Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes now complete on volaretranslations!

The fabulous dreamer has finished moving over her chapters of Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes to volaretranslations! This marks the first completed novel to be on volaretranslations and I’m really quite excited about that.

Come follow the protagonist through well, seven different lifetimes. Synopsis as below:

Xiao Xiang Zi, a cloud spirit In heaven, and Chu Kong mess up the red strings of fate by accident during their brawl.

As a consequence they are sentenced to be a fated couple in the mortal realm for 7 lifetimes as a punishment for not getting along with each other.

However Xiang Zi sneakily reincarnates without erasing her memory, and unlike Chu Kong, she retains awareness and uses it to her advantage.

When you’re done reading it, please head on over to Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei for dreamer’s current novel!