Look back on Sovereign of the Three Realms moving to WW

As I busily procrastinate from writing a resume, I was suddenly seized with the urge to look at SOTR’s stats from the last couple of days. It’s Thursday my time, and we’ve been on WW since Monday. What a difference a week makes!

In the first day of being on WW and when all current 52 chapters were uploaded, I received more than 50% of the total number of hits that volareTL received in January. And in the last three days, we’ve received more than what volareTL received in all of February! This kind of reception is truly astounding, awe inspiring and just plain eye bugging. I’ve seen so many comments that die with laughter at SOTR’s first chapter and those who make it to the end and go, “I can’t believe I never knew of this novel before!”. I’ve also seen many new faces that proudly proclaimed they were followers since day one, thank you all so kindly!

This was what I’d really hoped for, and I’m really happy to see it come into play. Thank you all for the support, and keep watching this space!

  • Yuki is happy for you! 🙂

    • etvolare

      Haha I’m glad that Yuki is happy!

  • Solumbrare

    “I’ve also seen many new faces that proudly proclaimed they were followers since day one”

    Hey, I’m also a follower day bro ! o/

    Glad to see you on WuxiaWorld. 😀

  • Elaborate

    As for me, I read STR just before the move, but was vaguely aware of it before; it’s just that I try not to get into new Xianxia before they reach 50 chapters or so – they’re all so very long…

  • Shreyas

    Hey nice to see all the novels i follow coming together on one site 😀

  • xatoatox

    always been here tapping your ads :3

    • etvolare

      Aw thank you! I was wondering who the kind souls were. Keep tapping away and watch this space!

  • dar

    I hope more people will support it…

  • dARK

    nicely done.. we will support you in WW

  • anto wibowo


  • Tom

    Glad to see so many new people enjoy it.