Poison Genius Consort


Easily cowed and bullied, she was the useless, ugly woman with no talent in medical skills. Supported by millions, he was Tianning’s most respected duke with the power to move all under Heaven. On their wedding day the bridal sedan was carried to the front doors, but the Duke of Qin’s gates were shut tight.

They told her, ‘Come back tomorrow.’

All alone, she walked step-by-step full of pride through the duke’s doors. Little could they imagine, this unattractive good-for-nothing was a beautiful, genius doctor of poisons!

After transmigrating to the past, poisons expert Han Yunxi finds herself on the verge of being married off to the country’s second most powerful man, the Duke of Qin. Her future life seems set–except her husband is an unfeeling ice block, her in-laws think she’s a eyesore, the empress dowager wants to use her for her own goals, and poison-related plots abound.

Alone, the intelligent (and sensible) Yunxi must carve her own space from the intricate web of court intrigue and the jianghu, relying on her words, wits, and wisdom to survive. Adapt when necessary, use force when required; to survive and thrive is the name of the game to a prosperous life.

No matter what, she’ll prove her right to live!


《天才小毒妃》 (Tiancai Xiao Dufei) Poison Genius Consort is a completed 1370 chapter Xiang5 web novel written by 芥沫 (Jie Mo) from February 2015 to January of 2017. It has since been adapted to a drama series called Legend of Yun Xi (芸汐传), slated to start filming in June 2017.

English translations by Ruyi, with editing by Khuja. 

Chinese Raws | Glossary of Terms | Bonus Content

*Please note that story arc names were created by the translator for ease of organization + reading, and do not exist in the original raws. 🙂

Chapters 1-75: Poison Trials of a New Wangfei
Chapter 1: Surprise, she’s getting married
Chapter 2: Shameful, come back tomorrow
Chapter 3: Not leaving, this sister’s no pushover
Chapter 4: Then let her keep waiting
Chapter 5: A familiar warning
Chapter 6: The auspicious hour’s arrived
Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country?
Chapter 8: Into the nuptial chambers
Chapter 9: Mysterious man
Chapter 10: Take off your clothes
Chapter 11: Where do you want his lordship to go?
Chapter 12: A clever bribe
Chapter 13: A drop of red on the white handkerchief
Chapter 14: No confidence at heart
Chapter 15: Rather interesting, rather righteous
Chapter 16: Sending you off like a rushing river
Chapter 17: The close and intimate empress dowager
Chapter 18: Most respected man
Chapter 19: Formula for the antidote
Chapter 20: Urgent rescue
Chapter 21: The useless trash speaks for herself
Chapter 22: Counterattack, using needles on the acupoints
Chapter 23: Suspicions without evidence
Chapter 24: It takes backbone to ask for money
Chapter 25: Unexpectedly, the patient condition’s changed
Chapter 26: Humiliation, an aggressive lesson
Chapter 27: Unyielding before illegal punishment (1)
Chapter 28: Unyielding before illegal punishment (2)
Chapter 29: Relying on your warmth
Chapter 30: Giving you a chance to escape
Chapter 31: In for a penny, in for a pound
Chapter 32: Rescue effort, racing against time
Chapter 33: Savior, just wait obediently
Chapter 34: Anxious, awaiting the results
Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tiger’s might
Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look
Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness
Chapter 38: Grand Concubine Yi returns
Chapter 39: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s big quarrel
Chapter 40: Vicious, she wants to kill
Chapter 41: Urgent business, her countermeasure
Chapter 42: Incomparably anxious, a life for a life
Chapter 43: Demanding medicine for treatment
Chapter 44: Vent your anger to your heart’s content
Chapter 45: Warmth of an angel’s wings
Chapter 46: Your lordship forbids you from being scared
Chapter 47: But I’m still really scared
Chapter 48: Because she wanted to wed you
Chapter 49: The white lotus suffers a defeat
Chapter 50: Emperor’s decree, a frightful thing
Chapter 51: Courage, going all out
Chapter 52: Strange illness, a pregnant man
Chapter 53: With certainty, he’s wrong
Chapter 54: Hope, a method for treatment
Chapter 55: The truth must be concealed
Chapter 56: Forceful, go with your lordship
Chapter 57: Snake fight, formidable strength
Chapter 58: A fall and his choice
Chapter 59: Rival-in-love, the white-robed female
Chapter 60: Unforeseen, senior brother and junior sister
Chapter 61: Competition between women
Chapter 62: A threat, Pill Fiend remembers a grudge
Chapter 63: The useless trash defies the natural order
Chapter 64: I won’t stop you from admitting defeat
Chapter 65: Obtained, meeting again in the future
Chapter 66: Anxious, the critical moment
Chapter 67: Disturbance, who’s the most certain one?
Chapter 68: Definite diagnosis, three generations’ death penalty
Chapter 69: Close questioning, is this it?
Chapter 70: Startled, to go so far as bribery
Chapter 71: Acrid encounter with a poisoned tongue
Chapter 72: Prosperity, buying popular support
Chapter 73: Saving a life, father and daughter negotiate
Chapter 74: The truth exceeds expectations (1)
Chapter 75: The truth exceeds expectations (2)


Chapters 76-140: A Hidden Threat, A Troublesome Clan
Chapter 76: A peerless young lord
Chapter 77: Guilty conscience, why is wangfei hiding?
Chapter 78: Bet with huge stakes
Chapter 79: The clues must be accurate
Chapter 80: Han Family’s presumptuous young master
Chapter 81: Storehouse key, grab it if you have the guts
Chapter 82: Stay strong, well done!
Chapter 83: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (1)
Chapter 84: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (2)
Chapter 85: The low-profile Madame Li
Chapter 86: Status of the storehouse
Chapter 87: Your lordship will take care of the snake poison
Chapter 88: Drinking tea, each with her own thoughts
Chapter 89: Madame Li’s many secrets
Chapter 90: Tea leaves, results of the investigation
Chapter 91: A chance encounter, a glib tongue
Chapter 92: Oath, I’ll protect you when I grow up
Chapter 93: Demanding with ample reason
Chapter 94: Forced to answer, Madame Li speaks up
Chapter 95: Unforeseen, surprise appearance of snake venom
Chapter 96: A promise, ten days later
Chapter 97: There’s matters to attend to, there really are
Chapter 98: Living in fortune without knowing fortune
Chapter 99: Hold it, let’s make a deal
Chapter 100: Domineering, one of his people
Chapter 101: Unmasking the secret, expert behind the scenes
Chapter 102: Interrogation, fiendish tactics
Chapter 103: Unexpectedly, she’s the one in most danger
Chapter 104: Night visit, life hanging by a thread
Chapter 105: Tea shop, another clue appears
Chapter 106: Close questioning, locking onto the target
Chapter 107: An extremely comfortable technique
Chapter 108: Most likely suspect
Chapter 109: Shared hopes
Chapter 110: The assassin exceeds all expectations
Chapter 111: Poison Human, a fierce foe
Chapter 112: Terrified, to confess or not confess
Chapter 113: Fortune amidst misfortune
Chapter 114: Vigil, waiting for what?
Chapter 115: His name is Gu Qishao
Chapter 116: Lair, late by one step
Chapter 117: You didn’t disappoint your lordship
Chapter 118: Unforeseen, the master appears
Chapter 119: Your daddy doesn’t like the looks of you
Chapter 120: Danger, a thousand pounds hangs by a thread
Chapter 121: Disappointment, so that’s how it is
Chapter 122: Piqued, the wangfei pardons
Chapter 123: Feeding medicine, on the edge of losing control
Chapter 124: Going back, an unfortunate turn of events
Chapter 125: Havoc at the Duke of Qin’s estate
Chapter 126: Argument, who wins the counter?
Chapter 127: Confrontation, everyone gathers
Chapter 128: Intense, the true situation
Chapter 129: A choice at the critical moment
Chapter 130: No mercy for a bad end
Chapter 131: Behind the scenes, just one step short
Chapter 132: Lofty words, rectifying her name
Chapter 133: Unreconciled, publicizing the bet
Chapter 134: Conviction, putting one’s all into the fight
Chapter 135: Anxiety, is there poison?
Chapter 136: Look quickly, something’s happened
Chapter 137: His Highness Duke of Qin personally appears
Chapter 138: Attacked
Chapter 139: Asking for help, I’ll play you a round
Chapter 140: Heart moved, accepting you


Chapters 141-190: Pressures from the Imperial House
Chapter 141: Han Yunxi gets taken advantaged of
Chapter 142: Stifled, not to one’s liking
Chapter 143: A chance encounter, brushing past
Chapter 144: The chronically-ill Imperial Physician
Chapter 145: Opportune, formidable
Chapter 146: On this matter, the emperor reaches a compromise
Chapter 147: Keeping silent, no one asks
Chapter 148: Marriage talks are so suffocating
Chapter 149: Secret, carefree spirits
Chapter 150: This wangfei is just that outrageous
Chapter 151: Drinking contest, no end of trouble
Chapter 152: The rules are set, the stakes are huge
Chapter 153: Time’s up, the winners and losers decided
Chapter 154: Dirty tactics
Chapter 155: Wrath, meeting a plot with a plot
Chapter 156: The flavor of suffering in silence
Chapter 157: The rice is cooked
Chapter 158: Keeping silent, she’s self-aware
Chapter 159: A show of strength, you asked for it
Chapter 160: Entanglements, his stance
Chapter 161: No chance to make concessions
Chapter 162: New Year’s Eve, shielding shortcomings at the family banquet
Chapter 163: Frightened, this is a corpse
Chapter 164: Poisoned, it has to be you
Chapter 165: Cruel torture, hanging by a hair
Chapter 166: The Duke of Qin’s heavy price
Chapter 167: Acting out, the domineering Duke of Qin
Chapter 168: What’s happened to you, Empress?
Chapter 169: Because your lordship does as he pleases
Chapter 170: Misfortune, what a beastly bully
Chapter 171: Refusing the decree, all because of you
Chapter 172: Pestilence, popular anxiety
Chapter 173: A threat he’ll understand
Chapter 174: Eager, I’m here to save you
Chapter 175: Mufei, I’ve returned
Chapter 176: Peeping, a guilty conscience
Chapter 177: Very convenient, very fishy
Chapter 178: Medicine City, splitting up
Chapter 179: Restricted area, terrifying poison
Chapter 180: Bewildered, he’s not poisoned
Chapter 181: Identity, so it was him
Chapter 182: Oddity, safely in storage
Chapter 183: Mockery finally fails
Chapter 184: Misfortune, the Han family’s difficulties
Chapter 185: Doubts, but so what?
Chapter 186: Argument, overreaching oneself
Chapter 187: Wrath, investigate to the end
Chapter 188: Who did it better?
Chapter 189: Hatred, it’s all because of you
Chapter 190: Surprisingly, he’s returned


Chapters 191-221: He Judges, She Acts, But the Jury's Out Between Them

Chapter 191: Poisoning, he’s a bit impatient
Chapter 192: Just what does he want to do?
Chapter 193: Trial, he’s very pleased
Chapter 194: Leave it with her
Chapter 195: Do you have connections with the Tang Clan?
Chapter 196: Fury, he takes offence
Chapter 197: No rush, who’s begging whom?
Chapter 198: Unexpectedly, he’s here to help
Chapter 199: Older ginger is spicier
Chapter 200: Interrogation, implicating the Tang Clan
Chapter 201: Peeking at her secret
Chapter 202: It actually upgrades
Chapter 203: In the end, she still didn’t birth her
Chapter 204: Hand strength, judged as a waste
Chapter 205: Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, exclusivity
Chapter 206: Murderous intentions, nobody knows
Chapter 207: Stunned, a secret as large as the Heavens
Chapter 208: Consequences too ghastly to contemplate
Chapter 209: So foolish, so naive
Chapter 210: Weighty information
Chapter 211: Conditions, coming to terms is necessary
Chapter 212: Status, name matching reality
Chapter 213: Move back for your lordship
Chapter 214: Cultivating plants, powerful function
Chapter 215: Answer, go to hell
Chapter 216: Take a trip with your lordship
Chapter 217: Wangfei didn’t lose face
Chapter 218: Angering you to stomp your feet
Chapter 219: You ignorant woman
Chapter 220: Wangfei’s life is priceless
Chapter 221: Your lordship’s matters have nothing to do with you

Chapter 222-285: Complications at Medical City

Chapter 286-347: When the Ice Melts, Spring Will Come

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  • Care

    This maybe a spoilerish question if answered– but does the duke thaw at all?? And does it happen real soon. I understand that she has to go through her own trials and tribulations but it just rubs me raw when the love interest (if it’s the duke) is over the top ice cold and super unfeeling. It makes him look super dumb. That if he’s this top dog of all dogs that he should naturally realize that he’s got a gem here. Hello. Sorry if you’ve all talked about this previously. I very much enjoy this story and it’s nice hat she has other men that treat her well. But when the main dude can’t even see her worth or even ask her if she’s alright?!?! I get that it’s beneath him because of his title or whatever’s, again makes him look sillier then the rest who have seen her once or twice and see what he doesn’t. It takes away from his godliness– but other then that the writing and translation are beautifully done.

    Yes I realize many stories have the unfeeling blockhead of a man. But to be uber high up and the best of the best should mean he sees/knows what’s true– that she ROCKS!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this story.

    • Ruyi

      Enjoy his iceblock-ness when you can. He spoils her silly in the future. ^-^ (Sorry, didn’t see this comment for ages!!)

  • 2amsilence

    I reaaally enjoy this novel, thank you for the translation Ruyi and Khuja!!

  • darekiddevil

    Is it just me or the description is almost exactly the same as “poisoning the word”?

    • Ruyi

      If you’re talking about transmigration and use of poisons, sure. It’s a popular trope for CN writers. There’s tooooons of novels with the same concept, but PGC and PTW have very different plotlines and worlds behind them, and their protagonists differ in personality as well. Don’t take my word for it though–go ahead and read it yourself. I enjoy both. ^-^

  • Kreld

    So the protagonist is a girl? pretty rare o: not that I’m trying to be sexist or anything lol

    • Ruyi

      Yep, there’s plenty of female protagonist novels if you find the right genre. 😉

      • WebNovelfan

        Can you recommend some others that are translated/being translated
        With female protagonists

        • DKC (The Demonic King Chases His Wife) Moonbunnycafe (800+ chapters)

          DOP (Descent Of the Phoenix) Shiroyuki Translations (200+ chapters)

          GDBBM (Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss) Misty Cloud Translations (450+ chapters)

          PTW (Poisoning the World) Voltare Translations (160+ chapters)

          SE (Stunning Edge) Kakkokari Translations (100+ chapters) <— Have not read but has I decent number of chapters translated.

          These are ones I'm currently reading at least.
          I've basically looked through every female protagonist novel with a decent number of chapters out there.

          • WebNovelfan

            Thank you very much

          • Collins Sky

            Enchantress’s Amongst Alchemist radiant translation

        • Sindrea Light

          Demon Wang’s Favorite Golden Fei, To Be A Virtuous Wife, Chu Wang Fei, uhh… and I think the others that I read were already name

          Edit: Almost forgot, there’s also My Disciple Died Yet Again. Really good! I recommend that and Golden Fei the most.

          • WebNovelfan

            Thank you

  • Aquaren

    @ Ruyi
    Nice to meet you too. I’m glad that you’are translating the novel and I can translate it into Polish.

    • Ruyi

      Here’s to wishing you the best in the long, looong journey ahead! ^-^