Paradise of Demonic Gods – Announcement

19 Sep… Exactly one year ago, I first posted (while being all jittery) my first ever chapter of PDG on Gravity. March this year, I then made the decision to move PDG to Volare.

To be honest, I’d never have thought that PDG will become as important to me as much as it has become now. All the satisfaction from seeing our collaborative hard work shared with everyone, to be enjoyed by many others.

However, I’ve made a decision to move PDG to Qi from now. This changes a lot of things, I’m sure. Many of you will be looking at me with gazes of disapproval, but it’s something I’ve given it much thought over some time. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

I won’t deny that one great push factor was because of my current financial situation. I won’t bore you with the details but after much consideration, I’ve decided that this path is the optimal choice for me at my current phase in life.

I want to thank Etvo and Volare (as well as all the staff) for the supported rendered to my team and myself during our stay with Volare.

I also want to thank all the readers for PDG for all the support you’ve given us for the past one year. We hope to continue to receive your support, but if your decision is to not do so, we thank you for having joined us on our journey and for the support thus far. Thank you.

The team will continue to work hard in the translating of PDG from now on. We’ll be working on uploading the chapters onto QI asap, so please do be patient with us.

P.S.: We’ve set up a simple PDG server for those who wish to continue to have a friendly chat with us and with other PDG readers.