Problem with ads?

Please let me know! The site’s email’s plastered everywhere, but here it is again: [email protected]

Please include in your email where you saw the ad (header, upper right sidebar, lower right sidebar, etc), what it was about, and the URL of the ad. 🙂

Our current ad sponsors are Google and Amazon, so I think we can all mostly agree that they’re very legitimate sponsors. I do a careful balancing act of pulling in more ad revenue and still maintaining a good reading experience for you guys. Unfortunately, server bills need to get paid, cool features like a soon to come dark mode need to be bought, and it’s nice that translators get a beer every month or so for their translating efforts so they’re not free slave labor. 🙂 From past history, I’ve quickly banned ad networks that proved to be intrusive, so I am approaching this from reader perspective!

Whatever you do, I ask that you don’t take it out on bad reviews/bad mouthing other novels on volaretranslations. It’s nonsensical to do so since I’m the site owner and they have no control over the ads, not to mention that doing so is really demotivating and honestly, rather misguided rudeness to the translator of that novel. It also doesn’t fix the problem, since I may not even see it/be aware that anything’s wrong.

Which brings me to ads 101 — a hugely simplified explanation. Ads work via cookies in terms of knowing what content to target you with. Once a bad cookie sinks its teeth into you, it follows you around until you clear your cache. So therefore, the bad ads you see on say, any particular translating site? They may not have originated from that site. This is why I ask for information about the ad when you drop me an email so the ad companies (reminder: I use very legit ones) can figure out if the bad ad came from them.

Let’s all work together now, and if it’s really that infuriating, you can leave a bad review on one of my novels. Please don’t take it out on anyone else on the site.

  • Ama

    I don’t mind ads, but the first time I allowed ads on this site and tapped on the page (not on a link) the page was instantly redirected to a page called “” and they tried to make it look like it came from Google, but it obviously wasn’t. It also came with the whole vibrating and message stating that I have viruses and I should click this link to download their antivirus. It also came with a timer to try and rush me into doing >_>. This is the only site that warning (or any like it) has popped up on this phone. I have since in whitelisted the site (sorry, can’t stand those types of ads).

    • Ama

      Meant to say “unwhitelisted.” Auto correct :/. Still love the site and translations. I’ll probably rewhitelist the site soon since I feel bad about getting stuff for free anyway.

    • etvolare

      Hey, sorry about that! Thanks for the link, I’ll pass that back to Google and Amazon and ask them to block that site. 🙂

    • Ama

      If anyone bothered to read the above, I’ve already rewhitelist the site since, and I have not gotten any suspicious or obnoxious ads since.

      • etvolare

        Aw, thanks for coming back to add on to your comment!

  • i dont find any trouble ads yet in this site. actually, i really dislike ads pop up. but as long as that ads not make the reader get some trouble. everything good to turn off ads block. so, keep the good work 🙂

  • I get hardly any ads at all and love the translations keep up the good work

  • The ads here on VL translations aren’t bad. I get some ads, but very few redirects that take me to unwanted sites. For the most part, your add are legitimate and cause no problems. Make yo money, Etvolare.