Release that Witch

Release that Witch (放开那个女巫)

Author: 二目 – Er Mu

Translator: Roxerer

Editors:  Disco Pangolin and KitKat

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Chen Yan traveled through time, only to end in Europe of the medieval period, becoming Roland — a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world. Witches are real and they really can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings! Will he win, even though the king has already declared him to be a hopeless case, and he has the worst starting situation? Only his experience with modern technology and the help of the witches — who incidentally, are known as devil’s servants and thus hunted by the the Holy Church, can help him succeed.

Now, let his journey begin!

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Chapters 1-50: Stepping Into a New World
Chapter 1: I’m a Royal Prince
Chapter 2: The Witch named Anna (Part 1)
Chapter 3: The Witch named Anna (Part 2)
Chapter 4: Flame
Chapter 5: Reasons
Chapter 6: Training (Part 1)
Chapter 7: Training (Part 2)
Chapter 8: Months of the Demons (Part 1)
Chapter 9: Months of the Demons (Part 2)
Chapter 10: The Stonemason
Chapter 11: Third Princess
Chapter 12: Firing
Chapter 13: City Wall
Chapter 14: Ability
Chapter 15: Flattering oneself
Chapter 16: Future route
Chapter 17: Ambassador (Part 1)
Chapter 18: Ambassador (Part 2)
Chapter 19: Lesson
Chapter 20: Nightingale
Chapter 21: What do you actually desire
Chapter 22: Declaration
Chapter 23: New Source of Power
Chapter 24: Development Plan
Chapter 25: Militia
Chapter 26: The Lessons learned from History
Chapter 27: A friendly banter
Chapter 28: Fierce Scar
Chapter 29: Fury
Chapter 30: Out of the mist
Chapter 31: “Our friend”
Chapter 32: “Knight”
Chapter 33: “Gunpowder”
Chapter 34: “Test Explosion”
Chapter 35: “Home”
Chapter 36: “Negotiation”
Chapter 37: “Family History”
Chapter 38: “The Era of Hot Weapons”
Chapter 39: “The Winter is coming”
Chapter 40: “Letter”
Chapter 41: “The appearing of the first demonic beasts”
Chapter 42: “Accident”
Chapter 43: “Be strong”
Chapter 44: “Hidden Answers”
Chapter 45: “Conspiracy (Part 1)”
Chapter 46: “Conspiracy (Part 2)”
Chapter 47: “Market Circulations”
Chapter 48: “Assembly”
Chapter 49: “Mixed Species”
Chapter 50: “Wall of Flames”


Chapters 51-88: Months of the Demon


Chapters 89-124: War is everywhere
Chapter 89: “Victory Celebration (Part 1)”
Chapter 90: “Victory Celebration (Part 2)”
Chapter 91: “Heart Prison”
Chapter 92: “Army Rearrangement “
Chapter 93: “Army Framework”
Chapter 94: “Destruction doesn’t need a reason”
Chapter 95: “Meeting”
Chapter 96: “Leaves”
Chapter 97: “New Witches, New Abilities (Part 1)”
Chapter 98: “New Witches, New Abilities (Part 2)”
Chapter 99: “Night talk”
Chapter 100: “The Ancient Book and the traces it gives (Part 1)”
Chapter 101: “The Ancient Book and the traces it gives (Part 2)”
Chapter 102: “The Honeysuckle and the Elk Families (Part 1)”
Chapter 103: “The Honeysuckle and the Elk Families (Part 2)”
Chapter 104: “Planning and Entertainment”
Chapter 105: “Army Marching Song”
Chapter 106: “It’s not the same for him”
Chapter 107: “Asking for his intention”
Chapter 108: “Echo (Part 1)”
Chapter 109: “Echo (Part 2)”
Chapter 110: “Battle of Eagle City (Part 1)”
Chapter 111: “Battle of Eagle City (Part 2)”
Chapter 112: “Battle of Eagle City (Part 3)”
Chapter 113: ” Warning”
Chapter 114: “Thunder”
Chapter 115: “Battle for Border Town (Part 1)”
Chapter 116: “Battle for Border Town (Part 2)”
Chapter 117: “Chase (Part 1)”
Chapter 118: “Chase (Part 2)”
Chapter 119: “Ransom(Part 1)”
Chapter 120: “Ransom(Part 2)”
Chapter 121: “Looting”
Chapter 122: “Father and Son”
Chapter 123: “The Invitation of the Church”
Chapter 124: “Return to Boder Town”


Chapters 125-201: The envoy
Chapter 125: “Municipal Development”
Chapter 126: “Wheat Transformation”
Chapter 127: “Wendy”
Chapter 128: “Pill Test”
Chapter 129: “The Academic program starts again”
Chapter 130: “Evolution”
Chapter 131: “The Manifestation of Magic “
Chapter 132: “The Knight of the Elk Family (Part 1)”
Chapter 133: “The Knight of the Elk Family (Part 2)”
Chapter 134: “Morning Light”
Chapter 135: “To start with the basics”
Chapter 136: “The Dilemma”
Chapter 137: “Secret Meeting”
Chapter 138: “The Establishent of the Ministry of Agriculture”
Chapter 139: “The Devil’s Power”
Chapter 140: “Seeds”
Chapter 141: “Kisses”
Chapter 142: “Mine Cart”
Chapter 143: “Migrants”
Chapter 144: “True thoughts”
Chapter 145: “Searching for traces, finding the cause (Part 1)”
Chapter 146: “Searching for traces, finding the cause (Part 2)”
Chapter 147: “Missionary Mission”
Chapter 148: “The merchant from King’s City (Part 1)”
Chapter 149: “The merchant from King’s City (Part 2)”
Chapter 150: “Stone Tower”
Chapter 151: “Negotiations (Part 1)”
Chapter 152: “Negotiations (Part 2)”
Chapter 153: “Alchemy (Part 1)”
Chapter 154: “Alchemy (Part 2)”
Chapter 155: “Visitor”
Chapter 156: “Putting the picture together”
Chapter 157: “Ashes (Part 1)”
Chapter 158: “Ashes (Part 2)”
Chapter 159: “The most powerful persuasion”
Chapter 160: “Confrontation”
Chapter 161: “Alchemy and Chemistry”
Chapter 162: “Firearm Practice”
Chapter 163: “Maggie the Witch”
Chapter 164: “Highly Concentrated Acid”
Chapter 165: “Chase”
Chapter 166: “On the eve of the decisive battle”
Chapter 167: “Victory”
Chapter 168: “Recall”
Chapter 169: “Farewell”
Chapter 170: “The Gift of Revenge (Part 1)”
Chapter 171: “The Gift of Revenge (Part 2)”
Chapter 172: “New Drama”
Chapter 173: “Irene’s wish”
Chapter 174: “Industrial Park”
Chapter 175: “Hot air balloon tour”
Chapter 176: “The answer at the bottom of one’s heart”
Chapter 177: “The Will of the Church”
Chapter 178: “The Mysterous Secret Temple”
Chapter 179: “The Conversion Ceremony”
Chapter 180: “Population Statistics”
Chapter 181: “Soraya’s paintings”
Chapter 182: “Shaft furnaces”
Chapter 183: “The Township Construction Plan”
Chapter 184: “Self”
Chapter 185: “The Star of the Theater (Part 1)”
Chapter 186: “The Star of the Theater (Part 2)”
Chapter 187: “New business organization”
Chapter 188: ““On with the show!””
Chapter 189: “Stars and Flowers”
Chapter 190: “Victory and defeat”
Chapter 191: “The new King’s bared teeth”
Chapter 192: “Under the curtain of the night”
Chapter 193: “Castle Bathroom”
Chapter 194: “Lily”
Chapter 195: “Answer”
Chapter 196: “The Calamity of the Church”
Chapter 197: “Preparing for the Enemy”
Chapter 198: “The sudden opening”
Chapter 199: “Chaos of War”
Chapter 200: “Hunters and Prey”
Chapter 201: “Back to the Stronghold”


Chapters 202-241: King's City

Chapter 202: “The road to development”
Chapter 203: “Home”
Chapter 204: “Tilly Wimbledon”
Chapter 205: “Microscopes”
Chapter 206: ““Insect swarm””
Chapter 207: “Mothers and Replicates”
Chapter 208: ““I’m truly a fool””
Chapter 209: “Convenience Market”
Chapter 210: “Go or stay”
Chapter 211: “Light Industry”
Chapter 212: “Caravan and new information”
Chapter 213: “The paddler blueprint””
Chapter 214: “The travel to King’s City””
Chapter 215: “Skeleton Fingers””
Chapter 216: “Demonic Plague””
Chapter 217: “The cause of the disease”
Chapter 218: “Lucia”
Chapter 219: “Older sister, younger sister”
Chapter 220: “Decomposition and Restoration”
Chapter 221: “Rescue Plan”
Chapter 222: “The long awaited victory!”
Chapter 223: “Premeditation”
Chapter 224: “Launching the Rescue plan”
Chapter 225: “The Avengers”
Chapter 226: “Inner City operation”
Chapter 227: “The Whistleblower”
Chapter 228: “Faceless person”
Chapter 229: “On the eve of the day of return”
Chapter 230: “Assassination (Part 1)”
Chapter 231: “Assassination (Part 2)”
Chapter 232: “Shadow Islands”
Chapter 233: “Ancient Ruins”
Chapter 234: ““Gate””
Chapter 235: “A Letter beyond expectation”
Chapter 236: “Chemical Accident”
Chapter 237: “Invitation”
Chapter 238: “How could I possibly regret this?”
Chapter 239: Midnight Snack
Chapter 240: Award and Honor Ceremony
Chapter 241: Liberation

Chapter 242: New Construction Area
Chapter 243: Establishment of the Intelligence Organization
Chapter 244: Identity Registration
Chapter 245: Means of transportation
Chapter 246: New gunpowder program
Chapter 247: Graduation Ceremony
Chapter 248: Sudden change
Chapter 249: New Clearwater
Chapter 250: End of Midsummer
Chapter 251: Flying again
Chapter 252: New round of purchases
Chapter 253: Hot air balloon trade
Chapter 254: Alliance
Chapter 255: Ways to welcome
Chapter 256: The Prologue to a new life
Chapter 257: Mystery
Chapter 258: The Witches from Sleeping Island (Part 1)
Chapter 259: The Witches from Sleeping Island (Part 2)
Chapter 260: Perfumed soap and wine
Chapter 261: Gifts
Chapter 262: The bridge across the Redwater River
Chapter 263: Ripened Wheat
Chapter 264: Bumper Harvest
Chapter 265: The Last Enemy
Chapter 266: Making up their mind
Chapter 267: The fated ending
Chapter 268: The first plenary session (Part 1)
Chapter 269: The first plenary session (Part 2)
Chapter 270: High Pressure Air Bottle
Chapter 271: Elements
Chapter 272: North Slope Mine
Chapter 273: God’s Stone of Retaliation
Chapter 274: Exam
Chapter 275: Lucia and Nightingale
Chapter 276: New artillery research and development
Chapter 277: Theater Conflict
Chapter 278: Combat Plan
Chapter 279: Battle line up
Chapter 280: Redwater River Ambush (Part 1)
Chapter 281: Redwater River Ambush (Part 2)
Chapter 282: “Stage”
Chapter 283: Hydrogen Balloon delivery
Chapter 284: Companion
Chapter 285: Answer
Chapter 286: “Change”
Chapter 287: Preparations for the soap factory
Chapter 288: Teacher and Disciple
Chapter 289: West of the Western Border
Chapter 290: Investigation Plan
Chapter 291: Advance Notice
Chapter 292: Precision Guided Bombs
Chapter 293: The Night before
Chapter 294: The Devil’s attack arrives
Chapter 295: Wings spreading out
Chapter 296: Demon
Chapter 297: A burning hot heart
Chapter 298: Dream
Chapter 299: Information and Messenger
Chapter 300: Witch House
Chapter 301: Bomb and Wine
Chapter 302: The Bugle Horn of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 303: Preparation for the Air Raid
Chapter 304: An unexpected but pleasant surprise
Chapter 305: Chemical Breakthrough
Chapter 306: Inside the garden
Chapter 307: Death from the sky
Chapter 308: Fear
Chapter 309: The Exploration of Knowledge
Chapter 310: The Purified
Chapter 311: War of Mortals (Part 1)
Chapter 312: War of Mortals (Part 2)
Chapter 313: The Battle of the Soul
Chapter 314: Annihilation
Chapter 315: Celebration Feast
Chapter 316: Re-exploration of the Stone Tower
Chapter 317: “Ice Coffin”
Chapter 318: Unknown
Chapter 319: Autumn Snow
Chapter 320: “Sleeping Spell”
Chapter 321: The Law of Border Town
Chapter 322: Western Territory Security Bureau
Chapter 323: Ministry of Public Security
Chapter 324: Signs of the sea
Chapter 325: Arrow of Light
Chapter 326: Contact
Chapter 327: The reason
Chapter 328: Formal talk
Chapter 329: Clarion
Original and most up to date translations are posted at volarenovels.


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  • The Cover Illustration it’s clearly a lie, MC will not using sword(cold weapon) because he more like using hot weapon like AK47 :v

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    I quite like that new cover though it’s missing one of the core elements : GUNS

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    Praise the mother earth !! It finally have official cover !

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      Well I wouldn’t say that ^^. It does look much better though :).
      But just as the previous cover was artwork stolen from a game, this one is stolen from a card game. The name of the Card is “Ultimate Guru Cecile” from Legend of the cryptids

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        yeah…. I found about that 2 weeks later : ( . I must say i´m confused, why a lot of published web novel have official illustrations, but this one which is completely superior than those web novel doesn’t have one. I´m not hoping for some kind of japan-style pseudo manga illustration, my only wish is for this novel to have at least have proper official cover illustration, like other Chinese published Novel. I mean when i looked up into its original website, the publisher(Qidian) already made the novel premium(except handful of earlier chapter, other chapters were blocked by paywall). Surely hiring artist to draw illustration for each volume is not going to put strain into their finance.

        • Skeith

          Yeah I don’t get that either… Perhaps the author hasn’t found someone that can do artwork that pleases him, or he just doesn’t care much about it.
          If this happened in europe or USA this would be a huge deal and make a lot of bad publicity for the author perhaps even sinking the novel. But in China it probably has no effect at all so he doesn’t bother paying someone for it.
          I really like the novel, so I really wished he would pick up an artist for this, perhaps even hiring it for some artwork in the novel. To show new characters, or a map of the world, that kind of things.

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    P.S The chapter index page has yet to be updated for the new chapters being released.

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    A good realistic story, and a really good translation.
    And this speed (1-2 chapter/day)… truly a big thanks.

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      It is. Personally speaking of course. It has enough charm and is clever enough. Each set of chapters presents more and more interesting aspects of the world and the people in it.

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    About title: “Release that xxx” is a popular slang in chinese network. It’s like a joke between friends.It is widely used in games name, online media, instant message soft and offline chat on young man .
    About poster: Authors need to submit a poster when writing a new book, but most of the authors can not create poster, they use network picture that free to search a similar theme of titles, of course, no copyright.
    I’m English is no good, sorry.

    • Cheng Yan

      Maybe should have translated as ‘Let go of that witch’

      • Gege

        I always thought it more like the Pirates of Caribbean “Release the Kraken” thingies.

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      The prototype of this slang I think is “Release that girl” which is from Stephen Chow’s《Kung Fu Hustle》(2004), in a classic failed ‘hero rescue beauty’ scene.

      • X.Y.Z

        I have forgotten the specific content of the 《Kung Fu Hustle》.
        ‘Let go of that ‘ I think more appropriate

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      I think the title refers to the act of Roland releasing Anna from the gallows.

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        Ever played Dragon’s Crown? if not you can goggle it. The Title is kind of giving a vibe that more magic is involved and had to do with witch-hunt and many action sceen. A better title would be like ” Kingdom of the Witchmaster” or something along the line of ” Hextech; Rising of the modern Prince” for a volume and depending on the flow of story one could cange the subtitle but Hextech would still indicate the mix of witchcraft and technologie.

        …just my two cent

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        The Astrum guy did a good job explaining, but let me say a few things.
        The poster: Plagiarized, lack of effort towards it.
        The title: Lack epicness and does not represent the story as a whole i believe, Astrum examples for a title would be better.
        The poster and title advertise the story for a first reader, so it’s wierd that they suck when the story is so good.

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            Guys, you have to remember that it’s a Chinese novel. It’s not rare for the cover to be from other media. The name probably sounds more in Chinese too.

          • Jason Ly

            Guys, you have to remember that it’s a Chinese novel. It’s not rare for the cover to be from other media. The name probably sounds more in Chinese too.

            • Mclaindog

              Going by what xyz said above it’s internet slang which again doesn’t make for a good novel title.

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    I f I read the rates correctly I just can’t under stand why the prince won’t tell his allies and potentially allies that the church is trying to take over the country even when he some what has proof or why the witch’s won’t tell him their sterile

    • i’m not sure about rates, but the church in this story refer to Catholic in medieval age, they are controling kingdom through diplomatic&religion (like bible interpretation that useful to them or devoted follower)not in overlord-ing ways, if you said became theire overlod then you can see Caliph in Medieval Age, Ummayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Ottoman for renaissance, they hold secular and religion head.

    • Dave Mears

      The people who are his allies, it doesn’t matter what the church is trying to do, since either he and they will die, or the church will no longer be able to harm witches. The people who his father sent aren’t really his people, and he has no proof. They might be concerned, but since he’s allied with witches they may start questioning if he really is possessed by a devil. The commoners would be sorry to see him personally go since he’s improved their situations, but generally they don’t care much about who is ruling so long as they eat.

      You’re assuming that Witches being sterile isn’t common knowledge. I feel like the church being the church would use that they can’t have children as one of the proofs that they’re more or less brides of Satan. Common knowledge the prince knows if he just thinks about it, and he spends time reflecting on his memories so if it is common knowledge, there’d be no need to tell. People don’t make big reveals about common knowledge, even if not everyone actually knows.

  • links to chapter 16 went to chapter 15’s release announcement

  • Thanks a lot, this novel is awesome. it is so much fun to read it. I wanna more and more .But the title is bad.

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  • This is an amazing novel! But the title doesn’t do it justice. If i had found this novel somewhere other than VolareTL, i wouldn’t even have bothered with it.
    It would be nice if you gave it a new title (and of course mention the original title with it).
    Reading the story so far, i can only think of ‘Engineer in Enother World’ XD. Or ‘Tales of Engineer and Witches’
    Maybe I’m not suited to creating titles :p

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