HPROP Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Visiting the Abbots

Charles beckoned with his finger for Shar to come to the window. Giving her a piece of meat as a reward, Charles tied the message to Shar’s leg. With a little ruffling of her feathers, Shar took off and disappeared into the night.

“Meow!” Myrkul the cat spoke up.

Fine you glutton. Charles took out another piece of meat for Myrkul to eat. After chowing down, the content cat rubbed its head against Charles’ trouser leg and fell asleep.

“Fuck, how did I raise such a chowhound?” Charles shook his head.

Ever since Charles brought Shar and Myrkul home, David and Anna had been overjoyed. Shar had been fine, in general she would act aloof. But every so often, she would allow herself to be petted with a happy coo. Myrkul was an intelligent chowhound. It would act very proud and would allow itself to be played with. But when it came to food time, the cat’s moral integrity was thrown out the window. At the sight of food, it would rub its head against anyone with an act of cuteness that would warm anyone’s heart. However, David and Anna had eaten up the act and loved it dearly. Sometimes, even Charles felt himself getting a little jealous.

Drinking an energy drink, Charles began to flip through Hogwarts, a History. For the entire night, Charles continued to read.

A day later, Charles had received Julie’s return letter and set off for the Abbotts.

Before he left for the Abbotts, Charles felt a little apprehensive since this would be the very first time he would visit a wizarding family. Although he was able to see Julie frequently, it was usually at her apothecary. Whenever Charles went, he would often ask her question in relation to potion making.

Julie had been a very enthusiastic lady and thus had a nice friendship with Charles. He in return had also been familiarized with the apothecary’s owner and coworkers. The entire apothecary had loved such a studious and lively boy like Charles (Scheming Boy), But whatever the case, the end results were great, isn’t that right? In the end, Charles had it great with the apothecary.

Ding ding ding! Charles rang the doors to the Abbott family. Although they were a pureblood family like the Malfoys, the family home of the Abbotts wasn’t that big, it was just a simple villa. Okay, fine! It was a little big and ancient looking. It would appear that not every pureblood family was rich, there were some regular purebloods. For some unknown reason, Charles thought about the Weasleys.

Julie had opened the doors. After working for a year and a half, she had matured quite a bit but her energy hadn’t decreased at all. To Charles, she was even more enthusiastic than before.

“I just knew it was you, you imp.” Julie laughed, “Come in then!

The Abbotts and the Weasleys were quite different in home. Although the Weasleys had a very comfortable feeling that screamed home, it was also very messy. But that was also in part due to all of the Weasley children. The Abbotts were very tidy and clean. In the kitchen, the kitchen knives floated up and down as they cut the vegetables. In another large bowl, an egg beater was currently flying around at high speeds as it whisked the egg yolk and whites inside. Charles could see a little girl sitting at the sofa nearby stealing glances at him.

“This place isn’t bad.” Charles sighed.

“If you like it, you can come by anytime. Come here, Hannah.” Julie caled for the girl sitting on the sofa. “Come meet Charles, he’s the same year as you. There’s no doubt you’ll be in the same school.” She spoke.

At the words of her sister, the little girl came obediently over from the sofa, but she still looked at Charles with a little fear.

“This is my sister, Hannah. She’s afraid of strangers.” Julie spoke. “There’s no doubt she’ll be a badger of Hufflepuff.”

“Have a chat with her while I go take care of lunch.” Julie spoke before hurrying to the kitchen.

Wow, she ran fast. Charles looked at the shy girl in front of him with a silent heart. This was the future lady Longbottom, a truly fitting couple with Neville. But she was afraid of strangers? Charles looked to the bustling Julie in the kitchen. Are you two really sisters?

Looking down to see the fidgeting Hannah, Charles decided to speak first!

“Hello, I am Charles Goole. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ah, I’m…Hannah Abbott…I’m…I’m happy..to meet you…too!” Hannah stammered out.

The future lady Longbottom and owner of the Leaky Cauldron was currently a shy little girl. I might as well do the job myself.

“I heard from sis Julie that you collect chocolate frog trading cards, mind if I take a look?”

Hearing mention of her most favourite things, Hannah loosened up. With a shy voice, she replied, “Okay then.” And then returned to her room to grab a big box. Within the box, there were several wizard cards from the chocolate frogs.

“Could you tell me your collection, Hannah?” Charles guided her one step at a time.

“Okay!” Giving an affirmative answer, Hannah began to introduce each card she had. She first spoke of the wizard on it, and then how she came by the card. She had been enthusiastic and loved to talk about these cards. Even her words began to grow excited. At the beginning, she had stammered a lot, but now, the words were flowing out her mouth like an endless torrent as she grew closer to Charles.

So the fact that lady Longbottom loved collecting chocolate frog cards wasn’t an unfounded rumor!

Charles took one of the card to look at the face on it. On one of them was a man with a half moon rimmed spectacles. He had a long aquiline nose and his silver hair was like water that complimented his beard. Underneath the picture was his name: Albus Dumbledore.

Charles flipped the card over to read the description: Albus Dumbledore, currently headmaster of Hogwarts. Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon’s blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbledore enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling.

This was the old bee, a troublesome fellow.

Charles couldn’t help but admire Dumbledore. For the sake of his goals, he had sacrificed himself. Although cold, it required a courageous and resolute will. Not everyone could do such a thing.

Charles had doubted the Sorting Hat for a moment on whether or not it had sorted Dumbledore wrong. Although Dumbledore had beaten down the Slytherins, his actions and conduct was rather Slytherin like himself.

Harry Potter was the same with no doubt, he had firmly decided not to go to Slytherin at the time and was sorted to become a Gryffindor. So during Harry Potter’s second year, Dumbledore had given him such grave and sincere advice!

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