PAH Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Life Hanging By a Thread

The blade, in passing, cut into the back of the chair behind her and the top quality redwood split in response. A huge force jolted the chair, breaking it into pieces. Wood chips fell with ‘plop plop plop’s.

Tang Doudou, who was sitting on the chair, was stupefied and fell with those wood chips to the floor. In her little heart, thousands of grass mud horses* wildly trampled through. What the serious f***!? Where did this play get produced!?

“grass mud horses” is pronounced “cao3 ni2 ma3”, used as a substitute for “cao4 ni3 ma1” which means f** your mom.

She lifted her eyes to meet head-on with those of that black-clothed man, whose eyes were full of cold intent. There was not the slightest doubt that if she continued to be a sitting duck, she would definitely be split into two by that sharp knife.

But she has already been scared silly, ok!? The two legs simply did not listen to orders and she could only foolishly sit on the floor and gaze at that black-clothed man, a pair large eyes staring at small eyes.

They’ve agreed it’s an act, how did it change into real swords and spears!?

Isn’t this too deceptive!?

Seeing Tang Doudou fall to the ground, the black-clothed man closed in step by step. Lifting up the blade in his hands, he was able to chop down again.

Watching the falling blade, Tang Doudou’s back was covered with cold sweat.

WTF! Could it be that she, Tang Doudou, with her lifetime of illustrious name, must die a violent death?

The door of the room was wide open. From the perfectly diagonally aligned attic, everything in this room could be seen clearly.

A man languidly laid on a soft couch, his exquisite slender fingers were covered by long silver white sleeves. In the candle light, there was a trace of stunning beauty and splendor. He was unhurriedly twirling a jade tablet in his hand, intentionally or otherwise fiddling with it.

Found a fitting picture for once!

Jade Tablet

The man lay reclined. His appearance could not be clearly seen, but with just this trace of a silhouette was enough to tell of his magnificent style.

His gaze, from start to finish, never moved away from Tang Doudou’s body. Seeing that blade swing down, his fingers bent slightly but then loosened again.

It has finally come, after all this waiting.

How could Tang Doudou possibly know that besides this group of black-clothed men, there was actually another person paying attention to each and every move that went on here? At this time, the blade was right before her eyes. She was scared to death, yet her legs failed to live up to expectations and refused to move even the slightest bit.

Her forehead was about to ooze sweat as her eyes fixated rigidly on that sword. When the blade was only a few centimeters away she loudly shouted: “Stop!”

With this sudden utterance, the black-clothed man’s hand paused. Confusion flashed through his eyes, but soon after, it was replaced by fierceness and the blade slashed down once again.

“I’m not Li Xueyi!”

Tang Doudou looked at that dazzling blade and was almost about to cry. Bastard* she’s Tang Doudou ah! What Li Xueyi? She doesn’t even have a feather of a connection with, alright!?

This novel is like a crash course on slang and cuss words, lol. 丫的 (ya de) is a shortened version of 丫头养的  = raised by a servant which = bastard child/illegitimate child. It’s not really cussing at him though, it’s like remarking ‘shit’.

“You’re not Li Xueyi?”

Tang Doudou hastily nodded as if she were a chick pecking at rice. With matchless sincerity, she looked at the black-clothed man. “That’s right, you guys got the wrong person. I’m not some Li Xueyi, I’m called Tang Doudou. Tang of the Tang Dynasty, Dou from beans!”

“Tang Doudou?” The black-clothed man repeated, then the topic changed. “As if I care whether you’re a sweet bean or sour bean, all those that show up here must die!”

Sweet(tang) is a homophone of the tang in TDD’s name.

What the hell, how can you be so unreasonable! Tang Doudou angrily glared at the black-clothed man. “Treating human life as grass to ravage at will, is there even still a law of the land!?”

The black-clothed man was speechless for a spell. He never thought the words ‘law of the land’ would actually emerge from Li Xueyi’s mouth, the world seriously is large to the point that nothing is too bizarre!

Why isn’t he talking anymore? Heh! He must have been intimidated! He’s probably incapable of refuting?

Tang Doudou extended a finger to stroke her smooth chin. Her face was filled with a self-pleased expression and she secretly giggled inside her heart.

Seeing this, the black-clothed man’s eyes slightly lowered and closed in once more. Tang Doudou who was rejoicing covertly completely did not have her guard up and he was able to clutch her neck. “Li Xueyi, you know too much!”

Cough cough cough! As he gradually closing his five fingers, Tang Doudou felt uncomfortable to death.

Know a damned egg! What does she know! She doesn’t know a single thing, ok!

The black-clothed man’s fingers were like steel pincers. Tang Doudou pried at them like her life depended on it but couldn’t get them apart. She felt the amount of air going into her lungs become less and less and her head felt uncomfortable as if it was about to explode.

She chaotically waved her hands. During the struggle, she pulled off the mask of the black-clothed man.


Credits: Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn, Proofread by Ocelot

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