PAH Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Rutaceae Pavilion

Where did all the people go?

Getting to her feet with difficulty, Tang Doudou looked all around. It was extremely quiet, with only the sound of candles burning in lanterns. Within the room, the only things visible were the broken floor tiles. Other than that, not even the shadow of a ghost could be seen.

What the hell, say leave and really just left? Not even giving a little explanation, how horribly rude.

Tang Doudou touched her face. They’ve left, then she should leave too?

Hell, if she doesn’t leave now, how much longer is she planning to wait ah! Tang Doudou instantly became spirited. Running for her life was more important, who cares where they went? It doesn’t have a feather to do with her!

Picking a direction at random, Tang Doudou ran two steps before stopping again. Crap, she’s not familiar with the people, environment, and culture here, which direction should she flee towards? And where to escape to?

Will that group of black-clothed men be coming back? What should she do if she came across them?

After thinking it over, Tang Doudou still decided to first leave this place then make further plans!

With her mind made up, she rushed wildly downstairs. In a few moments, she was already far away from the pavilion and had arrived at a place that resembled an outside courtyard. Walking forward along a small path in the courtyard, Tang Doudou didn’t encounter anyone but she could hear the faint ‘ping ping pang pang’ sound of armed combat. She stealthily squinted her eyes but in front of her eyes there was only a mass of black. Suspiciously retrieving her gaze, she changed to a different direction and continued running.

She didn’t run for long before seeing that there were dim figures swaying in front. Even though the surroundings were brightly lit, her line of sight wasn’t very clear. Tang Doudou could only rely on intuition and continue running forward.

As Huai City’s largest pleasure quarters, once night fell, Rutaceae Pavilion became the liveliest place in the entire Huai City.

There were a lot of crowds coming and going. Looking down from the second floor, you could only see a sea of inky black heads. Shoulders rubbing shoulders, feet following feet, all those jostling about were guests going to Rutaceae Pavilion.

Of these guests, some were from Huai City, but the majority were outsiders that were attracted here by its reputation.

However, the guests that came tonight were a bit different from the past.

The expressions on the faces of those that were coming and going were serious. They were in groups of three and four and all kept some distance from one another. However, they had one common characteristic: when they walked strong wind would be generated. With one look you could tell they were not ordinary citizens.

This scene cause passersby to repeatedly cast sidelong glances. Could it be that something big was going to happen at Rutaceae Pavilion today?

Looking again at the Rutaceae Pavilion entrance, two servants were currently busy checking the guests’ invitation cards. This appearance widely differed from the usual promiscuous aura filled with scantily clad prostitutes. On the contrary, it seemed like a prince or chancellor’s residence that was in the middle of entertaining guests. Actually, it even seemed quite a bit more strict than that.

“Hey hey you! Stop!”

A drunk man had just staggered out of the crowd to the entrance and was blocked by the servant collecting the invitation cards.

“Do you have an invitation card?”

“Ha, have… card!” It’s unknown how much alcohol the drunk man had, but as he stood there, he kept sway-ing-and-sway-ing, and with his disheveled hair his appearance could not be seen clearly. The man felt about in his chest for a long time before pulling out a golden square card and handing it to that servant.

The servant saw him take out an invitation card and the expression on his face slightly turned better. Lowering his head to open the card, his expression immediately changed as he exclaimed in surprise.

“Sangfroid Prince Xi Qiuyue!”

Hearing these five words, everyone around looked over. Everyone’s expressions were different; a small number of gazes carried hatred and shot over with ‘swishes’ like knives, but the expressions that the majority exposed were filled with expectation for an entertaining play.

This was a martial arts convention that they opened, what were the people from the Imperial Court coming here for?

And he even had an invitation, what does this mean?

Just these two factors were enough for the people present to speculate for a long while, and they began to look forward to this unusual martial arts convention even more.

“That’s right ah, tha, that’s ben wang*. What, hic… there a problem?” The person involved, Xi Qiuyue, didn’t feel self-conscious at all. Seeing that the servant was still in a daze, he impatiently pushed aside the servant and swayingly staggered towards Rutaceae Pavilion. “, where’s the restroom!”

本王 – “ben wang”a form of ‘I’, usually used by men that are of a royal/imperial family.

And noisily shouting like that he got into the back courtyard of Rutaceae Pavilion.

The servant was just about to put down the invitation card when he suddenly recalled something and shouted in alarm, “Oh no!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Candles ah
LM: Ummm… do candles burning make a sound? Or is this being way too sensitive? Since this is only a fiction
O: Candles do make a sound, and in film, foley artists work really had to capture that hiss and crackle.




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