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Chapter 171: You’re my woman from now on!

Han Shuo was immediately gobsmacked as his heart pounded rapidly, his mouth opening and closing, not knowing what to do.

No matter how one looked at it, he had barged into someone’s room in the middle of the night, climbed into her bed and committed such ridiculous acts. These were all unexplainable and unforgivable. The drowsy Phoebe was looking at him with such hazy eyes that Han Shuo had already made his preparations to welcome the advent of the storm.

Contrary to his expectations, just as he was stunned and didn’t know what to do, Phoebe actually turned her body to face Han Shuo. She then snaked her arms around his neck and moved her luscious lips towards Han Shuo’s wide open mouth. Her small, lithe tongue reached voluntarily into his mouth.

As she lay there face to face with Han Shuo, Phoebe’s long, slender legs also entangled themselves with his legs. One of them crept around his waist she started squirming against his body like a snake.

Phoebe wore thin, satin pajamas to sleep. When the two of them were so tightly meshed together, this kind of satin material was almost nonexistent against skin. Such a perfect body was enmeshed against his body and this fragrant tongue was voluntarily offering itself for his sampling. Han Shuo immediately forgot his panic from just now and responded enthusiastically.

His two hands rested on Phoebe’s chest and butt as he unceremoniously started playing with them, feeling their smooth roundness. As they changed shapes beneath the ministrations of his hands, Han Shuo’s panting became rougher and rougher as he finally couldn’t take it anymore and pinned Phoebe beneath his body. He roughly ripped apart her thin pajamas and started kneading her breasts roughly with his bare hands.

“Eh… that hurts!” Phoebe cried out with pain as her ardent tongue retreated. A pair of hazy, almond shaped eyes slowly became to gain a bit of clarity.

Han Shuo blanked and panted, “I’m sorry, I’ll be more gentle later on!”

Phoebe had been a bit perplexed until he spoke, and her flushed cheeks immediately changed greatly. She pushed Han Shuo off her with extreme fear and quickly pulled up the thin sheets, wrapping them tightly around herself. She screamed, “You speak, this isn’t a dream!”

Han Shuo finally reacted after hearing Phoebe’s words. It looked like Phoebe had kissed him back just now because she hadn’t been fully awake and thought that she was still in her dream. As their bodies entangled in that hazy and indistinct circumstances, as well as Han Shuo’s slightly rough movements and his response, Phoebe finally woke up and realized the truth of the situation.

“Miss Phoebe, is something the matter?” Phoebe’s scream had attracted the attentions of the three Gryphon Legion guards standing guard outside her door. One of them stood in front of it and called out to her.

“No, nothing. I just had a nightmare. Don’t worry about me. Just keep guard outside.” Although Phoebe was currently in a state of panic, she didn’t even give a moment’s thought to concealing Han Shuo’s presence when she heard the guards call out to her.

“Alright, it will be daybreak soon. Miss Phoebe can rest for a little while longer!” The guard outside the door returned to his station after saying a word.

Her face flushed red because of her shock, Phoebe’s eyes stared directly at Han Shuo as she looked at him silently, a bizarre expression apparent on her face.

Han Shuo really wanted to find a hole to bury himself into in his current state of awkwardness. Even though he had a thick face, he still couldn’t help but burn in embarrassment. He stammered out nonsense as he tried to explain, “Um… eh… I had some business with you and you were having this weird dream. And then you hugged me. Hah, I’m a normal guy, so we… that… that’s how things happened…”

Han Shuo’s explanation was feeble and even he himself felt a bit ashamed as he spoke. His presence weakened greatly with these words, and he looked like a prisoner on death row in his final struggles.

He looked deeply at Phoebe as her face became redder and redder. Han Shuo’s frantic motions to find an excuse seemed to irritate her even more as she huffed out lowly, “Shut up!”

Han Shuo immediately shut up upon hearing these words and sat with a wry smile on the corner of the bed. He hung his head quietly, looking like a kid who had done something wrong and was waiting for the teacher to punish him.

“You dared violate me in such a shameless way while I was asleep. Bryan, oh Bryan, you’re even more despicable than I had originally thought!” Phoebe looked like she wanted to kill him as she bit off her words.

“I didn’t, you hugged me first! To be honest, I was the passive one here.” Han Shuo hung his head and snuck a peek at Phoebe out of the corner of his eye as he spoke with some aggrievement.

“Wah!” sounded out as Phoebe sobbed lowly, a hand tugging on the thin sheets to cover herself and using the other to fiercely hammer Han Shuo’s chest. She cursed lowly like she was crying, “How dare you, you despicable, shameless rogue! You’ve always treated me like this and never take responsibility. I hate you, I hate you!”

Although Phoebe’s fists sounded out dully as she beat Han Shuo, he didn’t feel any pain at all because she hadn’t used any fighting aura.

Thinking rapidly, Han Shuo remembered that Phoebe had first called out his name in her sleep and connected it to the sometimes strange actions she would make towards him sometimes. Add to that what he’d just said, a moment of brilliance flashed through his mind and he suddenly understood something — Phoebe liked him!

Once he sorted this out, Han Shuo’s thoughts spun even more rapidly, but even with the nimbleness of his mind, it wasn’t that easy to find a rational explanation for what he wanted to do. He thought for a moment and then made up his mind viciously, deciding to just take her then and there.

He had been passively accepting the blows from Phoebe when he suddenly gripped her hands with one hand, the other striking out and lifting the thin sheets covering him and pressed her down on the bed beneath him. Wild kisses rained down on her as he started kissing and licking her neck, cheeks, shoulders, and breasts.

As he did so, he used the weight of his body to keep her pressed down and strong arms to restrain her, keeping her immobile and leaving her only able to cry out through her mouth.

“Damn it, let go of me you jerk. Um… not there, don’t lick there. Stop, you evil jerk! Oh… no…” Curses and sounds of struggle continued to spill out from her mouth, but because there were guards outside, Phoebe didn’t dare alarm them, so she kept her voice down, having no effect on Han Shuo at all.

Phoebe soft calls became more and more urgent beneath Han Shuo’s strong kisses and her face flushed redder and redder. Her struggles became more and more weak until they finally turned into low moans. Han Shuo suddenly felt the refreshing feeling of victory and began licking and kissing even more strongly.

“Oh… why did you bite me?!” An enormous cry of pain suddenly emitted from Han Shuo’s mouth. Phoebe could only move her mouth and so decided to bite Han Shuo’s ear when she realized she couldn’t move her body.

“You bite me and so I bite you as well!” Phoebe’s face was filled with a strange light after biting Han Shuo. Her eyes sparkled and she seemed to be repressing a certain sweetness.

“Then, let’s bite each other together!” Han Shuo chuckled devilishly and his mouth that had been kissing Phoebe’s shoulder suddenly moved to her mouth.

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, Phoebe didn’t struggle this time, but panted as he met her mouth.

A slippery tongue moved voluntarily into Han Shuo’s mouth, entangling with Han Shuo’s fiercely.

When he sensed Phoebe’s response, Han Shuo’s heart lurched as his hands and feet started acting up again. His large hands caressed Phoebe’s full and firm peaks, squeezing them unceremoniously. His strictly at attention lower body rubbed restlessly against Phoebe’s.


Giving off a soft “oh”, Phoebe panted roughly as she exerted force to push Han Shuo off her. A bit afraid to look at Han Shuo in her shyness, “That’s enough now, the sky’s about to brighten.”

Seeing that it was indeed light outside and that sounds of conversation were coming in, Han Shuo tampered down his desires when he thought of the danger Phoebe was in and moved off her body. He tenderly picked up the thin sheets, wrapped Phoebe in them and held her close.

A strange light flashed through Phoebe’s strong eyes as Han Shuo did so, appearing quite content and gentle. When Han Shuo finished doing all this, she lowered her head and said softly, “You violated me again today, what are you going to do about it?”

Chuckling devilishly, Han Shuo tightened his grasp and said in a dominating fashion, “You’re my woman from now on!”

Phoebe’s reddened face gleamed with an uncommon light when she heard these words, as if she’d waited a long time for this day and these words. She became shy when the truth arrived in front of her, but the sweetness on her face depicted the joy in her heart.

Her face trailing to her neck, Phoebe was quite bashful as she docilely said in a mosquito level voice, “Alright.”


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