FM Chapter 37

Sorry, the last post titled “Poll for Chapter 37” was not Chapter 37. I accidentally deleted all the content, but it was basically a rant post =P

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And okay, lemme feature these Fang Yu Ke fan comments super quick LOL.

The latter, only because we never hear from him. The cheesier the better! 😆

agree, the cheesier the better ;DD bc we don’t normally see that kind of Fang Yu Ke <3

Haha thanks Aaaprilshowers and chensha for making my day~~ I appreciated every single comment though who all unanimously wanted Fang Yu Ke’s full version though HEHE! We’ll see if the trend continues XD

Now on to the chapter! Click at your own risk LOL

Full Chapter

Sidenote from me after all the excitement wears off and after I translate the whole thing: T_________T

Yea! LOL.

Translated and edited (not rlly) by Tranzgeek

Don’t regret it and leave me translating this all aloooooone. Stick with us! The OTP will be going strong in the next part of this novel, now that Part 3 has concluded! Cute moments upcoming even if Fang Yu Ke isn’t necessarily a very deep person. You’ll probably see it as either suuper romantic or lame. But it’s fine. The OTP gets better in each chapter after this! We still have 21 chapters filled with sweetness!

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