SUL Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Only half way on the road to the netherworld; the gate of the netherworld is still not visible, my heart felt that something heavy is pressing on it, making my feet unable to move. I yelled, squatted down and wept bitterly.

So shameful! Such a big shame!

When I closed my eyes, in my mind there’ll be a really stupid thing with a large face full of excitement calling out: “Shifu, shifu.”

I covered my face. The long autumn leaves fell out when a cool wind passed by.

That’s me…that fucking person with a low intelligent and is like a dog, is actually me!

“I like shifu the most!”

“I’ll go back with shifu to Fengxueshan manor. I’ll also fan you and turn the pages of your book and also massage your legs and shoulder!”



Shifu, shifu……

Those words of that idiot kept repeating in my ears like Buddha’s scriptures, reminding me how I lived without dignity for fifteen years.

I grabbed my hair and gritted my teeth really hard. This is the ugliest stain in my life of a few hundred of years.

That’s right, Chu Kong, you’ve done it. You really ordered me like I was a eunuch!

The soul collector next to me finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He patted my shoulder.

“Hey…are you still alright?”

I shed blood tears, turned and smiled at him miserably: “All is fine. Everything has already passed. I’ve calmed down.”

The soul collector was scared and took a few steps back. He bit his lips a few times and said: “Then let’s go quickly. This time don’t make a mess again. Heaven has sent people down accussing the netherworld of being incompetent.”

I stood up and followed the soul collector, while listening to him complain: “Ai, does cloud fairy and celestial, Chu Kong has something against our netherworld? When you two meet, you’ll always create a mess in the netherworld. We’re already very busy and you simply kept making trouble for us!”

I nodded and the words “I’m sorry”was just out of my mouth, when I looked up. It’s the river of forgetfulness and that bridge again. By the bridge is that hateful man again. He stood upright with a bowl of soup in his hand. He was talking to another soul collector. It looks like he’s about to go into the circle of reincarnation again.

I know I should be calm. I also know I should be rational. Wait till he drinks the soup of oblivion and then kick him into the circle of reincarnation. Then next life will be easy to handle. But I don’t know why when I think it’s all about him making me massage his shoulder and legs, turning the pages of his books and fanning him; that shameful and hateful look. The most hateful thing is that at the time I was dying, I was still thinking about massaging his shoulder and legs, turning the pages of his book and fanning him! And still want to go back?

Go to fucking hell!

This is like slavery being buried deep in my bones!

This lifetime! This humiliating lifetime! All because of that man. That coquettish celestial star…celestial star….

“Chu Kong…”

I clenched my fists. My body was shaking uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry, ah….”

I glared at Chu Kong and said to soul collector: “I’m sorry ah, I’ll give you trouble.”

I didn’t wait till I finish speaking. I didn’t wait for the soul collector to react. My body moved and in a blink of eye, I’m standing before Chu Kong. I saw that he is looking at me in shock. I also hear him say angrily: “Fuck! Stone demon cheated on xiaoye!”

I smiled through gritted teeth. My fist hit his face. The strength was so great that it nearly broke his bones.

“Cheat on you…Today, I’ll make you disappear!”

All the eyes of the ghosts saw Chu Kong’s body fly in the sky and made half a circle. With a “boom”sound he fell on the side of the sixth circle of reincarnation. Dust flew in the air. He slowly stood up and wiped the blood from his mouth. With cold eyes he said: “You dare to put your hands on shifu? Xiao Xiang Zi, your gut is fat, ah.”

I raised my head and looked at him with my nostril.

“Ah, you still dare to talk to me like that? Do you still think I’m that idiot?”

Chu Kong’s expression was really terrifying. The scene was really quiet. The soul collectors took immediate action. They went hurriedly to Yanwang’s palace. Another came to me with a chain. And another tried to persuade: “Calm down! Calm down! You two, gods, calm down!”

My whole body seemed in raging flames, burning me really hard. I jumped over the bridge and landed beside Chu Kong.

“Shifu? Only you have the nerve to let me call you such a vulgar title. And you enjoyed listening to it for fifteen years! Very well, very well! Since today we’re both in our right minds, let’s settle all the previous bad scores.”

“Bad scores?”

Chu Kong stood up. He didn’t punch me back after I punched him. He patted his clothes, squinted his eyes and said: “Xiaoye is broadminded, returning the evil you did in the previous lifetime with good, by giving you shelter. Finally, I saved your life and now you came to the netherworld to settle the scores with me?”

“Hehehe he, you actually dare to mention previous lifetime to me! You actually dare to mention previous lifetime!”

I laughed like someone who’s insane.

“Good, good, you’re broadminded. You saved me. I beg you to save me again. Save the netherworld, alright? Go cut your heart out, then die, alright? Can’t do it? No problem, I can help you. Grab a knife and benefit from it!”

While I was talking, my punch went to Chu Kong again. He was surprised and grabbed my hand. With some anger he said: “You shrew! Can’t you just talk for once?!”

“Well said!”

I was also getting really angry.

“My mind is filled with fifteen years of you insulting me and the two soups of oblivion that tastes like blood and caused those fifteen insulting years! Beside we also have a blood feud between us. It’s greater than slaughtering my whole family. You want me to talk nicely to you? You go lie down and become a corpse first. I’ll sit by your side and talk nicely to you.”

“Ha,”Chu Kong laughed. “You made it seem that in these years only you have suffered! You were a fool! If you didn’t mention it, I still thought that you were pretending to be a fool to punish me! Xiaoye is broadminded and didn’t bother with those things you’ve done. Finally, I sacrificed my life to save you. In the end you still dare to blame me?”

In my mind suddenly flashed Chu Kong’s pale face. Inexplicably, my heart felt weird. I stiffened for a moment and immediately I pressed down those feelings with anger.

“Save me? I thank you very much! Who wants you to save me? Why pretend to be noble? What?! Wants me to live a long and good life? You clearly want to hurry and go to the netherworld to reincarnate to break the link of our next few lifetimes. Don’t think that I didn’t see through your selfishness!”

Chu Kong’s jaw tightened, creating a stern look. His lips moved, but he immediately closed them. His face was blue with anger.

I continued: “I won’t fulfill your wish. So I came down to reincarnate together with you. I insist on bothering you till you die from anger. Hit me, hit me, hit me!”

“Xiaoye, I will hit you today!”

He was so angry that you could see smoke forming above his head. A hand grabbed my clothes. I was also very angry. I reacted very fast and put a hand behind his head. I grabbed his hair.

“You let go! Otherwise I’ll pull out all your hair today!”

“You dare to threaten me!”

“I’m threatening you and so what?”

We took deep breaths at the same time. Big eyes glared at small eyes for a long while, yet no one hit the other first.

A very weak voice came: “You guys, drink the soup of oblivion first and then continue your talk. After the talk you can go reincarnate. This is the best solution…”

My ears twitched. I turned and looked at the direction of the bridge. A ghost put the soup of oblivion in a bowl. Behind him there were many other ghosts. At the direction of Yanwang’s palace, there were many hasty footsteps rushing over. It’s Yangwang and the magistrate. I looked around and my gaze fell at the ghost holding a bowl of soup of oblivion. A dark taste echoed in my throat. I turned and looked at Chu Kong. Chu Kong was also looking at me.

Is this man…is this man who forced me to drink two bowls of soup, letting me have such a shameful lifetime. A fire started to burn in my heart. I said: “Drink, of course I’ll drink. This lifetime I’ll sink three bowls in your throat!”

After saying that I raised my hand to grab Chu Kong. Chu Kong was startled. He bent down quickly.


I couldn’t pull him at that moment. Hearing him curse at me, I thought about last time when he forced me to drink the soup, why didn’t he say that he was vicious?!

At once, I was furious. I rose up and bit him. My bite locked on his arm. He growled with a pained voice: “Dogs must be your relatives!”

He pinched my face and said: “Drop your mouth!”

My mouth wouldn’t let go and I punched his stomach really hard. When I was about to give him a second punch, Chu Kong turned his body and escaped my punch. In fact, I couldn’t beat celestial star Chu Kong. That’s why in a blink of eye, my back hurt. Chu Kong was pressing me against the well. He grabbed my neck and said: “Apologize! Otherwise, you can go and turn into an animal1 next lifetime!”

Well, see who will become an animal!

I bit him harder. My knees bent. It reached his belly. Chu Kong hurdled in pain. I gave a loud shout and used all my strength to pull him up. Chu Kong was stunned. I gathered more strength to put him into the well. With his head faced down, he plummeted into the reincarnation circle of animals. I was rejoicing. Finally I got rid of Chu Kong for the next lifetime! But my face hasn’t had the time to laugh, when I suddenly felt a pain on my scalp. Chu Kong actually grabbed my loose hairs at the same time I grabbed him. I focused too one- sided. My body stiffened. My scalp felt painful. Ominous alarm bells rang in my mind. I stretched my hand to grab on something, but I caught only the emptiness of the air. Chu Kong’s evil laughter resounded in the air. He dragged me down to the bottomless well.

“Come and enjoy with me! Enjoy with me!”

The spirit, I opened my eyes wide, seeing the darkness of the netherworld getting farther away from me. In my ears sounded Yanwang’s voice with no emotion: “Aiya, bad, two gods fell into the well of animals. How will this end? Well, I better go and write a report.”

Animals…these animals!


Finally a chapter translated after my computer broke down. I got my computer repaired. So happy that I got my files back. Thank you all for your support. At the time that I didn’t have a computer, I spend my time listening to A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor, Chaos of beauty and Chu Wang Fei. The one who blew my mind away and let me have countless of sleepless night is Chu Wang Fei. I’ll surely write a review about this one. The audio isn’t completed yet. It may take some time before it’s finished. Chu Wang Fei is a really amazing book. The two others aren’t bad, but not as great. Chaos of beauty lacked romance. A mistaken marriage match focused too much on how strong the female lead is. I listened to this one first and liked it. Then I listened to Chaos of beauty. The mistaken marriage was still my favorite, but after listening to Chu Wang Fei, I began to feel that the mistaken marriage match isn’t that great anymore XD. I even didn’t sleep for a whole night just to keep listening to what will happen next in Chu Wang Fei. It totally blew my mind. Chu Wang Fei is currently in my top 1 favorite book. Maybe I’ll help 12superlatives translate the next chapters in the summer break.

Back to 7 lifetimes. This lifetime will be a really short one, with Chu Kong being more sure of his feelings and XXZ beginning to realize that she does feel something for Chu Kong.

  1. 畜生 (chùshēng): animal. Chinese people use this word to scold and curse at people. They see animals as something less than humans.

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