Great Demon King Chapter 77

I was going to write something obnoxious but I figure you guys have been trolled enough already, so enjoy!!

  • Tk

    I’ll donate 10$ if I can find the 77 chapter today, but it seems to not happen so I’ll keep my 10$.


    I felt like the link would not actually be chapter 77 when someone says they won’t troll you anymore they are probably waiting for you to walk into their joke or whatever they have planned.

    If you can’t find the chapter just keep looking you should find it at some point.

  • Majormack

    …..(throws phone at wall, phone sticks in wall)”I don’t believe I like this.”

  • Romance

    WOW SoTR has surpassed the number of releases of GDK!

    • etvolare

      Indeed. I was rather bug eyed by that myself!

  • Gentlemen’s laugh

    I asked and it happened and I laughed

  • 123isme

    ty =p