Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 17

First sponsored chapter ever! Thank you very much to the combined patronage of Jago, Tuger Xiong, and Kidyeon. This was made possible by your generosity! A warm round of applause to volaretranslations’ first ever donor, Jago! A second round of applause to the insightful Tuger Xiong! And a third round to well, alright alright. My partner in crime Kidyeon!!

And what a sponsored chapter this was! I was cackling nonstop throughout it all. Such smack, such banter!

Some of the comments this weekend mentioned that they were surprised STR isn’t more popular — me too! Spread the word far and wide all, come here for farting-as-a-cause-of-death greatness and some insane crazy bickering.

Now I go sleep in exhaustion from three chapters in three days. And three on my other projects. 😀