Great Demon King Chapter 103

Hello Everyone! Etvolare has just gone to sleep, and I have just woken up, so I will be continuing this party release which put me through hell last night as I edited for her while she translated, but anyways there is a special surprise with this chapter, as part of it was translated by yours truly.  Sadly, Etvolare thought my quality was bottom tier and on par with a machine translation due to my bad Chinese and use of google to translate some parts and completely removed it, but we decided to at least let you guys have a look at my garbage attempts, but first, here is your chapter!


And here are my attempted translations(although I recommend that you read the chapter first to fully understand whats happening) Hope you all enjoy and a note that everything in parentheses is commentary.


“Captain, this person already refused us. Furthermore, (can’t figure this part out)  ” The journeyman swordsman Gordon said somewhat unwillingly, his disapproval obvious.

“The harpy’s original target was us and because we headed in this direction, we inconvenienced someone else.  Since this is the case, I believe that it is our responsibility to help him out.”  Odysseus said, causing Gordon to no longer question his orders and the others to immediately catch up to Han Shuo.

After walking for about five minutes, they circled around to catch up to the harpy, finally coming to a stop (no idea what this means).  High up in the sky and refusing to descend,  something about being above han shuo’s head, having extraordinary patience, trying to wait for Han Shuo to slip up.

However she wasn’t the only patient one as Han Shuo was also waiting,seemingly defenseless.  In reality, however, he was ready to kill the harpy before it could even fly out.  Inside his space ring, he had already prepared a powerful crossbow and was only waiting for the harpy to descend into range.  Once it was within range, Han Shou was certain that he would be able to kill this grade three magical beast.
On a distant mountain pass (probably incorrect translation here (etvo: LEL. is it ever!)), the six adventurers were slowly tracking him, intent on ensuring his safety.  They also kindness Han Shuo not have too many understanding (literal direct translation because I can’t make any sense of this).  At this moment, he slowly headed towards the cemetery of death.