)

Chapter 1: If You’re Gonna Die, Die With Style
Chapter 2: The Split Zone
Chapter 3: Law of the Jungle
Chapter 4: Grievous News
Chapter 5: Who’s the Weakling?
Chapter 6: Preparing the Bow for Battle
Chapter 7: Elevator at the 27th Floor
Chapter 8: Body Double
Chapter 9: Diametric Opposites
Chapter 10: Gao Qin Jiu Ye
Chapter 11: Brief Tranquility
Chapter 12: Murder Makes a Comeback
Chapter 13: Suffocating Nightmare
Chapter 14: Three Bows
Chapter 15: A Bad Fate With Murder
Chapter 16: Pretty Boy, Guan Nie
Chapter 17: District Negotiations
Chapter 18: Abrupt Assassination
Chapter 19: Difficult Punishment to Bear
Chapter 20: Unbounded Darkness and No One to Lean On
Chapter 21: Didn’t You Say You’d Never Leave Me?
Chapter 22: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 23: Battle of Illusionists
Chapter 24: Surprise Appearance of a Soul Splitter?
Chapter 25: Inner Demons
Chapter 26: Destiny
Chapter 27: Evil or Cold?
Chapter 28: With Beauty Comes Poison
Chapter 29: Falling Into a Trap
Chapter 30: Nie Zun Makes a Move
Chapter 31: Trail of Clues
Chapter 32: Boundary Trees
Chapter 33: The Tunnel
Chapter 34: As In Purgatory
Chapter 35: Crisis
Chapter 36: Unexplained Death
Chapter 37: Most Beautiful Exchange
Chapter 38: The Culprit Was Nie Zun?
Chapter 39: Points of Doubt
Chapter 40: He’s Not Gao Qi
Chapter 41: Two Men
Chapter 42: Another Incident
Chapter 43: What You See May Not Be the Truth
Chapter 44: Nie Zun’s Analysis
Chapter 45: Target of Criticisms
Chapter 46: A Different Poisonous Insect
Chapter 47: If She’s a Demon
Chapter 48: Final Defense
Chapter 49: Mysterious Offender
Chapter 50: An Expected Betrayal
Chapter 51: Who’s the Main Character Here?
Chapter 52: Forest Showdown
Chapter 53: Sudden Change in the Situation