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Chapter 218 Lucia

Bell’s condition stabilized.


Like the time they had boarded the ship for the first time, they were once more arranged oddly. Those mercenaries armed with the wooden spears divided the people into smaller groups. Those whose life were in danger were the first to be carried into the strange room. Afterward, they took the young children, then they took families of the children and finally, it was the adults turn.


Lucia was placed together with Bell in the front of the row, the whole treatment process was handled very quickly, they blindfolded her sister, and two mercenaries grasped her under the arms and carried her into the cabin. She didn’t have to wait for a long time before someone placed a pill in her hand. The pill was very small, and had a slightly sweet taste, at the same time the mercenaries also took the initiative to tell her that they had also fed the medicine to her sister so that she didn’t need to worry.


When she was out of the room and could take off her hood, she was pleasantly surprised to see that Bells colors was improving at a visible speed. Although she was still in a coma, her forehead was no longer burning hot, the flush on her face had also faded, and the dark spots disappeared without a trace.


When all the people had been freed from their fear of their impending death, they felt like they had gained a new life and became so excited that they could no longer contain themselves after seeing the man with gray hair standing in the distance. They kneeled down and cheered, paying him the highest of respects. From the mercenaries’ mouth, they had heard that he was the Lord of this land, the one that was in charge of the Western Region, His Royal Highness Roland Wimbledon.


Afterward, following exactly what had been promised in the rumors, the Lord not only lit bonfires at the edge of the pier, but also distributed meat porridge to everyone and told them that they would be paid and also received food and shelter as long as they were willing to work for the town. While everyone was enjoying the fragrant meat porridge, they were also talking about how fortune it was that they had boarded the ships and fled to this Western Region, and then once more praised His Highness for his kindness.


Only Lucia felt a little anxious.


How can I get in touch with the Witch Cooperation Association? The secret message only said that a group of witches lived in Border Town. It didn’t mention how I can find them. Most probably this important part had gotten lost during the transmission process, she had only faintly heard, that the news had been spread within the large cities of the kingdom’s Central Region.


The moment when the people had filled their stomachs, and the mercenaries began guiding them to wooden sheds near the river, a woman’s voice suddenly came from behind Lucia.


“Were you looking for us?”


She was so frightened that at the same time she turned her head she also jumped two steps forward, ready to escape, but when the speaker’s appearance came into her eyes, Lucia couldn’t help but be rooted to the spot.


Gosh, what a beautiful woman! Her long curly hair, illuminated by the gentle orange glow of the flickering flames, her eyes, twinkling bright as the stars, a sweet smile. But the most striking part was her aura, which wasn’t inferior to that of any noble, as if she was a important person herself.


“My name is Nightingale; I’m a witch, welcome to the Border Town.”


Becoming aware of this feeling, Lucia was unable to stop herself from lowering her head “I… my name is Lucia White, I want to join you.”


“In that case, come with me,” Nightingale said with a smile, “I’ll take you home.”


At this time the sun had already fallen behind the mountains, only leaving a weak light behind. While carrying the sleeping Bell, Lucia slowly followed behind her.


“When was your time of awakening?” Nightingale suddenly asked.


“Awakening?” Lucia got started.


“That’s the moment when you got turned into a witch,” Nightingale explained. “From that moment on, your body will continue to gather magic, and because of that, we call this transformation ‘Awakening’.”


“I think… maybe two years ago,” Lucia recalled. “Is magic the power of demons?”


“That’s just the Church’s excuse nothing more,” she shook her head, “Magic is a ability given by God, it has nothing to do with good and evil. The so-called demonic bite is just the pain experienced when the magic within your body becomes too plentiful; this can easily be avoided with practice.”


“I do not need to bear that pain?” Lucia’s eyes grew wide.


“Yes, as long as there is no oppression of the Church, us witches don’t have to bear the pain of the bite.” Nightingale explained, “But here in our home, we can use our magic freely.” Then she pointed behind her, “Is this lovable fellow your younger sister? What about your other family?


“They all died, only Bell and I could escape,” for a moment Lucia kept silent, “A group of people attacked Valencia, burning, looting, and killing everywhere.  In order to resist them, father… His chest was pierced by several swords and mother made us run away quickly, in the end, she also, also… ” The grief which had been enclosed within her heart for so long made it impossible for her to continue the sentence. All of the suffering, hunger, thirst, fear and grievances, in short, the whole injustice she had to endure along the way, suddenly burst free.


For her sister, she had clenched her teeth and held on, but now, it seemed that the defense lines she had built around her heart was no longer able to block the emotional ups and downs from her thoughts. which quickly turned her sobbing into very loud cries. She knew that this wasn’t a good time for it, that during the first meeting she should keep her courtesy, but the tears were like a storm, they couldn’t get stopped.


She will hate me for this, right? She could feel how her tears and snot mixed together and her mouth began to taste salty. However, to Lucia’s surprise, a pair of arms suddenly wrapped themselves around her, taking her into a warm hug, gently patting the back of her head. Taking completely no offense because of the dirt and tears on her face. Instead, she softly said: “Cry, cry now, it is fine to let it all out.”



When Lucia’s outburst finally calmed, she raised her head, only to see that Nightingale’s shoulders had been soaked through with her tears.


“I’m sorry …” she blushed.


“It doesn’t matter, is it better now?” Then Nightingale took out a handkerchief and helped her to wipe her face clean, picked Bell up with one hand and held her in the other. “Let’s go; there are still many sisters waiting to welcome you.”


Lucia had thought that the witches’ residence would be located somewhere in a small abandoned warehouse or basement, she never expected that Nightingale would bring her to the castle area, wasn’t that the Lord’s private territory? Even more surprisingly, the guards not only did not stop her, instead they also greeted her.


Could it be that the whole town is under the control of the Witch Cooperation Association?


Reaching the third floor of the castle, she walked into a brightly lit room, only to shockingly discover that the man sitting on the opposite side was the Lord who had recently received the cheers of the masses.


“This is the leader of the Witch Union, His Highness, Lord Roland Wimbledon. He took in the survivors of the Witch Cooperation Association, and also let spread the message to other cities, hoping to attract more homeless sisters,” Nightingale introduced the man, “He made Border Town into the home of us witches. You do not need to doubt this point, after all, the people who treated your sister and all the other sick people on board of the ships were us witches.”


Lucia’s head had turned blank, she totally hadn’t anticipated, that there would be noble willing to provide a home for witches, instead of seeing them as tools or slaves. When her soul finally came back to her body, she began to panic and bowed in a flustered manner. Her bizarre posture was so out of shape, that Nightingale couldn’t suppress her laugh, “Don’t mind it, His Royal Highness does not care about etiquette.”


“You came from the Eastern Territory?” The Lord’s voice was calm and relaxed, not giving her the impression of an interrogation, but more of a friendly chat.


Lucia stole a glance at him, seeing that he was sitting leisurely on his chair, and looked at her with an expression full of interest.




As the conversation became deeper, and Nightingale supplemented some explanation, her mood gradually relaxed. Even though her counterpart was a noble, but he didn’t show an aggressive attitude, but rather the care of an elder.


“So, when your awakening was two years ago, you shouldn’t be an adult yet…” he spoke full of interest, “So, what is your ability?”


“Turning goods back into their original form,” Lucia said hesitatingly, “but it isn’t effective on all things.”


“Their original form?” His Royal Highness touched his chin in thought, he then pushed an beautiful cup to her over the table, “Can you demonstrate it for me?”


“This will destroy it.”


“It won’t hurt.”


Lucia nodded, went to the table and put her hand on top of the cup.


After a short while, the cup began to shrink and deform, ultimately forming into three distinct substances: The one on the far left looked like a pool of oil, dark and viscous. The one in the middle seemed to be a small cluster of fine black powder. Lastly, the one on the far right appeared to be clear water, which was slowly dripping down from the edge of the table.

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              • Kuq Ku

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                You have zero ties to the people of this land, you are surrounded by peasants, elitists, and people familiar with the slug of uselessness that you are, and suddenly make a 180 turn around into an amazingly competent, intelligent and wise leader you didnt have any expectations of, to become someone worthy of dying for willingly. Roland is so selfless, what is he a saint?

                How long did it take Obama to pass Obama care, and he was reasonably well liked and respected? how long does it take for a morbidly obese man to lose 2 people worth of weight while being enthusiastic without slipping or losing motivation?

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                There are people who are born with a silver spoon, take the Kardashians for example, or Paris Hilton, oddly enough Roland was just like them, living a mildly debauched life, taking pleasure where he can while doing nothing of worth with his life or position other than selfish fulfillment.

                Yet here we have Roland 2.0 new and improved, died due to harsh working conditions, and here he is again, living under even worse working conditions yet thriving rather than succumbing to the pressures he endured in his previous life, his job mustve been hellish lol, so perhaps plotting to take over the kingdom is a piece of cake for him now 😛

                By baby steps I meant lets start seeing some changes in Roland that shows the scars of leadership and the burden of rule, I was willing to settle for white hair 😛

            • Staff of Narayana

              Well, I thought about this (mostly biased) comparison b/w Obama & Roland.

              – Obama was a president in his 40s~50s. He got nearly a decade full of (internal & external) political and armed struggles while he also need to care for the nation and it’s people. Remember the scale of nation he needed to care for. It’s nearly on continental scale.

              – Roland is a lord in his 20s for a year for now IIRC. Of course it’s also painted with political and armed struggles. Same responsibilities as Obama got, but the scale is just different. He governed over a duchy right now and he almost doesn’t have any international threats other than the church.

              While both have the same kind of challenge, they differ in in youthful vigor and scale of troubles. 🙂

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                  My point actually is: “Roland won’t likely develop wrinkles like Obama any time soon”
                  As simple as that. 🙂

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              Don’t forget that roland, as royalty and feudal lord hold absolute power toward gorvement and administration in his controlled teritory. He literally running the whole gorvement with no oversight whatsoever. Also the witches wide array of abilities only make his dream of advancing his people a lot easier. When you think about it, Roland really is playing Civilization in Chieftain(easiest) dificulty.

              • Kuq Ku

                The problem with that is, this isnt a game, I couldnt rule over 10 people let alone 3k, all by my lonesome, while multitasking other essentials and romance a hot young thang at the same time, what am I … Richard Branson?

                It takes me months just to decide where to go on vacation, or procrastinate on various other “to do” lists for the calendar year ahead, but Roland just poof this is what we are gonna do and bam its done.

                Lets take Nursing homes as an example, could you build a nursing home for 40 residents, recruit staff needed to run it, ongoing training and education of all staff, a management infrastructure, implement the OHS system, create Procedure manuals for all levels of staff employed, build a framework that all must work within, manage the budget for staff, equipment, food, drugs etc, and secure the funds for it, comply with and self audit all that by yourself on the fly with barely any mistakes made, in an alien environment with the memories of a slug to guide you? I know I wouldnt, Im a mere mortal villager type A.

                Roland didnt have absolute power as feudal Lord, he was running BT contrary to the legitimate heir Timothy, who did secure the Capital and lay claim to the title of King, ordering his siblings return, One of the problems I have is the convenient happenstance hes managed to secure throughout his time as Roland, its all fallen into his lap. Timothy and Garcia have struggled, and continue to struggle, have made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. Roland not so much.

            • Uzair Fidaiy

              I think this novel can be categorized as light novel. Nothing too heavy or too gore for reader. I never like GoT for its constant conflict, violent and sex scene. The real world have enough conflict and violence that i don’t need one in fiction novel. Go read real story novel about war in Palestin, Bosnia or Somalia. You can read hundreds or thousand women got raped or numerous innocent peoples got killed.

              You also could try to read Kuro no Maou. Its story is like what you has described in your comment. I think you will love it.

              Back to this story, this novel main antogonist has already been introduced and it is the Church. You could say that right now the border town is in development arc. Just wait until his siblings started to take action or the Church itself started to take serious action after its messenger doesn’t came back.

              • Kuq Ku

                I disagree, it implies a considerable amount, from Mutilated Corpses of young women hanging for the crime of being a witch, to the mass murder of thousands. Rape and torture of innocent women to the perversions of the church, using people in experiments, Invading and displacing thousands of people for their own agendas, encouraging the systematic annihilation of all Witches. I see nothing light and fluffy in that.

                Garcia and Timothy have been knee deep in action from the get go, as have the Church, what I find difficult to understand, is how all of this doesnt weigh heavily on Roland, this is a considerable amount of responsibility to endure, he has set himself up to be a messiah of sorts to Witches, the expectations are high, how can you not feel pressure?

                I would struggle to keep my head above water, let alone create all the things he has. Every time he sends his men or witches out to fight could be their last, every decision he makes impacts on the lives of those he rules over, what if this doesnt work what if that fails, I would be considering all the ramifications of my decisions, it would leave its mark on me at every stage in development.

                At the beginning there was struggle, the months of demons the lack of trained personnel, he had to whip all that together on the fly with a reputation of a slime to do it with, he had made it his goal to change the future for witches under his rule, and managed to change indoctrinated belief of witches to something that is supported by all in BT, thats some serious conversion skills, Missionaries had to endure quite a bit of hardship when converting the natives of various countries to Christianity, Roland managed to do it in a few days? These people went from Pitchforks and shouting Hang her! to Thank you Miss Anna/Nana.

                I have Kuro no Maou on my reading list but havent gotten around to reading it yet. Ill suggest reading Ascendance of the Bookworm and Running from the Hero. Neither has excessive violence, but both depicts struggle and failure which leads to growth and success. Both stories does it in a way that is compelling and funny.

            • Kevin

              I have to agree with you. For me, Roland is the least interesting character in this novel. He’s a bit of a Jesus character with very few flaws. I’d like to see Roland make more mistakes like a normal human. It would make him more likeable, I think.

              • Kuq Ku

                I wouldnt say hes the least interesting, I mean Carter is like a dead fish, even his romantic side is a dead fish, Anna comes a close 2nd hehe, but shes showing some signs of being a bit more interesting.

                I believe in the Author to come through for Rolands Character, he can be more than he is now. I dont want him to become a Mary sue, because hes awfully close to becoming one if he isnt already.

        • Paween Hinmuangkao

          I feel exactly the same way. Though, Roland is pretty much a cheat anyway. That guy designed steam engine, lathe machine, flintlock rifle, revolver, cannon, ship, hot air balloon, steam boat, and some more I sure I forgot.

          All those, without CAD, or reference book, or a proper measuring equipment.

          He even wrote an elementary chemistry book, standardize education program, and personally create a new traing program.

          Everything within what? A year? Even less than a year.

          The story has been easy on him from the start.

          • BurstThrough

            Dude was born Asian so it was kinda demanded of him to be uber competent in his upbringing. As well as the more holistic the education, it is also due to a need for only a few to pass the tests and advance onto higher levels and better job opportunities and only a select few that throughly oblige with what society’s demands pass.
            And as a mechanical engineer (that died from overwork even) he is one of those few.

            • Paween Hinmuangkao

              I am an asian engineer. I still call BS.

              No CAD, no standardize measuring tool, no reference book, poor material, lack of pretty much everything.

              I’m pretty sure no one there even know what a technical drawing is.

              I am a quality assurance engineer in an automobile industry. I know how hard it is to develop something and make it works.

              • Aha Disco Elf

                As soon as Anna has her black flame, he pushed for standardized measuring tool though, so there’s that. I think the first thing he asked Anna to make was a ruler, marking a steel bar (with her black flame) at a constant…distance? He probably made some beaker and other shit afterwards.

                He pretty much has Anna as his 3D printer all the time lol, good thing Anna is also a cheat genius able to understand his technical drawing. All she need is imagine the stuff and cut a piece of iron where necessary. That’s why his gun output is at most 12 pieces per day, because all of the production is based on Anna’s capability.

                He still lacks a lot of proper tool (and manpower) for proper industrialization, yeah. Which is why he need more plebs in his town.

                • Paween Hinmuangkao

                  There are more than just being able the meld metal by you hand though. A lot more than that.

                  He made all those in a year. Without computer assistance.

                  So no simulation. Everything must be done in trial and error. Any calculation must be done by hand.

                  He designed them all by hand, trial and error by hand, corrected them all by hand.

                  And without anyway to research anything.

                  While managing the town.

                  Just steam engine drawing alone should take months. And the prototype, the trials and design reviews. Geting a workable engine in one quarter is mad.

                  The even if we use the prototype (which should be riddled with problems) and skip the fabrication process, you still need installation and commission. He has to do the whole mine network by himself.

                  No one know how to do any of those except him.

                  Just the mine steam engine in a year is mad enough. He even got to do boats.

                  It’s madness.

            • Kuq Ku

              If anything being in such a restrictive competitive environment that killed you would be one Id shun with all my might to repeat in my next one.

              • BurstThrough

                I just meant he digested well that competitive environment in a way that kinda makes him a workaholic and makes him think as important to know many areas outside of your expertise (maybe he doesn’t exactly know why, or just thinks it’s good cause makes church less credible, maybe feels some people could use the chance or simply he wants the modern society he misses).

                And with him as the leader the society will not kill anyone from overwork.

    • Kuq Ku

      I was terribly worried that the plague was a magic nullifying superbug enhanced with godstone and witch blood, can you imagine if microscopic superbugs that contain godstone were to invade a witches body? I dont want that kind of drama, seeing a red wedding situation was a terrible “What if”, I dont know how godstone is collected, what if its like a crystal those things can grow.

      And speaking of crystals, when you gonna build a radio communication device Roland! inform the masses already!!!!

    • Grey Human

      The problem is.. this is bi-daily webnovel. The Author(Er mu) have to release 2 chapter daily, so, there is only little time for editing and do-over. I’m pretty sure s/he also tought that some scenes and arc should be more dramatic and longer, but alas…. s/he had to pumps these chapter everyday to avoid deadline. Let us hope when s/he decide to publish the printed version(book), with enough time and proper editor, s/he could revamp the story and fill all those plotholes and easy-ride arc with some more exciting story.

      • Kuq Ku

        I hope for this as well, may the author feel motivated to do so 😀 I know it can be difficult to revise old stories, you look back on it and realize a few things that might turn you off changing anything haha, the effort to fix what was wrong would start a chain reaction, and a domino effect unfolds, bit like changing your past when going back in time, the ripples can have unforeseen changes that derail the original intent. Often times its simply easier to build again from scratch.

    • MangoGuy

      Nah..I like how nonchalant everything is~

  • BurstThrough

    Lol. Congratz Roland you now also shared with this world the amazing… Placebo!XD

  • Looking forward to this one. 😄

  • Puru.The.Great

    Church is rather smart. They used the plague to deplete the the Kingdom’s strength on various levels.

  • Milanin

    Eh? What is this pill? I haven’t heard anything about a pill?

    • Yukino o

      You know, when a pedo… I mean adult want to coax young children, they will give a candy. Joke aside, it probably just an excuse cause having them sit there and the diseases suddenly got cure would be weird. Not everyone is ok with the witch yet, so they can’t talk about witch magic.

    • Nnelg

      It’s a sugar pill. To explain why they suddenly feel a lot better.

      • Dritch

        Thats probably true… But could they eventually make a pill with Lili’s replicated organisims?

        • Alaneus

          No, the pill was a placebo. They cannot tell refugees that a witch healed them. So, a sugar pill (having no medicinal property) was given, which would make them believe that they got better due to the pill.

        • Yarbles

          They did say the organism can exist far from her, so Yes, I would say that’s a good guess.

  • MangoGuy

    Wow…A new witch? Was she there in the refugees? I hope so..cuz just thinking about the church possibly trying to spread the disease only to identify witches is horrifying!!

    • Junior Jaw

      Did you finished 217?
      I can’t seem to read it atm…

      • MangoGuy

        I just did..try to refresh. I was reading 216 and the link took me normally to 217 That was a surprise XD

      • Phoenix

        Site is having some problems. Just keep refreshing and the site will respond…eventually

      • Ragef33

        Translator made a mistake. He linked Chapter 218, and he should have linked 217. Just click on the Previous Chapter link to go back.

    • Bobby Wibowo

      Lucia and Bell were mentioned before this chapter, remember?

      • MangoGuy

        yup…but I doubt it is them..if they were witches then I think their general continence would have been different~

        • Bobby Wibowo

          Well, the fact that she was aware that the Witch Union was there and she seemed like was placing her hope on them was a pretty big foreshadow that she was a witch already.

          • MangoGuy

            well sure the foreshadowing was there..but Idk..she must be a spy level character to hide so well~

        • watchin

          It is them

  • Name

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