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Chapter 30: A tantalizing moment on the back of a battle steed

On the way to the town of Drol, the multiple items, previously loaded onto Han Shuo, were divvied up between the battlesteeds.

Han Shuo was seated behind Fanny, and their bodies touched as the horse maneuvered. A faint, alluring scent wafted towards Han Shuo’s nose and mouth as her hair swung in front of them.

Fanny sat on the horse with her well-rounded upper body straight and proper. Her alluring curves, beneath her mage robe, were completely laid out for Han Shuo’s admiring glance. As the horse galloped, the distance between the two started to close slowly.

Towards the end, Han Shuo’s lower abdomen and Fanny’s full butt slowly touched. The swiftly galloping horse caused the two to be off balance, and Han Shuo’s lower abdomen and Fanny’s beautiful butt bounced off each other. The thin mage robe did nothing to stop the marvelous sensation, and Han Shuo’s uncontrollable desires reared their heads as the bodies collided against each other’s.

Han Shuo himself didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when a certain portion of his lower body stiffened, but he was unable to control his body’s reactions. His upright lower body moved with the horse’s ups and downs, constantly moving in the area between Fanny’s wonderous butt cheeks.

Waves of strong stimulus came from the point of contact between Han Shuo and Fanny, stirring Han Shuo’s heart so much that he almost cried aloud. Han Shuo stared at Fanny from behind, and realized that, at some point, a red flush had crept up Fanny’s pure, white neck, making her look even more tantalizing and mouthwatering.

The sexy Fanny was already the subject of Han Shuo’s daydreams, and he also happened to be at an age in which boys found it hardest to control their bodies. Add to that, the fact that Han Shuo was a virgin, who had no idea what intimate relations felt like, all this made the stimulus as earth-shattering as thunder and lightning. Everything became difficult to control after that.

Unable to control his desires, Han Shuo was boldly wanton as he reached out his hand and slowly crept it towards Fanny’s soft waist. Both of his hands firmly grasped Fanny’s waist in order to more closely connect their lower bodies.

Two bone-piercing pains instantaneously came from the backs of Han Shuo’s hands. He lifted his head in shock and immediately saw Fanny’s ashamed and angry face. Fanny’s beautiful face was red with anger as she turned her head, and her mesmerizing eyes glared viciously at Han Shuo. She said in a low voice, “Damnit, control yourself Bryan, otherwise I’ll throw you off the horse.”

But Fanny could immediately tell that something was wrong with Han Shuo. His face was beet red and his body convulsed spastically. He panted heavily and remained in this position for five seconds, after which his entire body froze and then returned to normal. The only thing left was a mouth panting on and off.

Fanny could clearly feel that something liquid and sticky had been added to the area between her behind.

“So… sorry Master Fanny! I… I didn’t mean to!” Upon seeing that Fanny was about to spontaneously erupt in rage after Han Shuo had discharged himself, he immediately reacted and whined guiltily, but he actually kept revisiting the tantalizing moment in his mind, and wasn’t as afraid or remorseful as he pretended to be.

Fanny was stopped up with rage. She also understood the nuances of Han Shuo’s current age and that their bodies had been touching in a rather inappropriate way. Han Shuo’s actions were out of instinct, and most likely not his true intentions.

But he had actually violated her in doing so. Even though the two hadn’t really done anything, being a woman, Fanny naturally felt resentful and mad that Han Shuo had relieved himself behind her.

Han Shuo would most likely be unable to handle it if Fanny really lost her temper and took it out on him, since she was an adept mage. Han Shuo also had feelings for Fanny, and was truly afraid that Fanny would throw everything to the winds and beat him. He really didn’t know what to do with her current mental state, and was at a loss for what to do.

Just as Han Shuo was thinking random thoughts, he suddenly felt a severe pinch on the insides of his two thighs. He immediately ducked his head and cried out in pain, hearing Fanny’s voice at the same time, “Damned Bryan, I’ll settle things with you later.”

“Master Fanny, what’s going on? Bryan, what are you going on about?” Lisa had heard Han Shuo’s scream up ahead and looked back in question.

“No, nothing. He lost his seat for a moment and was scared out of his mind.” Fanny cut in to explain before Bryan had a chance to open his mouth.

Silence resumed as everyone continued to hurry down the path. Half an hour later, Han Shuo was amazed to discover that his lower body was standing up again. When Fanny felt the same thing, she immediately separated a short distance from the pack and reined in the battlesteed, angrily demanding that Han Shuo steer the horse.

“Master Fanny, I really didn’t mean to, and I don’t know how to ride a horse.” Han Shuo clambered onto the horse with resignation under Fanny’s angry motions and spoke with a pinched face.

“Shut up and listen to me. I’ll teach you how to tame a battlesteed.” The two had switched positions, with Han Shuo in the front and Fanny in the back. Fanny, who had always been gentle and nice to Han Shuo, was no longer so kindly disposed to him because of what had happened earlier and spoke angrily.

Han Shuo couldn’t get a grasp on things under Fanny’s directions at first, and the battlesteed pranced around directionless. It rushed violently to and fro, braying and screaming loudly. Han Shuo and Fanny’s bodies were off balance, causing Fanny’s full bosom to crash repeatedly into Han Shuo’s back. Learning how to ride a horse was the furthest thing from Han Shuo’s mind and he was completely distracted.

After struggling for a while accompanied by Fanny’s rage-filled shouts, Han Shuo finally began to tame the battlesteed. Fanny propped herself up with two hands on Han Shuo’s back, preventing her well rounded chest from intimately touching his back again. She directed the path forward and they rushed towards Drol.

When Han Shuo and Fanny had arrived at Drol, the sky was dusky and night about to fall. Gene and a bunch of necromancy students were all waiting for them, anxiously staring at the road.

Gene hastily walked out when Han Shuo and Fanny appeared, looking at her and quickly saying, “Master Fanny, what took you so long? I thought something might have happened to you, I was so worried.”

“Nothing much, just that Bryan wanted to try his hand at steering the battlesteed halfway through. I gave him some pointers, thus the reason for the delay.” Fanny had already regained her composure at this time. She smiled as she looked at the group and chuckled faintly, “Very good, everyone is accounted for. Master Gene, have we settled in at the hotel?”

“That’s been taken care of. We can rest as soon as soon as we stable our horses. We can head directly to the Dark Forest when dawn breaks tomorrow.”

Fanny alighted gracefully off the horse behind Han Shuo, displaying a nimble body. She stretched and frowned, “We’ve been sweating all day. I’m going to take a shower in the hotel. Bryan, come to my room after you’ve stabled the horses. We need to talk.”

“Understood Master Fanny.” Han Shuo agreed with a wry face, knowing full well that Fanny must want him with regards to his earlier violation.

Fanny anxiously rushed off towards the hotel after she’d finished speaking. Han Shuo felt the stickiness of his lower body and understood perfectly why she was so eager to take a shower. A hint of a smirk crossed his face.

Han Shuo and a few male necromancy students stabled the six horses underneath Gene’s guidance. They then all followed Gene to the hotel.

“Master Gene, Drol is far away from the Empire and directly faces the Dark Forest. There are many bizarre and unique shops in this town. Since it’s not fully dark yet, can we go take a walk? We know what the hotel looks like anyways, so can we go back a bit later?” Bach suddenly spoke up at this moment, and the other students beside him were all chomping at the bit as well. It would seem that they were up to something else, judging from their expressions.

“No!” Gene denied them resolutely, and then looked at them with a weird smile. He said lowly, “Do you really think that I don’t know what you’re up to? This town of Drol is also called town of Depravity because of its unique location. Danger can befall any of the adventurers and merchants who come here and so they all seek excitement whether in dreams or their waking moments. Thus, their entertainment industry is renowned throughout the Empire. Hmph, you are absolutely barred from opportunistic depravity.”

Indeed, Han Shuo observed the surroundings closely after Gene’s words and realized that although it wasn’t truly night yet, there were so many lights on Drol’s wide streets that they were a neon blur. Several young girls, wearing heavy makeup, stood on a street corner, flinging flirtatious smiles and catcalling the pedestrians on the streets, giving off the impression of total submission to any bystander’s will.

Gene’s words had obviously hit home as the despondent boys walked into the hotel with their heads trailing. They sighed and complained about Gene’s heartlessness.

The students all found their rooms with help from Gene, after entering the hotel. Gene threw a glance at Han Shuo and smiled faintly, “We had limited funds this time and already took out fifty gold earlier for the battlesteeds, so for simplicity’s sake, I’ve arranged the abandoned storehouse for you. The storehouse is towards the back on the left hand side. There’s no key, just head on back.”

Gene spread his hands apologetically after his words and speedily left with a smile. Han Shuo could hear Gene’s quiet snickering after a few steps and his low mutterings, “You mere errand slave, how dare you share a horse with my beloved Fanny. Huh!”

The Han Shuo of now was hardly the Han Shuo of old. His senses were acutely perceptive within a short range, and he heard every part of Gene’s laughter and murmurings. Han Shuo smiled coldly and cursed in a low voice for a bit, then smirked evilly.

Just you wait until Fanny’s mine… I’ll see you cry tears of blood then. Han Shuo thought viciously as he made for Fanny’s room.


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