I’m Hui Tai Lang Chapter 19

*pout* The rating in NU dropped some more

Either way, I’m in a translating contest with Thuggie over at Gravity so I may start posting more, or just mass release it on CNY… hm…….. choices

Chapter is here~

My cute little new Editor Devil will be mainly helping me edit now since the others are busy and I’m making them edit my other stuff… (cough cough)

Here is another wolf beauty~~

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  • etvolare

    Woah, pretty wolf!!

  • Taverius

    Are the NU ratings going down because of the system fairy? I know I skip every chapter that thing is in.

    • SnowTime

      LOL, I thought she added some humor~ We laugh at his pain?

      • Demonic Hero

        We laugh at his pain… So twisted~ i like it~~

      • Amanda

        LOL, so evil.

  • Weedisdaboss

    Looks like someone need’s to do some publicity over at NU 😉

    • SnowTime

      Are you offering? 😀