Great Demon King Chapter 143 & one week break

And this finishes off this week’s regular releases! 

I’d also like to welcome to the team, Deyna! Filling in as backup editor and bringing some fresh blood to the team. 😀 It’s been just me and Based Jessica (who happens to be a guy!!) for well, eight months now. 😀

I’d also like to announce something that may make you guys sad, and that I’m taking a one week break!

Over the next week, I am:

  1. Flying halfway across the world
  2. Moving into a new apartment
  3. Buying beds and furniture and such
  4. Starting a new job
  5. And most importantly, paying attention to a paid translating gig that I’ve neglected for far too long. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to miss the deadline if I don’t do more and soon. So I will check back in during a week’s time to see where I am!

Meanwhile, SOTR will continue to release until I run out of chapters (that I’d originally queued for the mass release). I fly out on Tuesday so please expect me to be MIA then.

  • The dark elves were naturally lascivious, and their female elves even more so. As the matriarch of the dark elves, Dana was naturally no exception. Han Shuo only needed to take one look at her glance to understand the meaning within it.

  • Thanks for updating us. Congratulations on new apartment and job. Hope that you will be abl to settledown smoothly and easily. Will miss you.

  • im pretty sure Based Jessica is a girl :^)

    • Me too lel.

      • etvolare

        Lol no you guys! Poor Based Jessica. T_T

  • I know he a guy but with with moniker called Based Jessica, what can you expect honestly. Take the week and get settled, we’ll be lurking until you get back.

  • Wait, you’re moving to a different place and it involves a flying metal contraption?!

    It took me all of 15 seconds to realise the “comment” thing is to publish comment 🙁

  • nelus4blood

    Don’t worry about the small stuff.
    I wish you good luck next week with moving in, and with your new job.
    and i thank you girls, for both your hard work and the new chapter.
    and we see you again over a week with tgdk
    (Although i will still read tsot3r the coming week XD)
    greetings from a nutcase living in the netherlands

    • Poor based Jessica he really shouldn’t have had such a female username if he wanted to be called a boy <.< maybe he likes it

      • nelus4blood

        Wait , WHAT?!
        i’ve always thought that based jessica was a girl, and now you’re telling me i’ve got it all wrong?! *stands up, walks to the backyard, grabes a shufle and digs a hole, after finishing digging the hole, climbes down in it and feels a lot of shame*

        • etvolare

          Hahaha I swear I told you a few times that he’s a guy. 😛

  • DANG ITTT!! I just started reading this 2 days ago!! I’ve already got up to current, now what am I gonna (TOT)

    Btw, thx for all you done~~! Have a nice week off!!