GDK Chapter 381

Thank you all tremendously who followed me from the very start of my journey. I had hoped to see it through to the end with everyone, but sadly these events make it nigh well impossible to. Please enjoy the rest of the journey with ed.L over at Radiant! He will start posting tomorrow. 🙂

I’d like to thank Based Tzuyu, my main editor who started off with me at the beginning, and later on Deyna who took over the spot. My absolutely amazing group of translators Sae, Selutu, ed, Jason, and ComradeYang who, through our combined efforts, made a daily diet of sometimes 8K character chapters possible. Thank you so much team. 🙂

Thank you all to the readers again, for your support and love of this series. This novel literally would not have gotten here with you guys. We will be launching another Western style magic themed novel on volare later on, so please stay tuned for that! My next novel will be a historical romance, so we’re swinging wildly in a different direction. If that’s not up your alley, hope to see you around my Twitter or Instagram. See you next time!