Special Forces Spirit

Special Forces Spirit / Ultimate Hunt


Written by: Night Thirteen

Translated by: Selutu

Synopsis from the Web Novel:

Having served in the Northeast Field Army, Ye Tianming, once called an “extremely dangerous person”, was chosen for the Blue Sword Special Forces to his surprise. He’s crafty, cocky, prideful, yet possesses talent and planning above others. He’s walked on the front line, leading his teammates in Blue Sword to erase the invasion attempt by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam; he chose elites and dealt a huge blow to the opponent in a military exercise; he is neither good nor evil, and openly defied orders to save his teammates; he went overseas, and entered terrible trouble in order to save his fellow citizens… Desert breakthrough, wilderness sniping, escape through Gobi, hunting overseas…

After a series of tests through blood and flames, the fresh troops led by Ye Tianming grew up quickly, and became an iron-willed lion. They have the speed of cougars, the power of lions, the craftiness of foxes, and the stealth of a snake. In front of evil, they have an aura fill of murderous intent; in front of justice, they seem to show the hot blooded spirit of special forces. They have no unit designation, no honor, and even no gravestones, in the age of peace, they composed a soul-stirring song of generosity!

Synopsis from the Published Book

I am a soldier, I once led “Blue Sword” Special Forces all over the world and wrote a legend with our own methods. I don’t understand what are national interests, I only know that people are happy as long as they’re alive. However, when I found out the only woman I loved was killed after discovering some secrets, I decided to walk down the path of vengeance. Yet, a gamble caused me to stray away from my life’s path.

Raws: Special Forces Spirit

Chapter 1 – Prologue

Chapter 2 – Blue Sword

Chapter 3 – Pity

Chapter 4 – Discover

Chapter 5 – Talent

Chapter 6 – Special Present

Chapter 7 – Ploy

Chapter 8 – Battle to Capture the Flag

Chapter 9 – Meeting the Same Kind

Chapter 10 – The Meeting Betwen Master and Disciple

Chapter 11 – Booby Trap Designed by an Idiot

Chapter 12 – Bounding a Mine

Chapter 13 – First Encounter with the Opponent

Chapter 14 – Punishment

Chapter 15 – Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Chapter 16 – Testament

Chapter 17 – Wrestling a Crocodile

Chapter 18 – Ambush

Chapter 19 – Getting Ambushed

Chapter 20 – Surrounded

Chapter 21 – I’ll go and meet God

Chapter 22 – Military Spirit

Chapter 23 – Without one remaining

Chapter 24 – Canister Bomb

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

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